Los feather day everyone would fly hunting virtual long hair flying dragon ridge pointing to the dragon soul corners of the mouth blown way "what? Seeing that the real dragon Tianwei is small, you want to use your breath to confuse energy? "

"Ignorance is small!" Dragon remnant soul angry Xiao bursts of red wind overflowing way "you are not white? If virtue is not in place, there will be disasters. Is it true that the dragon seal can be owned by an ordinary person without repair? "
For the dragon soul, Luo Yu naturally sneers. Not only that, but at the moment, his heart is even more proud.’ What happened to the real dragon seal? I still have a couple. It’s called natural wealth and extraordinary destiny …’
Think of this feather and dismissive way "little accident virtue such as? What about disaster? It was a funeral, but you were once a guardian of the ancestors of the mountains and seas, but you were willing to fall into the evil path, but it was a waste of the true dragon statue. "
"Arrogance ~ How dare you teach Zun!" I heard Luo Yu’s contempt for the dragon’s remnant soul, and suddenly I was furious and cracked, and my mouth was full of black Shaqi whirling like a twisted faint bloody arc flashing!
"ho ~!" Thunder roared and roared!
The sound waves suddenly vented and turned into a sinister wind, which destroyed and distorted the surrounding area and impacted on the flying feathers!
"The dragon goes out!" Looking at the sound waves, pushing the front cover to shoot, Luo Yu naturally knows that this is another magical power of the dragon-Dragon Extinguishing.
Dragon quenching is the most common magical power among the dragons. On the level of dragons, almost all of them are extinguished, but there is a world of difference between dragon quenching and dragon quenching. There are bursts like skyfire, which destroys the world and makes nothing grow. There are polar ice and cold spit frozen thousands of miles; Yes, it’s like this dragon-fighting ghost. The howling Gangfeng can break the mountains and disappear the sea.
Of course, at this time, the ghost of the dragon is so weak that it should be far less powerful than it used to be, but even so, Luo Yu dare not despise it.
Looking at the evil spirit, like the wind, the dragon is whistling and attacking itself!
Los feather eyes a clot unexpectedly royal windward blade and with the dragon ridge in the dancing hand that dragon ridge ghosting streamer seems like dark black ribbon, dancing in front of him will do Gangfeng sword in succession!
The sonic boom of gold and iron is always ringing in the ears. Who knows the pain in the heart, even though it seems to be coping with the evil spirit and the dead feathers?
If it weren’t for the fact that he is now difficult to improve his demon body and the dragon’s spine has restrained the yin evil spirit from dying, it is estimated that he would have been dismembered by the dragon’s quenching.
But even in the face of this Gangfeng sword, he was tired of coping with the complaints in his heart.
He wanted to take the dragon out first to explore the strength of the dragon’s soul, but he didn’t expect the dragon out to be endless! In an instant, he has blocked hundreds of Gangfeng swords!
Seeing that this dragon is very angry and Gangfeng bursts like ghosts crying and howling, it is hard to stop the sky from being covered with evil spirits, even though the dragon ridge dances brightly.
The sonic boom shuttled and roared, looking at the dragon in front of him like a flurry of ink clouds, and the dancing dragon ridge in his hand became more and more trembling!
At the moment, although Luo Yu’s palm hurts, it has already split! However, he still waved his dragon’s spine, and the blade dragon extinguished it, barely blocking the body and half a foot away. Xuanlongying even roared and screamed, constantly devouring the yin and evil spirit in the dragon extinguishing.
Looking at Xuanlongying’s crack, roaring and huffing and puffing, Luoyu, a storm in dark black, knew that if Xuanlongying was not integrated into the dragon ridge, the dragon shadow would surely help him weaken the power of this dragon quenching.
But even with the help of Xuanlongling’s metaplasia dragon shadow, he seems to be in jeopardy. At this moment, however, he has some support. If he is so passive again, don’t say that it is wishful thinking to kill the dragon remnant just to drag Wei Shang and others to wake up.
And Luo Yu doesn’t know if it’s him who resists the dragon’s extinction and breaks the dragon platform. It seems that one of the four people is sitting in a meditation, and his eyes are shaking and he seems to wake up! This person is a hat to cover up the evil of Mu Yan who is wearing hemp fiber.
At the same time, spit out the ghost of the dragon after the dragon is extinguished, and see that Luo Yu is struggling to support the decline. After it is exposed, it screams, "Even if you have a magic keel and a real dragon seal, you can stop your footsteps. If you want to fly to the mountains and seas again, you can absorb all the dark sources and rebuild my body by dark source power …"
The words of the dragon remnant soul are naturally listened to by Luo Yu
At the moment, he is stepping on the dragon shadow and dancing the dragon ridge, constantly shuttling against the dragon extinction, and at the same time, he does not forget to return to the road, "Mountains and seas have enchantments to protect the dark source from extinction. Do you want to reshape the dragon body? But it’s just an idiotic dream. "
The dragon’s soul is ridiculed and laughed wildly. "If the dark source is extinct, why are you imprisoned?" Roar ~ when the strength of the statue is restored, it is when the trillions of creatures in the mountains and seas tremble … "
Riding on the dragon’s remnant soul, clamoring for the dragon feather to sweep across the dragon’s spine, the instant crack roared and brought up a dark black streamer, and then the dragon was swept away and the dragon was chopped off, and Xuanlongying almost at the same time roared a dragon’s tail stopper and tore the surrounding yin evil spirit abruptly!
See near outside unexpectedly like also los feather a joy in my heart! Hurriedly, the dragon’s spine will lose its yin, evil spirit and gangfeng sword, and it will be blocked in succession.
At this time, the opportunity is rare. How can Luo Yu let it go? See him step to the left, step out of his body and gallop out of the shadow, and even narrowly escape from the dragon’s extinction!
Luo Yu’s ghosting came out and then set foot in the virtual! But half a breath to see his feet dark black flow light and shadow flash has conjured up a three zhangs long dark black dragon shadow.
When the dragon shadow’s figure is revealed, he will hold his head high and think about the dragon’s remnant soul. If the dragon’s remnant soul sees it in the distance, the dragon must shake and growl, grin and glare at Luoyu’s seat. Obviously, if it is not for the dragon shadow’s help, it can be strangled.
Now it’s not angry yet. It’s just that the three-foot-long little dragon shadow dares to growl at it. I don’t know how to live or die!
Seeing this dragon’s remnant soul actually cracked its huge mouth and came to Luoyu Xuanlongying for culling! Obviously, it is necessary to swallow them alive and tear them alive to get rid of their hatred.
At the moment, Luo Yu saw that the dragon’s soul was not spit out and the dragon was extinguished. He didn’t display the true Rowen pressure and rushed to it arrogantly! Seeing this, he can’t ask for it naturally, but he doesn’t fight, which is obviously an abacus when he is procrastinating.