The words sound just fell and several dilapidated cars rushed out of Hutong in the shed area, directly blocking the two intersections.

Hanging out in the chess room, a ground person bared his rhubarb teeth and honked his car horn in the direction of Brother Xiao.
"High-pitched …!"
Guns went off wildly, and 16 people fought to the death, holding automatic rifles, pistols and sniper rifles and throwing themselves at the human brains on both sides of the road.
At the moment, the front is Zhan Nan’s enemy brother Wu Xiaoge, who was prepared before they came.
What do these people do? That’s a fucking ring!
Army explosion-proof shield, army bulletproof vest, army tear gas tactics and strong light hands all appeared at the scene of the conflict.
17 groups of people are stupid. The people on the ground are better equipped than them.
"Fuck your mother still play with fire, right? There is a sniper, isn’t there? !” Qiuwu waved and shouted, "Bring in the Northwest Car."
On the left side of the road, the motor surged, and a silver-gray steel plate explosion-proof off-road vehicle was not listed and rushed to the direction of the sniper rifle in wait for a while.
"High-pitched …!"
Guns ringing explosion-proof off-road vehicles take up a star and Mars instantly rushed to the position where they were being intercepted.
The two men in the car shot a volley at the outside with guns and directly killed the sniper at the corner. They didn’t even run away.
The crowd swarmed and the remaining people retreated, and they were caught in the dense explosion-proof shields.
"Give me a fucking knife!" Exhibition nan brothers shouted a pointing to the circle.
People on the periphery of the explosion-proof shield are crazy to output to the inside with knives.
The 17 groups of people are all very strong, but a good tiger can’t stand a pack of wolves. They are cut down one by one, and the circle around them is getting smaller and smaller.
Chop it for less than a minute, and people will commit suicide. Some people find that they can’t run out and directly kill themselves.
"Give me a dozen arm arm! Gungun! " Exhibition nan brothers shouted, pointing to the inside.
The chaos lasted for two or three minutes, and 17 groups of people fell to the ground, and half of them were injured but not killed.
The crowd slowly dispersed. Brother Xiao came in and bowed his head and swept his eyes. He immediately locked his eyes on the leader. "How deadly is it to kill people when you meet?"
The team leader looked at Brother Xiao and said coldly, "You have a lot of routines for military and civilian people on the ground …!"
Owl elder brother don’t lift the foot on his face "who are you? What the fuck are you talking about? !”
"Don’t worry, I won’t say it," the team leader replied with a bite of his teeth.
Owl elder brother twist a head to look around at one of their own asked "this his mama is not a mental derangement? Educate him. "
The words sound just fell and Zhan Nan limped and ran in from the outside, carrying a knife and chopping off the team leader’s leg. "Fuck you! Who are you to kill my brother in South Shanghai? !”
The team leader rolled around miserably but didn’t answer.
"snow snow!"
Exhibition nan two knife cut each other’s ankle motioning with his hand shouted "don’t say? Give me the explosion-proof steel car and press my head one by one. I’ll see if they say it or not! "
Owl elder brother looked at people suddenly lay exhibition nan ear said, "I feel they are not people on the ground."
Zhannan twist a head
Brother Xiao kicked the team leader and waved and shouted, "I’ll talk to them somewhere else."
Zhan Nan didn’t say anything.
Brother Xiao turned and waved his hand at more than 100 people and shouted, "Please let Wu wrap GAGA up for me later!"
"Owl elder brother cow b! !”
Outsiders uniformly responded by shouting.
An hour and a half later, Jin Taizhu, from District 5, Iraq, sat in a chair with a dignified face and said thoughtfully, "What hasn’t been answered after a day of eyes in South Shanghai?"
Not waiting for the middle-aged reply next to him, the communication department officer directly pushed the door and walked in, and said in a panic, "Mr. Jin is blind in South Shanghai."
"ah? !” Jin Taizhu looked up in astonishment as if his expression were dementia.
At the same time
After hearing the movement on the ground, Jun Chen called Brother Xiao for the first time. "How many people did you catch?"