"To Qin Yu" Jun Chen nodded and admitted.

"I heard that I really gave him a brigade preparation?" The young man said with some surprise, "Hehe, this thing can also happen. If the ninth district wants to put it on our side, he must be cleaned up if he makes so much noise."
"Qin Yu’s military and political connections in the ninth district are ok. He is a pupil of the Military Supervision Bureau and is also very good with the Feng family." Jun Chen looked up at him and said, "It’s good for you to walk around with him more in the future."
"I’m sure it’s good for your friend." Xiaofeng nodded and smiled and tried to ask again. "Can you tell me the location of this joint garrison?"
Jun Chen thought twice and replied softly, "The border of the five districts of the Asian League!"
"ah? !” Ucg froze on the spot. "Where the hell are we going?"
Chapter 126 Borrowing money
Lin Chengdong’s family ate silently and cleaned the room from the inside out, then washed his head and shaved his head, changed into a clean and tidy suit and looked at the mirror for a while before slowly coming out.
Came to the living room Lin Chengdong mobile phone to show nan dial a word.
"hello? Chengdong "
"Hey Xiao Nan, are you busy?"
"I want to talk about something in Lanting," Zhan Nan asked. "What’s the matter?"
"Then forget it. Give me a message when you are not busy." Lin Chengdong bowed his head and answered.
"I’m almost done talking. Just say something."
"Then I’ll find you. Let’s meet and talk." Lin Chengdong thought for a moment and answered.
"Well, come to BishuiLanting, where the address hasn’t changed."
"Ok, I’ll go now." Lin Chengdong looked down at his watch. "It will take about forty minutes."
"OK, I’ll wait for you."
Say that finish two people ended the call Lin Chengdong carefully arranged a clothes very spirit out of the house.
Bi Shui Lan Ting is the place where Lin Chengdong came here with them when Zhan Nan was studying in Shanghai before his aunt’s club. He is no stranger to this place. He called a car and arrived at his destination in less than 40 minutes.
Over the past four years, the Lanting Pavilion in Bishui has also changed greatly. The storefront has expanded to the left, and many indoor and outdoor decorations have been changed again. Although it still maintains the original authentic Chinese style, it looks more upscale. Obviously, Zhan Nan’s aunt’s business is also doing very well.
Lin Chengdong stepped on the steps, and before he entered the door, two beautiful women greeted him and pulled the glass door and bent down to say, "Welcome to BishuiLanting."
"Does sir have an appointment?" The manager ushered in and asked
"I’m looking for Zhan Nan" Lin Chengdong replied with a smile.
"Oh, I’ll take you to the box first and then call him." The manager responded more politely
"Good" Lin Chengdong nodded and went downstairs with the manager.
Lin Chengdong waited for about five minutes in the box on the third floor, and Zhan Nan pushed the door and came in. "Hey, I have too many farts every day. This just sent two friends away and two more. Hehe chatted with them for a long time."
"Ha ha, don’t worry. If you want to be busy, you should be busy first. I’m not in a hurry." Lin Chengdong replied with a smile.
Zhan Nan bent down and reached out to help Lin Chengdong pour the tea. "Oh, the business is not finished in one day. Just let them stay alone for a while. Hey, how are you these days? Is Grandpa getting better?"
Lin Chengdong calmly replied, "My dad left."
Zhan Nan suddenly looked up. "Go … Go?"
"Well go" Lin Chengdong nodded.
"This … this is too sudden. Why didn’t you give me a message when he left?" Exhibition nan put a teapot frown and said, "Gu Yan Xiaoyu is not in South Shanghai, but I, you and I are welcome? Master didn’t I how also have to send to help you go. "
"I just don’t want to toss about," Lin Chengdong replied softly. "After people were pulled out, the superintendent came over and made a record to find a hospital to verify the situation, so I cremated my dad and buried him in the cemetery."