Only a small part has made Wen Leyang’s life and death poison grow. I don’t know how much!

After dissolving several toxins, the poison of life and death becomes more intense and overbearing, consolidating Wen Leyang’s body layer by layer, and at the same time turning around like a tough stomach pouch, desperately rubbing against the yin and yang forces that have not been digested completely.
Wen Leyang let out a cry of pain, feeling that all his bones and muscles and skin are integrated with the poison of life and death. While assimilating the common poison, he squeezed and rubbed the iron slag, and desperately tried to crush and melt them.
Both sides are struggling to insist that a little bit of yin and yang is slowly assimilated and exhausted, but even if a little bit of yin and yang is melted, the torrent of life and death poison will almost multiply.
However, with the rush of the poison of life and death, the yin and yang forces are gradually gathering and rushing around in the torrent, becoming another force as thick as the poison of life and death but more sharp!
Sex, soil, poison, foundation, poison vein, etc. carry the tide of poison, but Wen Leyang has not been sanctified, but he may not be able to stand the ravages of yin and yang.
Yin and Yang, which have not been assimilated, can’t be refined into poison veins, just like a train full of steel and bayonets, which is also rushing around with wrong fists.
Suddenly, Wen Leyang’s body shook, and only he could hear a light sound, which exploded from the last section of the little finger of his left hand. When the poison of life and death rushed to the phalanx at that end with the wrong fist, he suffered a lot, and the bone finally couldn’t stand it any longer and was smashed by yin and yang.
Wenleyang sighed in his heart, and finally his body was the first to bear the pressure. After struggling for a long time, the balance was finally broken!
At the same time, a small piece of Yin-Yang force collapses, and the poison of life and death is just like a group of hungry wolves suddenly discovering a calf that has been left alone from the bison herd. It swims over and wraps the broken bone slag and the scattered Yin-Yang force layer by layer in an instant, and then the ancient slag, the poison of life and death and the yin-yang force condense together! Then continue to whisper, the second root of the left tail finger is broken, and the poison of life and death continues to wrap around the broken bones and infiltrate layer by layer …
From that little finger, a piece of bone was crushed by yin and yang, and then it was glued by life and death to reshape the left hand, left arm and left shoulder … until the body!
Wen Leyang didn’t realize until now that when the wrong fist method attacked, the scattered chapters mixed up and moved together, but the running path of the wrong fist strength Huo Ran spread all the way from the left-hand tail finger to every bone until the thirteenth type ended the cycle and returned to the left-hand tail finger a week later!
If it weren’t for the siege hammer, the yin and yang forces were moving with the wrong punch. Wen Leyang would never feel the wrong punch, because his bones were crushed in this order …
Everything happened when the flint’s little finger was smashed. Instantly, the poison of life and death and the force of yin and yang suddenly separated. The force of yin and yang crushed Wen Leyang’s bones all the way, but at the same time, it kept breaking and shrinking like a huge meteorite. The poison of life and death followed closely. After the first bone was broken and before the second bone was hit, the force of yin and yang and the broken bones were bonded together. In the ups and downs of wrong punches, Wen Leyang’s body was always broken into a small bone.
Wenleyang Meridian was broken inch by inch in a rainstorm night in Hongye Forest a few years ago, followed by making a marionette to refine poison into the body, which achieved the overbearing skill of the warm and spicy ancestors. That time, it was refined into a poison vein, but this time it was reshaped by the yin and yang forces of life and death!
Wen Leyang is almost scared crazy by the changes in his body. What kind of kung fu is Shi Zutuo’s oblique wrong fist?
Of course, he knew Tuoxie, but he didn’t expect that there was a magical niche in the grandson of later generations who poisoned the poison and got it into the body at sixes and sevens. The only explanation that can be thought of is that Tuoxie left this wrong fist, which can reshape the body and bones in addition to attacking the enemy, breaking the law and refining the poison into the body!
