In ten minutes.
Ji Xingyao, the head of Fengbei Longxing near Yan Wangtiao, paid a lot of money to invite two armed gangs and a well-known security company in Fengbei from the depths of the planned area. A total of 700 people suddenly married and headed for Xinxiang!
Special operations brigade information war room
A junior officer suddenly got up and shouted, "There is a hot map near the Yan Wang jump! !”
Lin Xiao stepped over. "Can you estimate the number of people?"
"About seven hundred people!" The junior officer answered
Lin Xiao immediately dialed Qin Yu’s words when he heard this.
"There are 700 people in the direction of Yan jumping who have already rushed to your Xinxiang!" Lin Xiao tone said urgently
Qin Yuwen was shocked. "There are still 700 fucking people?"
Baoli life village
Wang Zongxiao looked at the crowd with his back and said, "It’s time to split up! Stall the front of Yao Guang and let those 700 people fight! If Yaoguang returns to the defense, we will fight back and attack him on both sides. If Yaoguang does not return to the defense, he will lean against a group of people on the ground and living in the village. I see how to stop these 700 people! "
Chapter 152 The situation is critical
Xinxiang life Cun San Fang compound main building
Wang Zongtang asked Qin Yu with a sad face. "Are you sure you got accurate information? There are still 700 people calling Xinxiang from behind? "
"The news is very accurate," Qin Yu nodded. "At least 700 people are from Longxing and Yanbei. They are very mobile and like a professional team."
"That’s it!" Wang Zongtang replied in a trembling voice, "If it is a highly professional team of 700 people, the people left here will definitely not be able to cope with Yaoguang. If you go back to Liuzhou to fight back, if you don’t go back to Xinxiang, the result is self-evident."
Qin Yu’s silent brain is running rapidly.
"Yao guang there are people? !” Wang Zongtang tone urgent asked
"There are more than 1,000 people working in Yaoguang’s frontline, but it happened suddenly, and it took only a few days from the acquisition to sending people here. Many people in Yaoguang were sent abroad to come here, but when necessary," Qin Yu waved his hand. "Don’t say that two or three days’ journey will be enough."
"Can the troops contribute?" Another Wang Jianian spoke again and asked
"Line help a little, but it’s definitely not possible to fight." The old cat frowned and replied, "What do we do? It’s also a local power conflict outside the area, but once the troops enter the field, the nature of the horse will change! The military and the government don’t want to start a war now. They can’t afford it. Besides, there is a Coalition government and the Asian League staring at it. It’s not that anyone wants to mess around. "
"Yes!" Qin Yu nodded
"That’s no way out?" Wang Zongtang asked
"Transfer the surplus personnel department to the back of Xinxiang to defend the 700 people," Lao Li suddenly turned and ordered, "Give me as much time as possible!"
"good!" Wang Zongtang immediately nodded, "I asked the people left here to transfer the cases in the past."
Lao Li looked at Qin Yu and frowned and said, "It’s boring to drag it off. What do you think of it?"
"You still have one card to play?" Qin yuwen
"I am playing now!" Lao Li replied and pointed to the door and said, "I’ll make a message!" "
"good!" Qin Yu nodded
Lao Li stepped out of the room and found a secluded place to send a short message to Wen Beiliang.
Less than a minute later, the words came back.
"hello? !” Lao Li immediately picked up the phone and asked, "Do you know that there are 700 people coming from Changji and Fengbei?"
"It’s clear that Longxing and Xingyao people are the same as I told you before." Wen Beiliang frowned and replied, "There are security companies and armed forces outside the region."
"Then I have people left to stop them," Lao Li said with a frown. "We must think of some other way."
"I just want to talk to you about this," Wen Beiliang replied with a frown. "Wang Zongxiao sent me out. He will divide the team to stop Yaoguang from attacking Shahe and stall them, and then the 700 people will enter Xinxiang!"
"Yes" Lao Li nodded.
"We don’t have an advantage in the number of people. Wang Zonghan has a big room, two rooms and four rooms here, and then Han 3,000 has been brought to Jiangzhou. The Li family party and government acquiesced in several big bourgeoisie departments to help … You have a dozen or so over there." Wen Beiliang’s thinking is clear. "So my idea is to do it as you planned. Although the risk is great, it is better than this! Say ugly Qin Yu’s hardest card, that is, it’s all gone. People want Liuzhou to be consumed. Han Sanqian can add a security company to come in with money, but what about us? Can you still find a second glory? "
"Yes!" Lao Li nodded. "I’m with you. What you mean is that it’s meaningless to drag it off and get things done as soon as possible."
WenBeiLiang consider a long time "I put a mouth you let them in? Directly make a big one? "