The fleet of the Seventh District pursued all the way to the vicinity of the enemy’s No.1 military port before choosing to take a break. This time, Fu Zhenguo did not radically propose to continue to pursue the Navy of the Fifth District.

The damage to the fleet in Area 7 in this World War I is not small, and it is not cheap to continue to chase it, because the enemy’s No.2 military port in the hinterland of Area 5, their navy will go back and really put it together, and it is not known who will die.
On the army side, the troops in the enemy’s southern theater in Bidu area also retreated after losing the naval battle in Area 5.
The troops of Fuchuan prefecture marched triumphantly all the way to the vicinity of Niutou Mountain and defeated the enemy with nearly 30,000 people. The cover troops wiped out more than 6,000 people and captured more than 6,000 people, and finally ended the battle with complete victory.
After the war.
Lin did not withdraw, but Pu’s main force went out of Niutoushan along the supply line established in the original fifth district and pushed all the way to the south, occupying a large number of military vantage points.
This city is the main heavy city in the fifth district, and the city of Iraq is guarding the east gate forest and Putun troops of the fifth district one by one. The outside of Mengjia is a very strong military threat to the fifth district, which means that we want to fuck you at any time.
One day later
The military intelligence department of the region also detected that the EU’s first fleet departed from Xiadao and returned to the original road, giving up the idea of supporting the fifth region.
Retreat is a kind of resistance, because the navy and army in the fifth district have been completely defeated, even if the fleet in the first district of the European Union comes, there is a way to reverse the war situation. By then, the navy in the seventh district needs to stop the fleet in the European Union near Hekou Port, and the army in Napulinchuan can put the main battlefield in front of each other. By then, it will be difficult for the fifth district to touch the salt island, but it may become a battlefield in its own hinterland. This loss is too great for the military in the fifth district.
There are many hidden factors in withdrawing troops, such as the anti-war voice in the fifth district, and the great army department has been under the pressure of former public opinion. In addition, it is impossible for the first district of the European Union to reinforce them in vain. Once they fight, the fifth district will have to cede a lot of military interests … It is also a more rational choice to temporarily admit the failure of the Salt Island War and readjust the military strategy.
Sure enough, after the withdrawal of the navy in the first area of the European Union, Linpu did not continue to press forward, so the losses of Zhongpu in World War I were also very large, and they also needed adjustment and cultivation
After the war, both generals, officers and grass-roots soldiers were relieved. It was lucky and sad to live here. Many comrades-in-arms and friends died. In the battle, the old triangle was filled with jubilation and mourning.
On the third day after the battle.
The foreign affairs department of the fifth district strongly condemned the Sichuan military government for forcibly occupying the salt island and waging war, saying that the warlords of Qin were bandits …
This kind of hair has no deep meaning, mainly to tell the people in the fifth district that we are not war traffickers. The military department is fighting this war in self-defense and fighting back to protect the territorial interests of the region. At the same time, it also shows the withdrawal of troops from the fifth district to the outside world, not surrender, but strategic retreat
This war of words is very boring. The Ministry of Information, led by Lin Nianlei, released various details of Yandao shares to the outside world and simply responded that "the territory of Yandao belonged to the Asian League Arbitration Tribunal in Chuanfu more than two years ago, and the fact that the theory of robbers in the five districts is naive and ridiculous".
After several days of mutual exchange, the public opinion gradually subsided and the military tension gradually faded.
A cave in Yandao
Qin Yu sat in a damp, cold, "special" office and squinted, "Why the fuck did the fifth district army stop today? Why didn’t the bomber come and throw small firecrackers?"
In the past two days, the diplomatic department of the region has been engaged in a war of words. At the same time, the two sides have been secretly engaged in small moves and have been fighting. The five-district army has sneaked into the salt island several times and threw explosives at the island, making the island troops nervous.
Xiaobaiwen replied, "When the main naval ships in the seventh district come over, they will be stationed in the port. When they come again, they will send an estimate and then stop."
"Is there any conflict between our garrison troops in the Seventh District Navy?" Qin yuwen
"No" JiLin sat there and replied, "Not only did it not cause trouble, but it was very polite to even make a conversation before getting some fresh water."
"Ha ha" Qin Yu grinned. "It’s interesting to be honest when you’re fighting."
"Take the salt island and let’s Sichuan government troops do nothing completely." JiLin replied with a smile. "The ninth district is a mess. Now no one dares to offend us easily."
"It is for this reason" Xiao Bai nodded in agreement.
"Mom is tired," Qin Yu rubbed his face. "Let’s ignore them in the follow-up distribution of some interests and let the area over there and the seven areas wrangle."
"I think so," Wang agreed. "Let’s just take the main advantage of the salt island and leave the area to cut the cake."
Qin Yu thought for a long time and looked up at Lin Chengdong and asked, "What about the arrangement for the workers rescued from the island?"
"The number of people has been counted. At present, there are still more than 7,000 people … some of them have died. There are about 2,000 people in the military conflict." Lin Chengdong truthfully replied, "I said hello to the financial department and prepared to dial some boats to pull them to the land and let them go home by themselves."
"Can" Qin Yu nodded.
"But to my surprise, there are many workers … who don’t want to leave and want to stay on the island to work, and some of them want to join the army." Lin Chengdong said with a wry smile.
"What? This is all liberated. Can you go home and go home? " Qin Yu also don’t understand.
"Many people are single when they come … they have been here for many years and are used to it." Lin Chengdong replied lightly, "Alas, the more they do this, the more they make my heart feel bad."
Qin Yu thought that "being young and willing to be a soldier can be absorbed by the armed forces; I don’t want to go to the island to work when I am older. After all, we have to rebuild later or we can still get workers. "
"Good" Lin Chengdong nodded.
Qin Yu got up slowly. "I have to go back to Chuanfu to celebrate."
As soon as the Yandao War ended, Sichuan government suddenly became a bit of a "political center".
For several days, the old cat, Zhu Wei, Lao Li, Ye Xiao, Ding Guozhen, Fu Xiaohao and others were constantly visited.
The first peak of Chuanfu is coming!
Chapter 21 If the city is crowded, it will be heavy.
Office of the Director of the Office Building of the General Bureau of Heavy Metropolitan Police in Chuanfu
The old cat sat on the sofa with a shiny big head, and the original handsome face also had a few wrinkles. Looking at some middle-aged people with a cynical smile, they felt heavy.
"I won’t say more about Li Bureau. I put the salt island project there when I was in Songjiang. I want to be able to divide a part of our group … then you can do whatever you say." A middle-aged fat man said at the old cat with a polite attitude.
"I haven’t changed my mind yet. Go back and wait." The old cat sat on the sofa and replied ambiguously, "I’ll have someone call you if there is news."
"Well," the middle-aged fat man immediately got up and said with a smile, "Were you satisfied with that last night?"
"What?" The old cat asked in confusion.
Middle-aged fat smile "satisfied I’ll let her stay here for a long time …"
The old cat directly with the wave without saying anything.
Middle-aged fat nodded. "I left something in my car last night and your driver took it. That’s what it means."
"Ok, I know." The old cat nodded.
"Then I’ll go back if you’re busy."
"I won’t send it later." The old cat waved.
"Good" middle-aged people say that finish out of the room.