"Have you found the temporary detention place in Jin Taizhu?" Yu Weiliang asked
"What’s the matter?" Li Zhixun has been busy with the Sichuan government these two days and has forgotten this.
"I always feel that the atmosphere in No.57 in the past two days is a bit strange. The cook in the canteen has been replaced. The engineering department said that it would renovate the warm pipes and want to check the outer gate on the first floor of the detention area." Yu Weiliang replied in a low voice, "Plus … Jin Taizhu is also a spook himself. I am afraid that something will go wrong."
Li Zhixun asked, "Is it so serious? Is it because we are too sensitive?"
"Jin Taizhu will not have no cards in his hand" Yu Weiliang answered clearly "Suppose he bites a core officer No.57 now, what will others think if we should deal with it? Will you feel at ease if you don’t deal with others? Will they suspect that we will settle accounts after autumn? "
Li Zhixun was silent.
"Jin Taizhu No.57 stayed too long. It is not surprising that he has other officers’ black material and criminal evidence." Yu Weiliang added again that "it is risky to transfer No.57, but the risk is even greater."
"Tell you what, I’ll give you an address later. Don’t leak the news before you transport Jin Taizhu’s secret away tomorrow." Li Zhixun made a decision.
"Good" Yu Weiliang nodded.
A restaurant in Yishi
"Is the gunman here?" Asked a middle-aged man eating western food
"Come" next to a person nodded "are all foreign faces, things will not get us"
"Yes, don’t let things get to us." Middle-aged nodded and replied, "The rest depends on how things develop."
At the same time, the distant Xujia
Qin Yuchong said to Brother Owl, Zhan Nan and Qiu Wu, "It is estimated that the opposite side will soon give you a reply and find some clever things to do. These days, they all live together to exchange hostages. As soon as they are sure, they will go first."
"Are you afraid of playing tricks on the other side?" Zhan nan asked
"I don’t know," Qin Yu whispered. "We can’t go wrong if we give the second child more insurance."
Chapter 1394 Transfer to the place of detention
No.57 had a lot to say before Jin Taizhu had an accident, which you can see from the fact that he was able to transfer 17 groups in South Shanghai privately.
There are words and layers, then he must be a pivotal figure in the 57th profit struggle.
There must be dirty and despicable means to fight against each other, various table transactions and shady things. Jin Taizhu No.57 has been rooted for many years, whether it is to contain others or to protect himself, he has done his homework. He not only holds the information of the enemy in his hand, but also holds a lot of weaknesses of his competitors and colleagues. He knows that many senior officials are dirty and dirty, so he dares to be detained and play tricks to make the atmosphere of No.57 very strange
And Yu Weiliang knew that he had this ability, so he had to transfer him because there were too many people on No.57. It was very unsafe to rely on the investigation team to stare at him. Once someone tried to kill Jin Taizhu or was threatened by Jin Taizhu, it would become very troublesome.
More than ten o’clock in the afternoon the next day.
Li Zhixun called Yu Weiliang and said to him gently, "I’ll give you a phone number. You take Jin Taizhu to him."
"Is this person safe?" Yu Weiliang asked
"He is a businessman engaged in arms business in Beishi. He has been running errands for me for many years. It is very reliable. I didn’t tell him who you want to do, and he won’t ask you more. Take people outside and let them watch the inside." Li Zhixun replied briefly, "No one can find it if the news doesn’t leak out."
"I have nothing to do" Yu Weiliang nodded.
"Finalize the shares as soon as possible and then I will report the secret execution of Jin Taizhu." Li Zhixun replied in a low voice.
"Secret execution?" Yu Weiliang dazed one.
"He is too dirty to go through the procedure," Li Zhixun replied lightly. "This can also reduce some troubles."
"I see" Yu Weiliang’s neck is cool after hearing this.
This is politics, this is abandonment!
At 11: 30, Yu Weiliang, the office of the 57th shooting investigation team, succinctly said, "Everyone should hand over all personal communication equipment to distribute walkie-talkies."
Everyone listens and does it.
"I made a road map for each group leader to take a look at." Yu Weiliang hit the envelope and said lightly, "When starting, each group should pay attention to the firepower and prepare for all emergencies."