The second life is right. The empire is responsible for supervising the officials. Two important positions are brought out by Su Yonglin. More than one person looks at these two people and gradually becomes alert.

What does it mean for Su Yonglin to arrange his absolute cronies for Douchayuan to do this kind of special work with officials? Everyone knows that everyone is not stupid.
He is pure envy except that he is alert to these two people.
Tian Jue is twenty-four years old.
Kong Maojie is 24 years old.
They are all so young.
It is better to say that Su Yonglin’s team, including himself, is young and energetic, and the average age of the whole team is very small, just like children compared with Yan Yun, Shandong and foreign ministers.
However, their achievements are so high, their positions are so high and their mastery is so great.
Is this the treatment from the dragon?
Can you really do this with the right boss and the right platform?
For a while, they could have followed Su Yonglin’s footsteps. Shandong scholars regretted it. They resented their proximity, but they didn’t have the courage and vision to choose to invest in Su Yonglin.
They were not as lucky as Kong Shi, and Su Yonglin forced them to pull the chariot because of their family fame. Instead, they got unexpected rewards.
Time also? Life also?
Later, Su Yonglin arranged some of his cronies to Duchayuan, Fabu and Dali Temple.
For example, Shen Ge, Joline, Jiang Chengyue and so on.
Shen Ge was ordered by Su Yonglin to take orders from the Second Law Department, Shang Joline was ordered to take orders from the Third Law Department, and Jiang Chengyue, the left assistant minister, was ordered to take orders from the Third Dali Temple.
Then Su Yonglin asked the heads of the three judicial departments to hold a joint meeting after finishing their respective rectifications, and to study the laws of the new dynasty on the basis of the laws of the Jin State and the Song State and promulgate them as soon as possible.
They are all close friends when Su Yonglin was the director of the General Administration, and now they are all arranged by Su Yonglin in the third judicial department. Obviously, Su Yonglin wants to let his own face control the judicial link.
Although Shandong, Yanyun and foreign leaders are wary of such a trip, they have to admit that Su Yonglin is really good at it.
As we all know, Su Yonglin’s old department is a group of small people with mud legs, no family background and no reliable knowledge. It is said that everything he learned was cultivated by Su Yonglin himself. Everyone has a steelyard in his heart.
In addition to the military, there can be some genius-level figures who carry the beam. In administrative terms, there are really no outstanding figures.
Administration needs not only the study of ruling knowledge, but also the accumulation of experience. Only by accumulating experience bit by bit from the grassroots level can we do a good job in the administrative office. They can be middle and low-level officials, but they can’t be senior administrative officials.
It is really difficult to put them in important central administrative positions, and they may not be good for the country.
Su Yonglin clearly knows this. Instead of handing over administrative affairs to his cronies, he took himself out of the cronies and arranged it in the third judicial division on a large scale.
Although the third division of justice also needs some professional knowledge, it is more meaningful for the emperor to say whatever he says.
They should be obedient enough, have a basic knowledge and follow the instructions, and they can also make judicial affairs beautiful and satisfy the emperor.
For them, it is more important for the third division of justice to satisfy the emperor than to be professional.
The other thing is to pay attention to listening to the emperor.
Whoever the emperor wants to kill, the third division of justice will follow closely and pounce like a hungry wolf to tear the people the emperor wants to kill to pieces so that they can sit on the Diaoyutai and fight the wind and rain.
They are Su Yonglin’s killing knife. They are just warning others-be careful. I can kill people with a killing knife in my hand.
However, the more Su Yonglin settled his cronies in the Third Division of Justice, the more relaxed the rest were.
Because these cronies have gone to the third division of justice, aren’t they all the main positions left in the administrative post?
What Su Yonglin did was obviously to give a sweet jujube a blow and tell them that I am holding a murder knife, so be careful-then all these positions will be handed over to you, and you can do it at your discretion.
If not, Su Yonglin’s next action did not surprise them.
First of all, it is the central administrative center and it is still provincial.
Su Yonglin called Shang Ling the head of Shang Province, and once someone got the position of prime minister.
However, Su Yonglin didn’t make a decision for the simple reason that he didn’t have any civilian talents and heroes around him.
Shang Ling, however, is an official position that can’t be awarded casually unless the credit is too high, and no one has made that great credit in the whole war except Su Yonglin.
So Su Yonglin decided not to ask the monks to control the prime minister, but to set up a political leader from Yiping.
And this person’s identity is also very accurate.
Su Yonglin decided to order his father-in-law, Zhao Liangping, the leader in the name of the Guangfu Army, to be the leader of the province.
Then he ordered Yelv Chenghui, the leader of foreign ministers, Shang Zuocheng, and Huo Jianbai, the core figure of Yan Yunchen, to be Shang Youcheng.