Yin-yang force and life-and-death poison are rapidly consuming Wen Leyang’s wrong fist in the process of breaking and bonding bones and muscles. Now there is no way to stop two huge soup forces. Who knows where they will rush if they are not guided? Wen Leyang can’t bet that the poison of life and death can bind his heart, not to mention that his heart and kidneys can’t stand it.
However, whether it is a blessing or a curse, Wen Leyang finally breathed a sigh of relief. He has worked hard with himself anyway. What he has to do is to make a mistake and keep watching which of the poison of life and death and the yin and yang forces is exhausted first.
If yin and yang are exhausted first, the skill of body and bone remodeling will surely advance by leaps and bounds, and maybe the body will be sanctified!
Life-and-death poison, first of all, Yin and Yang smashed the bone and didn’t have to repair it. Little Fairy is poisonous.
After a wrong fist, Yin and Yang force and poison of life and death are still very energetic. The second round of wrong fist again …
Although the spirit of Wenleyang was so painful, he relaxed his mind, wondering at random that the real achievement method of stretching the slanting grandmaster according to the wrong way was to reshape his body and bones. Grandmaster must have reshaped his own bones in those days. I don’t know if the figure of his old man’s pudgy vegetable altar has been reshaped … I couldn’t help but get a fright at the thought of this … I quickly looked at the onlookers and saw that everyone’s face was strange, but there was not much horror before I let go of my heart and died … To be continued.
Chapter 34 Appearance
The thirteen-style wrong fist is a body bone remodeling and tearing, and the pain reaches F, and the wrong fist has become a mechanical repetition.
Wen Leyang is like a steel-toed doll full of clockwork. He is tireless at the foot of Jiuding Mountain and doesn’t understand hunger. He hits the wrong fist again and again.
Three days later, Wen Jiadi built a small room around him …
Most people have dispersed, but Xiao Yi and Mu Mu refused to leave the two beautiful girls like spring water, and kept Wen Leyang every day as they did the time when they were sitting in the scenic area.
Wen Leyang knew what was happening around him, but he didn’t dare to stop manually, not to speak, but to communicate silently with two girls in his eyes. Every morning, Mu Mu and Xiao Yi would tell him about today’s calendar, and then quietly looked at him with a smile, occasionally with a trace of tears flowing.
It was not until the fifteenth day that Wen Leyang finally screamed that his bones were smashed and glued by Yin and Yang and the poison of life and death, and finally exhausted the Yin and Yang forces! The poison of life and death also flowed in the body, and after a week, it slowly dispersed all the limbs.
Mu Mu and Xiao Yi jumped up and jumped into his arms at the same time. This time, it was not where will you go. The two girls never knew that Wenleyang had experienced its pain and danger. They all believed Grandpa Wen Da’s words. This is Wenleyang’s nature.
A reassuring word really miraculously turned into Wen Leyang’s accident in the persistent belief of two girls!
Mu Mu and Xiao Yi have been inseparable from Wen Leyang every day for fifteen days, but now they just can’t restrain themselves from being together every day, but from the bottom of their hearts, like a volcano, generate misses and scatters all reserve, and only a hard and strong hug can make them happy.
Wenleyang was also more excited than when he was about to speak. Suddenly, a large group of people appeared as if they were haunted.
Four grandfathers, the old rabbit demon, Wen Tunhai, don’t talk about not doing water mirrors, hope for rain and rainbow at the end of Kyubi no Youko … Everyone rushed in after hearing the cheers of two girls.
Wen Leyang’s bones and muscles without a trace of fatigue have been broken and reshaped several times, melting all the yin and yang forces and the toxic tide of life and death, just like magnifying the comfortable and lazy feeling of just soaking in a hot bath by 1000 times and 10000 times, and all 36,000 sweat pores are closed and contracted happily in extreme joy!
The sword wound in the body is also unconsciously healed when they reshape the body bone.
Wen didn’t be the first to jump out and pull Wen Leyang and ask, "What the hell is going on? If you don’t say it from the beginning, you will trigger our house to ban you from punching the wrong fist. What is it?"