After Sichuan government autonomy was obtained, Qin Yu was busy with one thing
Reorganize the HunChengLv!
After sitting in Nanmu Taoli, a distant mountain, Qin Yu quickly expanded and filled the army with the popular base of Xu Jiaqi’s family and Ruan’s family.
At noon this day
The Xujia Courtyard in Qinyu Yuanshan Life Town called a meeting, and the main core departments such as Wang Tianhui, Ruan Li Shihong, Xiao Bai, Ou Xiaobin, Lao Qi and Xu Yan were present.
In the meeting room, everyone chatted for a while, and Qin Yucai patted the microphone and said, "Be quiet and put out your cigarette. I said a reorganization plan."
Everyone heard that they immediately arranged their clothes quietly and waited for the leaders to speak.
"No stranger here has something to say, so I’ll be blunt." Qin Yu sat in the first place with his elbows propped on the desktop and said seriously, "This place in Chuanfu has no one and a gun in his hand. What are you doing? As you can see, we can form a stalemate. It’s not because Hunchenglv has a hard waist, but because there are too many friends behind us to support Marion’s armed three-dimensional mercenary company. We can’t live without them."
They smell nod.
"Now that the opportunity has come, when we win a certain intermission, we should take advantage of this hard work to build a solid foundation." Qin Yu’s eyes swept across the crowd and continued, "The Huncheng Brigade in the general direction should be reorganized, and the existing combat units at all levels should be reorganized into a regiment-building system!"
Ruan Wenmeng B looked at Qin Yu with some surprise. "This is too much. Let’s have a total of 9,000 people. If it is changed to a regiment and a battalion, then all units will be dissatisfied."
"If you don’t consider the preparation, you can just add people to the first battalion of the regiment." Qin Yu frowned and replied, "I will pay for it myself beyond the preparation!"
When they heard this, they seemed to understand Qin Yu’s meaning
"A group should not only be pulled up, but also be strengthened. The total number of people in the group brigade is fourteen thousand five hundred." Qin Yu got up and played the calendar war with the remote controller to project PP onto the wall and said, "Three mobile groups, three infantry groups and one UNPROFOR group are full of one thousand five hundred people in each group! There’s only one reinforcement group left, 3,000 people, with reconnaissance battalion, assault battalion and mobile battalion! In addition to this regiment, we also need an artillery battalion, that is, Li Shihong is now taking the number of people in this battalion. The logistics unit must have a thousand people, but it must have the ability to fight at the regiment level. "
"It’s difficult to solve the problem of overstaffing so many troops," said Lao Qi.
"Don’t you think of some way to solve the military problem" Qin Yu frowned and replied, "I didn’t think that the Ministry of Finance could give money to the blood transfusion unit of Hunchenglv after the first war zone was completely frozen. There is no money to go to the seven districts to find a loan to borrow money, and it will definitely make the troops cross Shujiachuan’s follow-up investment. Once it is not long before the exhibition, there will be great economic benefits. Our current strength is to incite this nearly 15,000-strong army."
Old Qi Wen nodded.
"My goal for you is to do your best to fill my army in the short term!" Qin Yu looked up and continued, "After Ruan’s private armed forces were incorporated, our existing strength is almost 7 thousand, and there are still half of the goals left. I will give you six months at most. Six months must be completed!"
"The current situation in Sichuan Province is fairly stable. It’s a good sign to recruit soldiers. I’m afraid the quality of soldiers will drop." Ruan replied softly.
"There is a UNPROFOR in a regiment. I think it’s for Xiaobai to take this regiment, but it can fight but it can’t take recruits." Qin Yu smiled and replied, "All this depends on our total teaching."
Speaking of this, Qin Yu took a look at the calendar war. "The UNPROFOR is responsible for all the recruits recruited. You practice here first, and then you are assigned to each regiment!"
"ok!" Through the war readily nodded.
"Say a life!" Qin Yu put an infrared pen on his desk and said, "A new strengthening regiment leader Wang Henan, 112 regimental leader Ruan, 113 regimental leader Wang Tianhui, 114 regimental leader Xiao Bai, 115 regimental leader Ou Xiaobin, left 116 regimental leaders, 117 regimental leaders, temporarily tempered by me and Qi Lin and Xu Jiahe’s family from the company to be able to do this job, and the head was handed over to them. Finally, the head of the UNPROFOR regiment was returned to Li Shihong by the commander of the calendar war and artillery battalion! Let’s group a battalion on this structure. "
Everyone listened to Qin Yu’s distribution, and there was nothing in his heart. His ideas were similar because each door accounted for the same words. The brigade should give respect and everyone immediately applauded and agreed.
"It’s the same sentence. The foundation has been firmly laid for half a year. I want to see high-rise buildings rise from the ground." Qin Yu shouted with a loud voice and passion. "No gun, no one, this tall pole can’t be hard! One day, if we really want to swallow Chuanfu, we have to take this short intermission to completely pull up HunChengLv! Be bigger and stronger and create more glory! "
This HunChengLv completely on the right track, the idea of group one battalion was immediately implemented, and all localities have tied Qin Yu’s family to take the lead in conscription.
The new blueprint and new journey will start from sitting firmly in Chuanfu!
The fifth volume looking at China
Chapter DiYiSiLiu One year
Time flies. A year has passed. HunChengLv and TianchengTuan ushered in the first outbreak of Sichuan government and Qin Yu had his first child.
Qin Jia Bieyuan, Yuanshan Life Town, early November, 21st century.
"Whoa, whoa …!"
A chubby boy is sitting on the sofa crying.
Qin Yu testily loosened the loose neckline and stretched out his hand to wipe the baby’s eyes with crystal tears. "Can you stop howling? Who are you so melodramatic?" !”
"What are you yelling at again?"
A burst of footsteps came up. Lin Nianlei came from the second floor and said with disgust, "I’ll let you see such a good child, and you’ll make him cry three times. What else can you do?"
"Come on, come on, come on, I can’t do this job." Qin Yu immediately got up and waved and said, "Cry my brain hurts."
"Go to one side" Lin Nianlei discontentedly pulled a Qin Yu bent down to sit on the sofa and wiped the baby’s big nose with a disinfectant paper towel. "Do you want to be numb? Don’t cry …!"
Qin Yuchang has been six months old, and the name Qin is different, and Dongsheng is like the rising sun.
"This little Wang egg is a thief!" Qin Yu arranged a suit of clothes, "If you are so big, you will know that you will cry if you don’t give something back."
"How many times have I told you not to swear in front of him?" Lin Nianlei immediately reprimanded. "Can you have some quality?"
"He doesn’t understand."
"What do you mean, do you understand?" Lin Nianlei rolled her eyes. "We should cultivate from childhood."
"Yes, yes, you’re right." Qin Yu bent down and picked up his coat. "Go play with your mother. I’m going to the brigade to take a trip to Laojin."
"Come back late?"
"Do I dare to stay out at night in front of you?" Qin Yu bent down and kissed Han Han sensibly, and squeezed his face lovingly. "You may not eat at home, but you must come back before 12 o’clock."
"Ok, I’ll allow you to go."
"Bye bye to dad" Qin Yu teased her reluctantly.