And the treasure in his hand is not inferior to the nine-day rest land.

The great avatar is the original source of flesh and blood!
Because the Tianhe River burst its banks, great anger rose in Emperor Gou Chen’s heart, and the thunder potential found out and killed the man behind the scenes.
And the man behind the scenes is a statue of the great avatar with a brilliant strength.
In heaven, Emperor Gou Chen crushed and suppressed the immortal true spirit behind the scenes, but his bloody innate source was left behind by Emperor Gou Chen.
Half-step mix, big Luo Jinxian, that’s waiting?
Even if a drop of blood falls into the flood land, it will turn into a vast river, and a piece of meat will fall into the flood land. Even if the flood land falls into the flood land, there will be an extra mountain immediately.
If a body of flesh and blood is completely distributed, it can easily evolve into a top world or a very innate treasure.
This body value has already far exceeded the nine-day rest land.
And Gouchen wants this thing to replace the nine-day rest land.
Half step mixed yuan level big avatar flesh-and-blood mainland even weak water ten times, one hundred times directly back to the innate state is also difficult to shake that exists.
This effect
It’s better than nine days of rest.
So now that you have the great avatar’s flesh and blood, you have to look for nine days to rest?
Don’t need it!
Xian Wenming’s "nine days’ rest" is refined from the flesh and blood of the great avatar of Gou Chen the Great.
It is precisely because of this that it has such a strong natural gas that it almost completely recovers the injury of Yan Wen’s life just by emitting the gas naturally.
If you think about it, you will know that the great avatar is strong and powerful.
If it hadn’t been refined by Emperor Gou Chen, even if he had fallen, it would have been enough to kill Wen Wen several times just by smelling his body.
A breath of the great avatar is amazing for Taiyi Jin Xian.
After getting the source of the blood and flesh of the great avatar of the mountain god axe, Yan Wen ordered to return to the Terran and directly made his own plan.
He wants to get through the waters of the sea
Moreover, in order to complete this plan in the shortest time, Yan Wen ordered to send someone to the East China Sea to ask the dragon master to come and help.
Because compared with other dragons, they are more familiar with the flood waters.
The dragon born in the sea area will be so familiar with the waters, so it is not a day or two for the dragon to peep into the wild waters.
It’s also the fate of the vast water veins. How can a dragon as big as that not be tempted?
In ancient times, when the dragon was the first strong clan in the flood and wasteland, it was impossible for them to unify the flood and wasteland. Do you want anything when they unify the flood and wasteland?
What’s more, it’s just a matter of luck?
Of course
There is also a reason why the dragon will not be allowed to get their hands on the wild waters.
After the end of ancient times, the dragon’s strength was greatly damaged, and it was hard to compete for the universe, so it turned its attention to the waters of the universe.
And then the witch tribe rose.
The descendants of Pangu, the ancestors of water and witches, ruled the whole flood waters.