Li ting said, no, I know very well. Tell me everything I just said is true. I saw it with my own eyes.

I don’t know what I should say when I hear Li Ting’s words.
Of course, at this point, the two of us are still intransigent.
I feel that Li Ting is simply farting, saying that there will be black smoke behind me …
I shook my head at the thought of this!
Black smoke.
I suddenly wondered if the black smoke Li Ting saw in her eyes was a ghost behind me.
Every time my body is badly hurt, those ghosts hidden in my body will escape unconsciously.
Ghosts …
The escaped ghost …
Don’t meet Meng Huiying?
Because I know that Meng Huiying’s ghost was sucked into her body after her death.
I was frightened at the thought of this.
Is there no Meng Huiying in this maze, but this time … the ghost emerged from my body and was controlled by the ghost king …
I got a cold shudder when I thought of this. For a moment, I felt that the chess game of Ghost King was really big.
But Meng Huiying * * was controlled by Momo …
Thought of here, my heart suddenly habitually said bad!
I feel that Momo is in danger.
If I guess it’s right, then the ghost king will put Meng Huiying’s ghost back in her * * but in Meng Huiying’s * * in Momo …
Thought of here, my heart suddenly started.
What could be so cruel?
If Momo’s ghost is caught by the ghost king, will it become a ghost?
I can’t help but take a breath at the thought of this.
Just then Li Ting said to me, What are you talking to yourself?
Li Ting frowned when he said this.
At this time, I suddenly heard the sound of running water … Hua …
Of course, this sound is not only heard by me, but also by Li Ting.
Li Ting shouted at me and said, Listen …
How can there be water in this maze?
At this time, however, I remembered the time when I saw the water ghost at the tattoo artist’s house, which could parasitize a teardrop in the water, and a water ghost could parasitize all the water.
With this in mind, I suddenly stopped.
See me stop Li Ting asked how not to go.
I said there was danger ahead.
Chapter 256 Variation
There is danger ahead.
Although this is an intuition, this intuition is very strong in my heart.
Li Ting smiled at me and said the reason?
I looked up at Li Ting and said the word "water".
Li Ting frowned for a moment and then said water?
The little boy added that he was afraid of water?
Actually, I’m not afraid of water, but I’m afraid of water ghosts or other things suddenly.
I have personally learned that water ghosts are amazing. It is very scary that they can grow to a height of * * meters.
Of course, their fighting capacity is very strong. I was stunned when I saw the water ghost at the tattoo artist’s house.
I still have a lingering fear when I think of water ghosts.
But Li Ting seems not afraid at all.
Seeing Li Ting continue to walk forward, I sneer at it! How to shape this small? Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers?
I said to myself in my heart, Cao Xiaozhen, your uncle will see the water ghost later. Just don’t be frightened out of my wits.
Maybe shi saw that I didn’t move forward. Li Ting turned to me and said, Are you still young?
Said Li Ting squint at me.
I glanced at Li Ting and smiled in my heart. I said to myself, You are fucking scared sometimes.
I said to Li Ting, Do you know there are water ghosts?
Li ting said, I know
As soon as I finished my words, Li Ting answered this sentence very simply.
I glanced at Li Ting, then looked up and looked around again, and then I said, you know there are water ghosts, and you still …
Li ting said, can we solve the problem here?
I shook my head and shouted at Li Ting and said no.
Li Ting gave me a look with these eyes and said, That’s right.
Having said that, Li Ting went on to say that our posterior approach …
Li Ting pointed his finger. We just ran into the fork in the road, but the fork in the road is now tightly blocked by stones.
Li Ting pointed his finger at the fork in the road and said to me, Our fork in the road has been blocked by stones. Where do you want to go if you don’t go forward?
Li Ting completely misunderstood my meaning.
I didn’t mean not to move forward, but to discuss with him-what should I do if I meet a water ghost?
I know this very well in my heart.
Water ghosts live on water. If our shoes or clothes are soaked by water, maybe ghosts will follow us.
But it’s hard to touch water or water droplets when you pass anywhere.
Thinking of this, I shook my head and felt that all this was very scary.
Li Ting told me that now I can consider turning you into my own ally to protect you.
With these words, this little face showed a very disdainful expression, as if it were arrogant and arrogant.
I shouted at Li Ting and said, Don’t be so crazy. I don’t know who will protect who for a while.
The two men finally decided to walk in the direction of the current.