Just overnight, there was a subtle softness in Ling’s eyes.

"Huang Wu, you still don’t let me go!"
Yuwenshuang drinks one low.
Su Mo’s palm loosened.
Yuwen Shuangyuan deified a streamer and instantly disappeared into the eyebrows, returning to his own sea of knowledge and regaining control of the flesh.
He felt unwilling and resentful!
Before that, he was the first person in the northern region, and his popularity had reached its peak.
But in just a dozen breaths, all his glory and past were shattered by this blue monk in front of him!
"This matter must not be forgotten!"
Yu Wenshuang hung his head slightly and glanced at Su Mo, not far from his front, and suddenly a bold idea came into my mind!
He tried every means to close combat between the Soviet Union and Mexico, but failed in the end.
And now the distance between them is only one arm!
Isn’t this a godsend?
If he suddenly attacked and killed the Taoist town of Huangwu here, even if he had just lost, it would be nothing!
Although this means is disgraceful, it’s worth it to kill Taoist Huang Wu!
He hopes to climb again instead of lowering!
The idea is that it is hard to stop the crazy growth and spread as soon as it flashes.
Yu Wenshuang felt his heart pounding!
Yu Wenshuang took a deep breath and tried to stabilize his emotions. He didn’t go to see Su Mo for fear of causing the latter to be alert and fall short.
Millimeter omen Yu Wenshuang suddenly looked up and his eyes flashed with bright cold light and yelled at Su Mo!
But as soon as he looked up, his heart thumped
I don’t know when Su Mo has turned around and looked at him with gherardini.
Those deep eyes seem to have already seen all his thoughts clearly!
"Not good!"
Yu Wenshuang was shocked in his heart. "He is ready!"
At this time, I saw Su Mo’s eyes suddenly flashed with a rare light, and the pupils were dark as if emitting a strange magic!
Yu Wenshuang looked Zheng.
This pair of magic pupil glances his mind appeared a trance.
The posture and speed are all slower by one point manually.
But soon Yu Wenshuang woke up!
Pupil surgery!
A slight vibration in his heart revealed a flaw that was influenced by Su Mo’s pupillary technique!
Yuwen Shuangxin gradually sank.
Although he is awake soon, he is a trance kung fu, but he has done enough for opponents of this level!
He has a palm on his crown.
Huang Wu Zhang shou
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-five A tooth for a tooth!
This change is happening faster.
It was a mistake, and the battle was over.
Seeing Yu Wenshuang, he was motionless in front of the martial arts. Although he was strong and calm, he could still see the panic in the depths of his eyes
Road flyover Huang Wu has a double crown in his palm.
If you want to use your palm to force Yu Wenshuang, you will lose your body and even have no chance to get out of your body!
"How did this happen?"