His country has a national appearance.
For example, Lin Tianyi Institute, Jin Guo Lin Chong, has never been there personally, but looking at the video footage from the Countermeasures Bureau, I feel that the creation is wonderful and the landscape is magnificent. The punk agricultural scenery is not inferior to the modern city of the earth.
Gao qingluan and Switzerland also followed the zoo with their own characteristics.
But now Daoguo looks like a backwater, with bare mountains and powerful rivers, and there is no human habitation.
Lin chong looked at the day before, and he distinguished one direction and turned to the sun, but he grabbed a crystal ball in his hand.
The world in that ball seems to be a miniature Taoist country with many rivers and mountains, but there are few cities. The largest building is a Taoist temple built on a high mountain, which is also magnificent. From the top of that thousand-meter mountain, it hovers around the palace and pavilion at the foot of the mountain. Look at the architectural style, it is a bit of a relic of the century.
That is, the architectural style of Shenzhoujie in the past.
Lin Chong put his finger on the crystal ball and aimed at the Taoist temple, as if he had a smart phone in his hand to do magnifying exercises …
So the picture in the crystal ball zooms in and then pulls out.
All the way to the highest temple of the Taoist temple
In the temple, a Taoist priest Lin Chong, who is holding dust, is sitting in a crystal ball. Although he is young, the Taoist priest is circling around for several long rivers of history. The long rivers shine on the Taoist priest like a halo, just like being in a sacred rainbow.
One, two, three … Twelve children’s bodies make up twelve long rivers of history, that is, twelve robberies.
This is the Taoist country is high.
But an acquaintance.
There are several Jin Xian-like children in Daotong Block, but all of them are children’s affairs.
One of them said, "The demon of Binggaona Xinguo Mountain has been devouring our territory, and two senior brothers have been killed by witchcraft."
The other one is a sigh, "The God of the Yuan Dynasty keeps violating the border. We have to find a way."
Yu Jinxian nodded in succession
The child with a high brow furrowed was about to speak, but suddenly he got a fright and found Lin Chong spying "Who? !”
That child was so fierce that he looked up and dusted in his hand.
The crystal ball in Lin Chong’s hand, thousands of miles away, cracked as if it had been hit hard.
"It’s not a small temper at an early age."
Lin Chong ha ha smiled and grabbed a crystal ball, which passed Lin Chong greatly. The whole person seemed to be a huge soap bubble or showed the picture in the temple. Lin Chong stepped forward and went in.
I walked up to the back of Tong Gao and kicked my ass and said, "The fate of the furnace keeper was returned today."
Dao Tonggao, that is, the former furnace boy, was kicked forward by Lin Chong and slammed the jade floor to detain him. He looked back with surprise and anger.
Seeing Lin Chong’s face changed greatly, he shouted "Vientiane Immortal Emperor!"
Lin Chong looked at the stove boy. The stove boy looked at Lin Chong.
However, Lin Chong’s eyes are playful, and the eyes of the furnace boy are fearful.
In those days, Lin Chong’s achievement in the battle of high key was to turn Wan Mizhai and Zao Fu into a war of furnace guards by virtual force. On that day, Lin Chong said that one day he would kick the ass of furnace guards hard, and today he was honored.
"There is an enemy invasion!" Jin Xian, the children’s keeper of the furnace, cried to Lin Chong to offer the fairy method.
All kinds of mysterious fire soldiers came like thunderbolts from heaven.
In the past, these immortals in Shenzhou were the top of the power hierarchy, but today, Lin Chong has seen a little nostalgia, and all kinds of unique secrets and original magical powers are dazzling. How long has it been since I saw these low-level immortals today?
Lin Chong stretched out his hand and touched his body as if there were a layer of spherical crystal. When the magic struck and met this layer of crystal shield, they all hit back. This hit back was like the only secret speed of "everything returns" was even faster.
"Be careful not to touch!" The furnace guard shouted
It’s late, however, and his Jin Xian have been recruited in succession. It’s like the sand has dispersed, and the shape of the bones is fascinating. Even the body is shattered and completely disappeared in heaven and earth.
"refining things, holding Dan, relying on pestle, holding fire!" The stove keeper screamed and stared at Lin Chong. "You bully people!"
Chapter seven hundred and nineteen Eternal Secret
Lin Chong couldn’t help laughing when he was yelled at as a bully.
What’s with this fighting tone of children?