After a few seconds.

Li Zhixun took the words from the office and dialed Zheng Xinghui’s number and asked directly, "How are things in the distant mountains? !”
"There is something unusual," said Zheng Xinghui, who spoke very quickly. "Qin Yu people have not left the North Gate!"
"Don’t give him time, just let the heavy people go out and press the distant mountains. If they don’t evacuate normally, you will be angry!" Li Zhixun quickly responded.
"Is the transaction not played yet?" Zheng Xinghui has some accidents.
"Right now!"
"Is everything going well with Yu Weiliang?" Zheng Xinghui is also a very clever character. He vaguely felt that something was wrong.
"Everything is normal over there, so let it go!" Li Zhixun has no choice at the moment. He must stabilize the department. If everyone knows that Ma Laoer has got out of trouble, the biggest chip will definitely explode without it.
"Ok, I know" Zheng Xinghui nodded.
When they finished talking, Li Zhixun immediately sent a message to No.57, informing them that outsiders should not tell the organization department about the failure of sending people away, and they should suppress the news.
This kind of thing can’t be hidden from us sooner or later, but Li Zhixun needs to be able to get back the distant mountains in one breath, and there is still room for recovery.
escape route
The calendar war has been linked with Qin Yu’s words and he simply said, "The work is done!"
"how about it? !” Qin yuwen
"The second child, Qi Baojun, they are all right, but others saved two-thirds of Jin Taizhu’s family … none of them came back." Li Zhan truthfully replied, "Time is too tight for us to stay there too much!"
"This kind of thing depends on whether life can come back or not." Qin Yuchang sighed, "Are you sure they can leave things alone?"
"white!" Nod through war
"That’s it!" Qin Yu hangs up and immediately dials another one for Wu Bureau.
"hello? !”
"The second child is back!"
"Isn’t it a day?" Wu bureau was very surprised.
"Let’s do it today if we have a chance," Qin Yu said succinctly. "They are out of chips. You can do whatever you want over there."
"Are you sure about holding the distant mountains?"
"Unless I die, they will never get into the distant mountains!"
"Okay, that’s it!" Wu bureau hangs up the phone.
Li Zhixun stepped to the building and dialed the words of Commander Pu Yuan of Pu Juntuan at the first time. "The situation may change and you may be needed!"
Puyuan silence
"… If there is a big problem in Chuanfu and it is unified by the three regions, the activities of your Pujuntuan will be limited and compressed." Li Zhixun said calmly, "Our interests are common. What do you say, Commander Pu!"
"You are not qualified to talk to me about conditions," Pu Yuan replied coldly. "You ask the commander of the Northeast Theater of the Fifth District to call me, that’s all!"
Say that finish puyuan hang up.
Yuanshan life town
While Qin Yu was looking at the map, An Zai pulled over.
"Qin brigade heavy UNPROFOR vanguard troops have been no more than 15 kilometers away from us" An Zai frowned and said "the advancing speed suddenly became fast as if ready to fire first".
"The second child is back, and Li Zhixun has no chips in his hand. Now he must want to chew the distant mountains hard." Qin Yu said calmly, "Don’t worry, the rhythm is in our hands. You see how I can make these ten thousand people dare not move a step."
Chapter DiYiSiYiSan rhythm back step by step, fade away.
Four soldiers from a prison belonging to the Military Supervision Bureau of the Ninth District brought a middle-aged man with gray temples out of the prison room.
He is the brigade commander of the 197th Brigade of the former Pu Legion, and Pu is the cousin of Pu Yuan. He was captured alive by Huncheng Brigade in the Northwest World War I and has been detained ever since.
Pu was taken out of the cell in chains, and his eyes still glanced around him. He was fluent in Chinese and asked, "Is this to see me off?"
The officer of the Military Supervision Bureau looked at him and read succinctly, "After the trial of the Military and Political Council of the Ninth District, Puyin deliberately provoked malicious aggression in the border war and brutally killed the people in the planned area … now he was sentenced to death according to law and immediately executed."
Pu paused and nodded without saying anything.
"Sign" the officer ordered frowning.
Pu did not overreact and cooperated with the verdict very much. He signed his name and pressed his handprint.
Everything went smoothly. The officer escorted Pu out of the prison with his soldiers.
More than a dozen outdoor nine-district official matchmakers have been waiting for a long time, rushing to take a swipe at Pu Yi.
A male reporter kept pushing forward with a microphone and asked, "Mr. Pu, what do you think of this judgment? Do you have anything to say to the general of the soldiers killed and wounded on the northwest front? "
Pu saw his one eye and said simply, "Who will fight if you can live well? The coalition government in the old triangle area, regardless of the Asian League, no matter whether we don’t fight, there is no way out … "
"You this is some argue irrationally? Is it a necessary reason to infringe on the wealth and resources of others, even life? " The reporter asked again
"Just fight, you can understand whatever you want." Pu didn’t argue. Quiet, the soldiers pulled the prison car.
A dozen reporters outside the car were still chasing Pu, and the military personnel didn’t stop them.