"This thing is too expensive for the younger generation."

Taking this token is a debt of gratitude to three old people. He doesn’t want to owe anyone.
Xu Su ha ha a smile. "Take it, little friend, but anyone who comes to the top of this sword hill and understands the sword tablet will get such a sword tag when they leave for the first time. It is a rule for thousands of years to return to Jianshan."
Guijian Mountain has a special nature, but it is already a loose force to cultivate immortals.
And this power bearing is a sword tablet.
Gui Jianshan, although Brother Yuanying, has the ability to repair Xu Su’s sword in the later period of World War I then.
This token will probably be sold to Jianshan as soon as it comes out, but for the deep hatred of the other party.
Of course, Xu Su also has an investment mind. After all, Ling has a talent for Xianjiandao and his achievements in the future are definitely not low.
If you can return to Jianshan to pull such a big backer, Xu Su will be happy but not happy?
Smell speech This is not a matter of taking care of yourself, but a practice. Ling Youxian thought that he had learned something from the sword tablet, and he really owed Guijianshan a lesson.
"In that case, the younger generation will accept it."
Ling Youxian took the sword and handed it to the three elders.
Then walked through the crowd to Guijian Mountain.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine To steal chickens and costly rice back to Cangli Island!
Ling Youxian walked back to Jianshan step by step and was seen by the monks in the mountain road.
Everyone knows his name but doesn’t know that he is Ling Youxian.
Ling Youxian’s trip to the mountain made the Taoist feel slightly surprised.
Ling Youxian at the foot of Guijian Mountain stood over his hand.
It was from here a few years ago that he climbed to the top of the sword step by step and finally succeeded in understanding the meaning of 70% sword tablet.
It can be said that this is a starting point for him.
"It’s time to go back and have a look after being away from home for more than 20 years."
A few years after the genocide, he left the Liuyun Islands and traveled all over the North Sea.
In a blink of an eye, he has been to many places in Beihai for so many years, but he doesn’t know what happened to Ling’s family in Cang Li?
To be honest, he is still a little worried.
Think that the water-cut sword behind Ling Youxian instantly flies out of the sky.
He tiptoed gently, breaking the water sword and leaving in a certain direction.
Dengfeng Island Fufeng Qianshi Resident
"Elder, there are always miners who have disappeared inexplicably recently, and there have been no less than 37 people back and forth."
Hearing that Qian lived in Dengfeng Island, the elder Zhuji frowned and said, "Is this the time to tell the old lady?"
The man hurriedly argued that "the most missing person, the younger generation, recognized that it was no big deal, so he dared not disturb the elders for such small things."
"But after one after another, people mysteriously disappeared, but they couldn’t find out the reason. The younger generation came here to disturb the elders."
Elder Qian nodded and said, "You will not be held accountable for this matter."
"Elder Xie"
"Well, you go and find a few people to explore the situation with the old man later. If you dare to have a monster beast, I will kill the old man in Qian’s mine."
Instantly, a powerful momentum pervades the surrounding area.
"It’s the younger generation. I’m going to prepare the mine mouth and wait for the arrival of the elders."
Elder Qian waved to him to do it quickly.
The man immediately turned away to do things for the elders.
It wasn’t long before the man found several people waiting for the entrance of the mine.
When several people saw the arrival of the elder, they immediately bowed their hands and said respectfully, "Visit the elder."
Qian’s elder nodded and waved and said "Li"
"Elder Xie"
After several people reset the order, the elder Qian told him, "Don’t lose your life in vain later."
Hearing this, several people suddenly felt a warm "junior white" in their hearts
"Then let’s go."
Qian’s elder followed by five practicing monks, a total of six people successively entered the mine.
Qian’s elders did not converge their breath and were perceived by a beast hiding in the bottom of the mine.
For this breath to a familiar but because at the beginning is this person will catch yourself here.
Therefore, the local beast knows that the elders of Qian are badly hiding and dare not show any breath.
On the other side, Cang Li Ling’s resident
"giggle" laughter from ling Youdao residential courtyard is very crisp and cheerful.
Then I saw a little girl in the yard wearing a blue dress with a horn braid chasing three small sable.
After a while, it became three little sable chasing little girls.
Sable is born with spiritual wisdom, which is considered to have entered the threshold of monster beast, and its growth rate is far from that of ordinary beasts.
The three-year-old sable was born in March, but now it is the size of an adult cat and has the strength of a first-order monster beast.
Ling Youdao didn’t open his eyes when he gave Ling Renyin the three little sable, but he didn’t know that he killed the adult sable.
The three little sable saw Ling Renyin when they just opened their eyes, so they regarded the little girl as their relatives or their "mother".
I am very attached to LingRenYin and listen to her.
There are not only Ling Renyin but also Ling Youdao’s wife Mu Yanran in the garden.
Ling Youdao’s recently closed alchemist seems to be expected to become a second-order alchemist.
Therefore, Ling Renyin is also taken care of by Mu Yan Ran, and Mu Yan Ran Ling Youdao Shangsi is also very fond of this niece.
Mu Yan ran steps looked at LingRenYin with a smile on her face.
"Yiner is tired. If you are tired, come and have a rest and eat some fruit."