Clouds of magic thoughts rushed in from Zhou Qian’s head

"Come on, I’ll give you ten."
See Zhou Qian angry appearance Tang Yu secretly smiled and took out ten devil fruit to Zhou Qian.
Zhou Qian took a look at her eyes and took a big bite.
"Delicious delicious" Zhou Qian eyes bent into a crescent and a face of heart.
"One bite is enough for me to eat for a long time. Sister Xiaoyu, it’s very kind of you not to be stingy like some people." Zhou Qian said.
Say that finish Zhou Qian saw eye MuHai head surges clouds of magic again.
The three men walked back and met the black cat again, but Muhai glared at the black cat leader and fled like a horrible monster.
Blink and disappear
Chapter 2 Back to Jiutangcheng [Jiugeng]
The next day, Muhai, Tang Yu and Zhou Qian left Guya Village and went to Jiutangcheng by bus.
Zhou Qian jumped away and cheered.
It is 3 o’clock in the afternoon when the three people return to Jiutangcheng Shui Mu Qingcheng.
"Mu bro finally came back."
See MuHai Zhou Qinglong enthusiasm came along.
"Zhou Xiong will bother you for a few days again," Muhai said.
"Mu bro said that if you want to be here, it will be your home," Zhou Qinglong said.
"So I’m welcome."
Muhai sat on the sofa and Zhou Qinglong chatted like a brother.
From the moment Zhou Qian came home, Zhou Qinglong seemed not to find her.
Zhou Qian looked at Muhai and smiled with anger.
What’s good about you? Sister Xiaoyu’s parents treat you like a child, even though my father didn’t even see his daughter come back.
Clouds of magic thoughts rose from Zhou Qian’s head and went straight into Muhai Dantian.
"Xiaoxi why so staring at me? Why are you going upstairs to chat with your dad? " Mu Hai said
"You …" Zhou Qian that hate!
That’s great. I actually taught myself a lesson
"Take a rest in your building, Xiaoxi. I’ll talk to Uncle Mu for a while." Zhou Qinglong said.
Oh, my God, so you can see me without saying a word?
Am I still your daughter? All because of him.
Zhou Qian stared at Muhai’s head, and from time to time a mass of magic thoughts flew out and went straight into Muhai’s abdomen.
"Xiaoxi, let’s go to our building."
Tang Yu looked at Zhou Qian and couldn’t help but smile and walked up to her and took her to the second floor.
"By the way, Brother Mu is still ready to cure the disease?" Zhou Qinglong asked
Muhai heard this first one leng.
Then an idea formed in his mind.
My horse is going to the secret service college, and it’s really impossible to continue to treat people then.
But it’s really not a taste not to earn money with such good money.
Who has a problem with money?
Wouldn’t it be a great pleasure if I could study in the secret service college and make a lot of money at the same time?
Yeah, we have to do this
"Of course" MuHai nodded his head.
"That’s good, bro. I’ll arrange the auction," Zhou Qinglong said.
"Don’t worry!" Muhai stopped Zhou Qinglong. "Brother Zhou, I have an idea to discuss with you."
"Mu Laodi still talks about nothing. If you have something, just tell me!" Zhou Qinglong said
Muhai also you’re welcome to exchange a pulp-washing Dan with your mind.
"Mu bro, what is this?" Zhou Qinglong looked at the pulp-washing Dan and couldn’t help showing off his shirt.
The Dan medicine in Muhai’s hand has tasted this fragrant smell, and he wants to swallow it at once.
"Zhou Xiong actually treats people with this kind of Dan medicine," Muhai said.
"Mu bro, what do you mean?" Zhou Qinglong said
"I mean, I’m going to let Zhou Xiong help people cure diseases instead of me. I’ll give you half the money," Muhai said.
"Ah …" Zhou Qinglong stare big eyes face look not letter.
This ….. This is not a pie in the sky?
I have a feeling of being hit.
Then I will treat people, so I hope it will be …
Zhou Qinglong didn’t even dare to think about it. This is a benefit of imagination.
"Why don’t you want to Zhou Xiong?" Mu Hai said