That is, ants are slightly different in strength.

It’s not worth worrying about
More don’t need to go?
after that
[Superman] [Batman] Before they come back from the dead and don’t know it,
[Jia Luo] [dr. manhattan] The figure disappeared and went to the area where there was no [base grain].
Test the opponent and recruit them.
Come and fight
Continue there …
In the boundless [imaginary] space
One thing here
In addition to the most basic [time]
There is not even [base grain]
But when [dr. manhattan] and [Jia Luo] arrived here together,
With the idea of [dr. manhattan]
Become active around [when]
The length of the part is close to the length of the part, and it can accommodate all kinds of things [pockets]
The foundation of his idea was materialize.
Automatically include [Jia Luo] himself.
right after
One bubble after another, emitting strong light, also appeared one after another.
Their surface [membrane] is the [universe] [barrier]
The part is the quantity and volume, which is limiting the expansion of the [star]
[dr. manhattan] Mind manipulation
Each one is filled with huge [mass] [energy] [bubbles]
It’s like being accelerated [photoelastic] one by one!
Shining with hot brilliance, the temperature reaches an unknown number of trillion degrees [photoelastic] …
Step into a crazy and active state
Far beyond the speed of light.
You can easily catch up with [Flash-Barry] at top speed!
From all sides of [a pocket]
Towards that without any resistance, it was pulled in by [dr. manhattan] and [Jia Luo] hit it!
Countable number …
In a [universe]
After all [energy] and [matter] are decomposed into [basic particles]
The number of those [grains]
It’s just that these [photoelastic] numbers are nine Niu Yi hairs …
Power is immeasurable.
Each flying state [photoelastic] does not need to directly hit the target.
Just need to brush and pass by.
You can easily destroy the plural [universe]
Cause [multiverse (D)] level disaster
For example, it can cause "dark night" and "black death emperor"
If you show your face at this time
A [light bullet] can send him home at once.
And the hunger in another [world body] [Galactus] except for a few periods.
Base is also a "photoelastic" can lie in situ corpse again can’t.
Chapter 144 【 Luo Jiaao Rayleigh Ann 】 VS 【 dr. manhattan 】 (2)
Face is like a torrent [photoelastic]
Even if you have already reacted.
However, the victim [Jia Luo] still did not move.
Is to look calmly in situ.
Neither fight back nor dodge.
So for a moment
With few exceptions, all the attacks of [dr. manhattan] hit the target!
after that
Is a burst of bright light, explosion, impact!
Various impact aftereffects
Just that insignificant part that leak out.
Let the whole [pocket] have a very serious turmoil.
Even dr. manhattan, who has a "measuring body" and can observe everything from a special perspective of a "measuring observer", has been disturbed by those aftermath to some of his own perception.
Temporary method is used to observe the specific situation at the core of the attack area.
After all, it didn’t cause him too much trouble that the glare of Superman was enough to smooth everything in the Origin Wall.
It’s only a few seconds
We haven’t waited for all kinds of shocks to spread completely.
Some force from a higher level completely wiped out all the movements and revealed the real situation of the attack center.
It was a black fire with a diameter of only a few hundred meters.
But those black flames eroded
All turbulent shocks
Are quickly swallowed up!
With the flame expanding and shrinking.
A figure nearly 15 meters tall is also wearing a sword body full of various mantras, and slowly walks out of it.