This post is naturally the result of Xiao Hege and others.

Before joking, I played chess with Fang Xiang. Brother He was led by Fang Xiang, but after all, he is a senior member of the Ministry. How can he watch himself being calculated by a gangster?
This post was published at his behest and instantly received tens of millions of hits.
And Fang Xiang’s body was thus covered with a cloud of doubt.
Who the hell is this dreamer F?
This has almost become the biggest problem in the mind of every fantasy westward journey player.
Because they never thought that there could be a dream friend in the dream westward journey, which could attract the old urk, the new urk, the lazy family, the wolf-loving and meditation.
It is estimated that even Suk, brother sk in their hearts, can’t do it. After all, the new urk is famous for not buying anything, and it seems that there is no news after quitting the stage of Fantasy Westward Journey. This time, it suddenly appears that this player called Dreamer F has spent a lot of money to the end.
However, there are still some people in Fantasy Westward Journey who know a little about it.
Although these two English letters f can be translated into Chinese, they have many names, such as Feng and Ah, but it will be a little interesting if they are linked with the new urk.
Because of the fantasy westward journey, many people still remember that the captain’s name of the new urk seemed to be Fang Xiang.
It is also this point that the dream world has raised an uproar, but also for this speculation, no one has come to light, and everyone has vaguely strengthened their own ideas.
Especially those teams that were defeated by the new urk in the past are even more worried. The thunder offensive of the new urk in the past has made all of them remember.
Moreover, the captain of the new urk is the youngest player at the top of the pyramid of fantasy westward journey command.
If this dreamer F is really the former new urk captain and the new urk commander.
Then the dream world will definitely shake the earth!
What does the combination of old urk and new urk mean? !
Which team can stop them in today’s dream?
But at the moment, I am still laughing and slapping with Han Xuanxuan, Ruoshui, Guangguang and others in the dormitory. I don’t know that because of his live broadcast yesterday, the whole dream world has set off waves.
And some people are gratified; Someone is excited; Someone is excited; Some people cry and some people are annoyed; Some people are shocked; Some people are afraid
But when it comes to fear, there is nothing more frightening than the arry team.
Because the former elite cup noodle arry team insulted the dreamer team severely!
And then the eyes came to this Jingwu Tianshen League. Their goal was to set the championship. Because of this Jingwu Tianshen League, they prepared too much. It is impossible to make them give up that root. If they really want to win the championship, they will have a hard fight with the dreamer team …
Chapter two hundred and seventy-five Growth
Three days is fleeting.
At night, the wind blows the face of every fantasy westward journey player with a coolness.
Fudan university dream westward journey society
Fang Xiang and his party sat in front of the brain.
Today is before and after the preliminary round of Jingwu Tianshen League. There are 3 teams in the elite world.
These 300 teams are not suspected to be Daguang teams, and their departments are all the best in the elite circles from all areas of Fantasy Westward Journey.
As previously speculated by the arry team and sk team.
This year, the old urk appeared in the Jingwu Tianshen League, and then the gold content was several times higher than before after a strong wave of live broadcast. Some 9-level teams that used to be indifferent to the world also joined the ranks of this Jingwu Tianshen League.
These ideas are not particularly intended.
He wants to ask a few questions
When did you meet the arry team
How many rounds to get the arry team
How long does it take to win the championship?
These problems are that his team didn’t dare to imagine this time when he participated in the elite group of Jingwu Tianshen League, but when he came here, it seemed to be the simplest problems.
Because I think the answer here has already been written.
This time, their dreamer team has long been different. Even if they meet arry again, they will never be beaten back as before. Moreover, they already knew about the arry team’s elite cup earlier. He knew that the arry team had been preparing for the cause, and that the cause was when the arry team prepared for the Jingwu God League and met sk and Gulangyu, but Fang thought it was dismissive.
It’s been several months since I returned to the Fantasy Westward Journey. During these months, the level of command of Li Fang has been restored to 70%. Although I have touched the top level of the pyramid of the Fantasy Westward Journey for the time being, the level of command of Li Fang has been much higher than that of meditation and others.
Moreover, I have absolute confidence in hardware. After all, at this time, there are five people in their dreamer team who have reached millions of hardware, except himself. Others suspect that it is not the top hardware in this era of Fantasy Westward Journey!
Besides, even if the arry team really prepared a cause, didn’t their dreamer team?
Urk, the end of the strong franchisees want to make a fatal blow when they don’t tell people that it is the key except for a few dreamers.
It was also that night.
Magic city airport
A flight to Europe took off slowly.
At the end of the airport, when I watched the flight fly up and turn around, my eyes turned red. Although it was simple to meet Suk, there were too many fetters in reality, and now they are all at the age of freezing. At this age, they will encounter many problems in real life, such as work, marriage and so on
I am really full of feelings about the ending of the dream westward journey, otherwise I wouldn’t take the initiative to tell Han Xuanxuan that I want to accompany the dreamer team.
Sook’s departure did not cause much repercussions in the magic capital or fantasy westward journey circle, and it was well known that there were few people who left Sook.