You want Yang Zhong to go to war. What if someone tries to kill me when he goes to war?

Faced with this problem, Shi Hao was about to cry.
"If someone kills Tai Huang Shi Hao, when protecting his life, Tai Huang wants to kill Tai Huang people directly from my body! Otherwise, it will never touch the emperor! Please also ask the emperor to answer! "
Shi Hao’s eyes cracked and he kowtowed to the ground three times in a row, and there was a muffled sound.
But Zhao Gou didn’t budge.
"You really are not loyal to me, thinking about going to die to get a good name and doing your record. Shi Zhongchen doesn’t think about what should I do after you die? Do I have to die with you?
You’re dead, there’s no one to protect me, and I’m gonna die. Is that what you want? Yang zhong wouldn’t think so. He would lead an army to protect me to the ends of the earth.
His attitude is to protect my life even if I die, and let me put him to death first. This is the real loyalty. Please stop saying that I will never let Yang Zhong play. "
Zhao Gou’s strange and paranoid thinking mode made Shi Hao exhausted.
Desperate, he withdrew from Wanshou Palace and told Zhao Shen about it, letting Zhao Shen make a decision.
Zhao Shen was furious and very dissatisfied with his trip to Zhao Gou, and he felt that Zhao Gou was unreasonable.
Later, he refused to accept Yang Zhong’s case, but decided to set off 50 thousand troops separately and play each other
Ma Junsi, the bodyguard, went to Chizhou to make up for Chizhou’s army defense line, and Bu Junsi, the bodyguard, went to Jiujiang to supplement Jiujiang’s army defense line.
Then Qi Fang was ordered to lead 20,000 troops to counterattack Jiangnan West Road.
Of course, Wu Gong, an army of Qi, was also ordered to lead Tian Shizhong’s army of 20,000 people to attack the bandit troops on Jiangnan West Road. The two men once again set foot on the journey a few months ago from different directions and routes.
It is tantamount to reopening the strategy.
But there is nothing that can be done about it. The imperial court really has no more troops to mobilize for a short time.
Both Qi Fang and Wu Gong have participated in the fight against thieves, and they also have a certain understanding of the bandit troops on Jiangnan West Road, including a better understanding of the local terrain, so they can fight directly without being familiar with it.
But Shi Hao is a long mind’s eye.
He knew the contradiction between Qi and Wu Gong, so he divided Wu Gong and Qi Fang into war zones.
He decided to hand over Longxing mansion, Linjiang army, Yuanzhou, Fuzhou and Yunzhou to Wu Gong for recovery.
Qi Fang is responsible for recovering Jianchang Army, Ganzhou, Jizhou and Nan ‘an Army.
The divisions of the two armies do not belong to each other, and they do not directly obey the orders of the Privy Council to each other’s responsible departments, and it is absolutely forbidden to have disagreements in private. It is best not to even contact each other.
Shi Hao still didn’t think it was enough, so he continued to make rules that if the enemy broke into the other side’s war zone, even if it was defeated, the thief army would cross the border and the two armies were not allowed to pursue each other. Just send someone to inform him.
It’s a rule. Whoever suffers and who doesn’t suffer will be rewarded by the Privy Council afterwards. If you don’t follow the rules, you will face punishment even if you win.
After doing this, Shi Hao felt that everything would be fine, and the two armies should not make any contradiction.
At the same time, Shi Hao felt that Wu Gong and Qi Fang had no good way to deal with the bandit troops, and it was hard to say whether they could achieve the strategic goal of Song Ting, which raised the idea of recruiting troops and famous soldiers in Sichuan and Sichuan war zones
At that time, the war commander of the Great Song Dynasty was second to none. Of course, Wu Lin was the anchor in Sichuan and Sichuan, but Wu Lin’s goal was too great and he was mainly responsible for guarding Hanzhong area. His responsibility of directly facing the threat of the army was important and could not be lightly moved.
Reasoning Shi Hao decision table Zhao Shen asked Zhao Shen to allow the mobilization of three generals in Sichuan and Sichuan war zones, Yao Zhong, to participate in this battle.
Shi Hao’s opinion is that Wu Lin, the head of Wu Lin, the three generals of Sichuan and Sichuan, is also what Sichuan and Sichuan want, and the Sichuan-Sichuan region of Wu Lin is stable
The deployment of Yao Zhong, a general who has always been brave and good at fighting, and his elite troops may make the war situation different.
Zhao Shen didn’t object to this suggestion, but he thought it would take two or three months to arrive at Jiangnan West Road from northern Sichuan. It’s estimated that the war situation has been long in these two or three months, right?
Shi Hao has different views on this.
"Dispatching Wu Gong and Qi Fang’s two armies to attack the veteran will make them step by step, slow and steady, and they will not be allowed to make a surprise attack, and they will not be allowed to March into the slow and resolute offensive to slowly recover lost ground and expel the bandit troops.
In this way, if you don’t win a big victory, you won’t fail, and you can gradually reduce the activities of the bandit troops and control the development momentum of the bandit troops. In this way, after more than two months, Yao Zhong will command the army to win the final victory. "
Chapter 91 Zhao Shen is very short of money.
Shi Hao said that Zhao Shen understood Shi Hao’s meaning.
"You mean that Wu Gong and Qi Fang are the assistants and Yao Zhong is the real main force?"
Shi Hao nodded.
"It’s the veteran Wu Gong who lacks experience. Qi Fang’s mediocrity can’t really win, and the great Song stars except Li Xianzhong and Wang Fang, that is, the three generals of Sichuan and Shu, Li Xianzhong and Wang Fang need to defend the capital and can’t play, so Yao Zhong is the most suitable one among the two generals of Wu Lin.
The position of Jiangnan West Road is the heart of Dasong. Once the bandits have it, it will be a menace to Dasong. The previous defeat has shaken Dasong’s military strength. We must win this battle and never fail, otherwise Dasong will be in danger of overturning. "
Shi Hao put a lot of words and Zhao Shen listened.
"Then do it. The Privy Council immediately sent a letter to enlist Yao Zhongshen to lead the army eastward at once. In addition, Wu Lin should be told to keep the northern Sichuan well and never be taken advantage of by the army."
"Old ministers obey orders"
Shi Hao nodded, and then he hesitated for a moment and said, "After the start of the imperial army, the military strength of Dasong was scarce, and the new recruitment plan must also be implemented."
Zhao Shen leng leng then looked at a face of be reluctant Shi Hao asked "how many posts do you need? How big is the money gap? "
"According to the minimum calculation, it is necessary to recruit another 50,000 people to re-complete the Jianghuai defense line, and if there is a big loss in dispatching the imperial army this time, it will require more posts and more money. At present, it will cost about 100,000 yuan a month."
Zhao Shen was silent for a while, and then called ye yi to ask and Zhou Lin to let them discuss with Shi Hao on the spot to see where they can take out the money, where they can save a little and where they can dig a little.