"When we were in Lingkuang, we were worried for a while when we saw so many monks around Jianmen, but we were all pinned down by each other, so it was a sin not to share anything with the younger brother."

Immediately, I laughed heartily. "But fortunately, the younger brother has extraordinary magical powers and is comfortable in the siege of several famous monks from the other side, but I really admire it!"
Yang Xiu put Meng Yun’s wrist smell speech and laughed lightly. "The magic brother exaggerated that I was fighting with flying speed, so I really can’t afford to praise my brother."
The phantom shook his head and said, "Teacher Yang, don’t be modest. I saw it in my eyes and kept it in my heart. I didn’t mean to praise you."
Seeing each other say so, Yang Xiu is not good at answering words, so he shook his head and smiled.
Now the monks on both sides did not fight together again, but noted that Zhongtian Xuan, a great grandfather in the clouds, and "lived by the sword."
If one person wins, the struggle will no longer be compared with the base, and the result is already doomed.
However, Grandfather Tianxuan and Yi Jian’s thugs were born monks in the late Yuan Baby period. It’s not easy for one monk to fight alone against the other, let alone take the other’s life seriously, unless you have some extraordinary secret methods or magic weapons that are far more powerful than the other.
After all, it’s really amazing if the friar wants to escape in the later period of Yuan Ying! And even if you can’t escape, if you force the other party to blow itself up, no one can imagine what this scene is like
Therefore, if you don’t fully grasp this level, the monks will not push each other too hard.
Believe that Tianxuan Taizu and Yi Jiansheng will see that the face-to-face battle is over, and then Takuya will end the daring and be idle. When he came to Yang Xiu, he asked the magic reality, "How did the magic brother say that the two sides fought?" There was no warning beforehand? "
"It turns out that Teacher Yang still doesn’t know!" Phantom reality suddenly way
Yang Daoxiu: "I was besieged by Brother Jianmen, and I consumed most of Zhenyuan. After I escaped from Lingkuang with some injuries, I have been meditating and recuperating and I don’t know what I gave birth to."
In fact, the clothes that were destroyed by the dragons and phoenixes behind him have not come yet. They are all bare-backed, and they have been sheltered by the mysterious light of the protector. They are not present.
Meng Yun heard Yang Xiu’s injured cold face and couldn’t help frowning slightly. He took a light look at Yang Xiu and then turned his eyes to the gorgeous fight.
The magic reality said, "The thing is that when Jianmen came to attack our Lingkuang, it became famous."
He said with some fear, "Fortunately, Deng didn’t come to us to guard this spiritual mine at that time, or tut!"
Yang Xiu smell speech and some concerned.
Listen to the magic reality and then said, "It seems that there is no martial uncle Tianxuan here to contain it. Of course, people can stop it. In addition to guarding this spiritual mine, the brothers and sisters in other spiritual mines have suffered some heavy losses, especially the clock is far away from the petticoats."
Said here a face of regret expression clearly recognize the clock from petticoats fell on the right hand midfield some worrying!
Think of now clock from petticoats have been saved by what he said Yang Xiu heart is smile but didn’t interrupt magic reality.
"Just after solving the monks in other spiritual mines, the horse will come to us to guard the spiritual mines to destroy them. Fortunately, Martial Uncle Tianxuan finally came back with the monks from Nanling."
"As a result, when the clock was caught again, it immediately made a name for itself."
"mainly want to let the other party put the clock from the pool.
"Of course, he won’t make a name for himself. When he sees that he has achieved his goal, he wants to go back and stop pestering, so he handed the clock away from the petticoat to the Taoist Lian Zhi and Tian Xuan, and finally retreated here."
"After coming here, I became famous and knew that all the spiritual mines in Jianmen were buried together with all the monks who guarded the spiritual mines, so the two sides fought more fiercely and eventually things became like this."
Magic reality and shrugged a pair of nai sample.
Just then, I listened to Tian Zhongsheng’s fame in accordance with the sword, and said to Tian Xuan’s great-grandfather, "How long do you want to fight, Tian Xuan’s old son?" Do you know it’s meaningful to fight like this if you can’t stand me? Don’t let the younger generation joke! "
Famous far away to speak a pair of old-fashioned sound also slightly old and light cold ice in cooperation with his seventeen-year-old handsome face can not help but let Yang Xiu feel strange than listening to him for the first time
Day xuan a surname ancestors smell speech suddenly cold hum a "if you give me ACTS son my horse will stop it.
Yang Xiu heard Master Tianxuan say that Zhong Li did not feel any movement in her heart.
Famous far light say with smile "I can hand over people, but you have to exchange this murderer who killed my apprentice?
Say that finish was pointing to Yang Xiu.
Seeing each other naked, Yang Xiu intends to retaliate. Although there is no change on the surface, in his heart, he has scolded his ten generations of ancestors who are famous far away.
At the same time, I secretly decided not to go out as much as possible, and I was accidentally blocked by the other party, thus ending up in a bone yard.
Seeing that Master Zumo of Tianxuan is not famous, he added, "If you don’t exchange it, you will give me a word. But to tell the truth, that girl is not only stunning, but also a seven-spirit qualification. I still can’t bear to let her go like this!"
Although Yang Xiu has the confidence to believe that Master Tianxuan can’t promise the other party this kind of condition, after all, once this kind of thing is promised, it will be too popular.
However, looking at his fame and indifference made him feel oppressed, so I couldn’t help but want to blow the other side’s arrogance.
Thought of here, he said faintly to the phantom reality, "Actually, Zhong Li, the elder sister, has been saved by me from the Taoist priest Lian Zhi, and now she is resting in Huilong Temple."
In order to avoid fame, Yang Xiu was so angry that he became angry from embarrassment. He didn’t say too much so that Meng Yun and other similar monks could barely hear him. He believed that these people would immediately give the words to Master Tianxuan.
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Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Daolin
Fairy field Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Daolin