Both of them are Zhenger officials who are responsible for assisting Zhao Liang to manage the administrative workers in Shang Province.
Zhao Liangxian can’t express his gratitude in person, while Yelv Chenghui and Huo Jian Bai both salute Su Yonglin.
Chapter 596 Who will be this lucky unlucky guy?
Some people are surprised by this life, and some people think it is reasonable.
Because Zhao Liang is still in the name of Su Yonglin, Zhao Liang will not be relieved of his position as the leader of the nominal Guangfu Army until Su Yonglin announced the official founding of the country and changed the way of the Guangfu Army.
Moreover, Zhao Liangshen also has administrative ability, and Su Yonglin’s position is higher than Su Yonglin’s. It is also appropriate to actually lead Pingzhang politics in the province.
Little Yelv Chenghui and Huo Jianbai dare not say that they are more suitable for this position than Zhao Liang, nor dare they not listen to him and confront him.
Are you kidding? Who’s behind him?
Do you think your political career is too wonderful with him?
Zhao Lianglai did Pingzhang politics. Although some people think it belongs to consorts, they dare not say it in person, especially in front of Su Yonglin.
Su Yonglin, this obviously belongs to the cronies who control the state affairs, so it is better to stand up to him even if you can’t see anything.
After this heavy life, Su Yonglin ordered Kong Zheng’s ritual department to preside over the ritual work.
Then he ordered Kong Zheng’s good friend Zhou Jiang’s left assistant to match Kong Zheng with a good assistant.
The only way to add sand to the ritual is to appoint Yelujin, an official of the former Khitan people in the Jin Dynasty, as the right assistant minister of the ritual.
The three people joined together to express their passion for Su Yonglin.
Although Su Yonglin arranged a Khitan to the Ministry of Ritual, Kong Zheng and Zhou Jiang were of one mind, and one was still the other was the left assistant minister, which could crush Yelujin to death.
Yelujin can’t stand up.
The Ministry of Rites seems to be nothing, but it controls the whole process of the imperial examination and recommends it to the emperor. Officials are all selected by the Ministry of Rites. Although the official department is personally controlled by Su Yonglin, what can be done if there is no problem in the talent election?
From the perspective of outsiders of Kong Zheng’s Miao nationality, it is true that the first ritual of the new dynasty is "real name return"
In the Khitan Yelujin, it’s not too abrupt that he used to be a high-ranking official in the Jin State Ritual Department, and now he is cautiously arranged in the new Dynasty Ritual Department.
Nevertheless, some people feel that it is a bit inappropriate to arrange a Khitan to the ceremonial department of the symbol of the beauty of Chinese etiquette.
However, Su Yonglin decided that it is not easy for them to openly oppose it, that is, they can say that in the future, Yelujin will either be a mascot or get rid of it directly.
The Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Finance are the two big heads after the problem of the Ministry of Ritual is solved.
Su Yonglin ordered Yelu Yuanyi, a former official of the Khitan people in the Jin Dynasty, to be appointed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as the left assistant minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Chen Jichang, who was born in Shandong, and to be appointed as the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Yanyun Han Han Shiling.
Yelu Yuanyi originally took the initiative to leave the army after the surrender of troops, and joined Yelu Chenghui to transfer to the civilian system and bid farewell to the army completely.
I have to say that he is still very clever in this line, rewarding him for his cleverness and his hard work. Although Su Yonglin doesn’t like him very much, he still ordered him to be a civil servant.
Yu Jichang and Han Shiling, of course, are very difficult to deal with when they come, but it is rare for the second and third leaders in a department to get along well, right?
Su Yonglin doesn’t care that they just want to get things done, nor does Su Yonglin care how many quarrels and infighting there are in private.
If they go too far, Skynet will tell Su Yonglin.
Followed by the Ministry of Finance.
The Ministry of Finance is a big department in charge of money, which is of great significance. The powerful emperor did not take the financial problem as a problem that he had to reach out and manage. Even if he did not go to Jiajing for decades, he would be very concerned about the financial problem.
So Su Yonglin reasoned and decided to give our own people a chance.
He ordered his family to be born in Lin Jingchun, the Ministry of Finance, and the Bohai official Li Baocheng, the left assistant minister of the Ministry of Finance, to be born in Cao Kai, the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Finance.
Lin Jingchun has helped him manage his financial problems since they were smugglers, and he was also the head of logistics finance after he became an army.
Over the past three years, the recovery army has not been without financial difficulties, but Lin Jingchun has never made any mistakes.
His efforts to maintain the normal financial operation can be described as hard work.
So his cronies can’t help themselves, but Jingchun, who was born in ordinary agriculture and forestry, can be promoted to the position of big housekeeper of the new country by virtue of his own collar.