Lingxian changed color with horror and finally realized that even with six demon kings around him, he was still facing great danger!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Four demon kings, such as Zang, hurriedly offered their cave treasures and fought against Wudao Zun.
Wudao Zun throws the town prison tripod towards the back of his head and blocks it. At the same time, the whole person culls Lingxian!
There are all the ancient city guards around, and Ling Xian can try his best to defend.
If we can delay Wu Daozun for a while, he can save his life when his six demons arrive!
Ling Xian took a deep breath and offered a precious mirror from the bag to block the front.
"I think you can pick me up a few punches!"
Wudao Zun regards Lingxian as holding up the treasure mirror and punching it!
Baojing fracture
It’s that Wu Daozun’s fist will pierce the treasure mirror after a slight pause. It’s always hard to smash Lingxian’s crown with his fist!
This is like a hammer coming to hammer hill!
Ling Xian’s head was smashed to pieces by Wu Daozun, and Yuan Shen died on the spot!
At the beginning, Lingxian in the cave entrance was severely injured by vomiting blood with a single blow from Wudao Zun.
Now, Wu Daozun offers a vision of blood, and the power of the melting pot of heaven and earth soars. Ling Xiangen can’t resist being shot dead with one punch on the spot!
At the same time, the hidden magic weapon of the four demon kings finally broke through the barrier of the town prison tripod and came to the martial arts statue.
Bang! Bang!
Wu Daozun was hit by a big seal and a one-legged copper man, and his chest and abdomen were also marked with two wounds and blood dripping!
The vision of the blood vessels in the melting pot of heaven and earth was shattered by the four great caves, Lingbao, and soon disintegrated.
Ji goblin saw this scene and looked worried and exclaimed.
But soon she found that Wu Daozun quickly stabilized his body and held the prison tripod in his hand, instead of rushing to meet the four demons in Tibet!
The magic moves Yuan Shen’s cave, which leads to the cave spirit treasure can’t exert its real power.
Plus, Wu Daozun’s blood vision enveloped the four magic weapons of the cave. Although it wounded him, it did not hurt the foundation.
For Zhenwu Daoti, this injury is completely visible!
Wu Daozun doesn’t even try to repair it intentionally. Just because the Zhenwu Taoist body contains all the runes of Tao, the wound will heal itself!
"This …"
The mind of the four demon kings in Tibet was shaken.
If I hadn’t seen the four demon lords with my own eyes, I couldn’t believe that Wudao Zun was flesh and blood.
Hard-shouldering the four caves, Lingbao dares to rush to meet them like no one has anything to worry about!
The Tibetan devil can see clearly.
A fine flame emerged from the wounds of budo Zun’s body and soon stopped bleeding.
There seems to be a mysterious brilliance in the flame, and there is some kind of Taoist rune.
These wounds are visible to the naked eye and can be repaired and healed quickly!
By the time Wu Daozun was killed in front of the four demon kings, his injury had already healed by half!
Boom Boom Boom Boom
Wu Daozun’s aggressive arm swung up the town prison tripod and smashed the fierce horse according to the four demon kings!
The four demons joined hands to occupy the absolute wind, but at this time, in the face of the crazy offensive of Wudao Zun, the four hearts were not weak
After all, there were three demons in the pyramid-shaped mound just now who folded the hands of budo Zun!
The four demon kings who were killed by the Emperor’s body were confused by Wu Daozun and found the opportunity to break through the barrier and return to Ji’s demon.
Black fiend and others can’t help secretly watching this.