"I heard that the old face is missing?" Dachuanwen

"I can’t be careless about this," Okawa low persuaded. "Otherwise, I’ll find an excuse to take him to kill him."
Dajiang smells and waves "no"
"Eldest brother, you can’t hesitate about this. Just now Meng Xi and I also said that there are too many people in the car, too many eyes, and it is easy to have an accident once it is recognized." Dachuan low persuaded, "Get rid of him just to be on the safe side."
"I can’t get it," Dajiang thought. "I have settled the old one. He can bring me people from several living villages next to him, and he can come to him after he is familiar with people here."
Before Meng Xi stepped forward, he also urged, "Brother Jiang, I told you before that we can’t get along with people now, but we have to lay off some of them because we don’t have an industry. As more and more people gather together, problems will occur after the balance of payments is unbalanced. And you see that these people are all following you around except Ogawa."
"Mr. Meng" Dajiang looked up at Meng Xi and said, "You are really better than us in management and advice, but you still have no experience in rolling the ground. You can’t live in Chencangkou without a gun. If you don’t pull up your team, you won’t have a place to get out of the industry. This man is not bad. Who dares to play with you after you get him?"
"Always a guide. If he wanted to do it, he wouldn’t do such a risky thing with us," Meng Xi urged urgently. "Do you believe that it is safest for me to kill him?"
"Mr. Meng, you don’t want this thing. I’ve decided that it’s impossible. I’ll take some silver to let the old man hide out and let him come back after the wind passes." Dajiang smiled at Meng Xi’s words, which sounded soft but had no doubt.
Meng Xi looked at the great river and there would be no more persuasion.
"Come on, you go to rest first." Dajiang got up and said, "I’ll order some goods."
Say that finish great river turned away.
Meng Xi watched him go away and turned to Dachuan and said, "If Brother Jiang doesn’t get it, we have to get it."
"This can’t do" Okawa hesitated. "My brother’s temper, you know, I have to do this thing privately …"
"Don’t work on your head. If you don’t be strict, you may die." Meng Xi said seriously with his hands in his pockets.
Dachuan looked at him "have to do that? Can he be seen so skillfully because he missed his car? "
"Do you want to bet your life that there will be no coincidence?" Meng Xi asked
Dachuan scratched his head. "Let me tell you something. My eldest brother got a piece with his old sister … and they are sticking together, so he can protect his old age."
"Then even the old sister will do it together," Meng Xi said decisively.
After watching Meng Xi for a long time, Dachuan Meng B replied with difficulty, "This … this thing I …!"
"You lead people to the mountain and I’ll find someone to do it." Meng Xi said calmly.
early morning
Brother Xiao arrived at the garrison regiment headquarters.
Qin Yu directly handed the photo to him and said briefly, "I want this personnel information in three days."
Brother Xiao took the photo and glanced at it.
"This is a photo of those gangsters who were killed, and you should take it with you." Li Zhan handed the photo over.
"Good" Brother Xiao glanced at the photo "Wait for the letter"
Chapter 137 The elder brother of the owl
Since the attack on Jiujiang Tiancheng Group’s seventh district, the main business has also been gradually removed, because Chen and the General Logistics Department of World War II have become very stiff, and I don’t know which day the battle will start. Qin Yu is also afraid that the other side will suddenly become Tiancheng.
After the business slowly moved back to Chuanfu, Xiao Ge was still in charge of this piece of business, and it was still done because although Chuanfu had a military industry, its scale was small and its quality was not high, and many Qin Yu could not bear to give up.
If the old cat, Qi Lin, and others are constantly changing their roles and promoting themselves, then Brother Owl can be said to have achieved immortality.
He hasn’t changed his position since he joined Tiancheng, and he has been running the ground business that he is best at, and with the help of Zhan Nan, his field has reached the peak, and the control of the network "industry" is watertight.
Brother Xiao didn’t talk after taking a few photos, but he often pulled a group with his social software and sent the photos directly.
"Help me find this person". Brother Xiao typed a line of fine print after sending it.
Many of the group are customers here from Brother Xiao, and they are also famous people in their four places.
"It’s about the train, right?"
"These people look unfamiliar!"
"His mother is silly b to rob the train? What can I do without money? !”