"It’s all good. The children have all learned Caesar’s brother, and it’s almost junior high school."

"My little niece is beautiful, a little like me," the pear-painted clothes narrated.
"oh? That’s really beautiful. It will certainly fascinate thousands of teenagers in the future. "
Lu Chen smiled and praised the painting of pear clothes, which can’t be said to be narcissism, because it is the case.
"No longer go back and see? Husband’s temperament has been much smoother than before. "
Painting pear clothes by Liu Chen arms asked.
Liu Chen shook his head. "No, it’s not yet integrated. I’ll go back when I reach the realm of true self. It’s necessary to cause a big riot and leave a psychological shadow for children."
"it seems that Gdzilla still remembers my words."
Painting pear clothes smiled.
Liu Chen reached out to Fang. "Then of course I remember not to scare the children."
Then he picked up the pear-painted clothes. "This request can’t make it work. I can’t fight the sacred seal. Today I will challenge another one."
With a charming shout Liu Chen went to the room.
Lu Chen, at the bottom of the world tree, took a few pieces of equipment and reviewed it again, praising that "the predecessors really controlled their craftsmanship so accurately."
Lao Wang didn’t good the spirit. "Why do I think you are hurting me?"
Liu Chen waved his hand again and again. "No, no, no,no. It’s good to feel small. Thank you for your optimization."
These equipment were re-forged by Lao Wang, and the rear part became the equipment with chaotic level full score plus sign, but it was still chaotic level.
It is that some functions that Lu Chen needs very much have become effective even if his temporary attributes climb.
As a result, Lu Chen’s combat effectiveness is once again full and can’t be finished before.
After thanking Lu Chen, he turned away from the street of supporters.
Origin adventure group? Let me see how it feels when it’s cut.
Lao Wang looked at Lu Chen’s departure direction, took a long cigarette and lay down on the couch. "Someone is going to be educated …"
"Liu Xiong, he is really … very headstrong. It’s time to be educated."
Wang Ling walked out of the shop to grandpa holding the shoulder and said.
Lao Wang shook his head. "I don’t mean Lu ego, I mean the person who will collide with him."
Wang Ling some surprise "there are so outrageous! ? Isn’t the Origin Adventure Group very strong? Grandpa, you said that it was the first … Special people in all ages were considered elites. How many comprehensive strengths were higher than those of Lu Xiong’s peers? "
Lao Wang slowly spit out a mouthful of smoke. "I did praise the origin. Those children, especially the martial artist, are a rare talent, but some people have done it in his walking history, which proved that it was unrealistic and failed."
"Grandpa is not very appreciate the junior? Moreover, he said that he has a long-term vision and an accurate judgment of the situation. If he decides, he will be completely sure, so that people can deal with Brother Lu. "
Wang Ling puzzled way
"The problem is that the cat is so small that it is not necessarily determined to get rid of Lu Chen. His biggest problem now lies in the lack of information and the difference between Lu Chen and an era. I don’t know how strong Lu Chen was once active, and I don’t pay much attention to the huge gap between Lu Chen’s attributes and them."
Lao Wang said faintly, "Most of the explorers of your generation have fallen. It is normal for him not to know, but the old man, I can say that even if he sits and watches the reincarnation of Lu Xiao, this situation is unique. If there is a significant difference in attributes, he can win. Then they are too naive."
"It’s true … Liu Xiong has an ability to be blessed when facing the enemy, and the world battlefield has been killed indiscriminately."
Wang Ling mused that she felt that the roots of those creatures in the world were not comparable to those of pioneers, and that Lu Chen’s mysterious talent might not be able to maximize the effect, because the actual origin of the adventure group did not kill his friends
Liu Chenren didn’t seem to show hostility either, and his mysterious talent base was abolished.