This fox demon met Zhao Deyan and immediately liked this handsome, handsome and home-friendly guy. The black Taoist priest was sharp-tongued and mean in appearance, but it was another charming appearance in front of Zhao Deyan. A Chinese person knew the taste of this fox demon and taught Zhao Deyan some practice methods. The two of them were really a mess. The fox demon was a master of Zhao Deyan. After that, Zhao Deyan was also a practitioner. The so-called human gathering Zhao Deyan was mixed.

Huang Yong is now floating in the middle, showing a light blue and semi-transparent shape, but his face is still full of expression. I heard that the guy who encouraged himself to be evil and let himself bear a generation of conscience debts was really quite excited, and it was faintly thought that there was another reason.
When the fox demon put her together, Zhao Deyan was jealous at that time, and Su Ye was very hateful. Later, Zhao Deyan meant that Huang Yong was also very jealous. When he was far away, he let the fox demon find opportunities to meet Huang Shui, who was interested in his display methods. After Huang Yongxin’s fox demon Huang Yongcheng sighed for a day, he took the initiative to ask about this time. Huang Yonghuo suspected that naturally speaking of one of his colleagues, his qualifications were far from his own, but he was far lucky in all aspects. When he said that he had a way to punish the fox demon.
Huang Yong heard glaring at this moment, but in the end he became somebody else’s sharp tool. As soon as the figure floated, he descended on the fox demon Taoist. The two ghost claws were even more wanton, and the fox demon dared not fight back.
Essence and other "ghosts" listened with amazement. It turns out that this stuffy Huang Yong’s life has such a twist.
Essence wants to make fun of this guy after knowing Huang Yong’s suicide. It’s incredible that the vice principal suddenly jumped off the building improperly. Essence always likes to make fun of others but never thought about jumping into the river. It’s equally incredible that Essence’s heart way will put away a proud heart if she meets such a character as Yuan earlier.
Huang Yong caught a phone call, but his furious expression gradually changed his annoyance. Sure enough, the fox demon argued, "If you were not jealous of the fire at that time, how could I encourage you?" !”
Yellow small "body" a vibration "face" look a few changes in the end, but it is a far-reaching "I am sorry for you! But this thief Taoist priest said that a little punishment for those spells would make you lose your energy in completing the scientific research method, but he really didn’t want to make you sick! "
Brother Yuan-ha laughed. "Since then, Huang Yong has been suspicious every day, but even if you try your best to achieve success, you are afraid of jealousy of your peers. As you did in the past, you are more worried and fearful than before every promotion, but your heart can’t stop it."
Huang Yong’s forehead was sweating, his face was painful and his facial features seemed to be twisted into a knot.
Far away, he said, "If you have doubts in your heart, you are guilty of suspicion!"
Huang Yong then fell into a deep struggle, far from paying attention to him, but he said to Bai Su, "Do you know that Bai Su, the famous host of the TV station, is poisoned?"
Essence was shocked by the far-reaching sound, and she lost her usual arrogance and looked at a loss. "What poison?"
"Slow poison arrogance, your life is too smooth, and from this heart, the world is not as good as you!"
So far, the essence is slightly depressed, so it is.
"Although you have made great achievements in your career, you still have leaders in your head. In your eyes, those people in high positions are as stupid as pigs and dogs, while most of your colleagues around you are stupid. You feel that you are living in a pigsty and a kennel, and one day you think you may die before you can go to another noble world. Do you think I am right?"
Essence nodded his head. If others were so rude to her, Essence would have been angry. But now it is a ghost, arrogant and unconsciously missing a lot. Therefore, it is also possible to listen to some words in the ear, and then it will be thunderous to shock the black Taoist Essence. Think back and feel that he is really a frog at the bottom of the well.
"It is inexplicable for you to die outside, but as this fox demon said, your hearts have their own ways to die. He really gave you a push to end it."
The fox demon leaned over and said, "Yes or no, that’s what I’m thinking!"
Far immediately cold "hum" 1 like a half giant thunder rolled over the fox demon suddenly "flower" pale whole body faint to the ground.
Far away, he went to Master Fang Commendation and said, "Master Fang, I know you accidentally broke your Xiao Moonlight chasing Han Xin Yuan Blue and White, and I was there. You were ill on the spot."
Fang Commended the look of a tunnel, "Don’t say more about the real person. Now I am white. I have been poisoned by the Buddha’s five poisons."
Far nodded. "Exactly!"
Far-sighted Dan swept the fat man and said, "You are the first to accept it because there are many greedy people in the world."
After that, I gathered my eyes on the fox demon again and said, "You want to gather the five poisons and refine the five poisons to become a sharp weapon for you to drive people to search!"
The fox demon trembled all over and said, "I won’t drive them to refine for nothing. I will ask them to sign a contract once it is completed, so that I can send their souls to the afterlife to get a blessing!" Speaking of this fox demon kowtowing is like smashing garlic.
Far from ignoring the fox demon, he said, "There are four poisonous tools, but you are missing one. You are also thinking about pushing into this poor sun layer by layer, but it is the last one and you make the best one. There are three people here who had a great connection before they died, and then you deliberately let the police aim at Sun’s poor things and let those things that supported him collapse, making him complain about the poison. So greedy, angry, stupid, slow and suspicious of the five poisons, you are together! It’s a pity that you did your best but didn’t count yourself! "
"Xian forgives!" The fox demon shouted until the last moment.
Far away sneered, "If you and I are destined to see each other again, it’s okay to say that you have caused my current achievements, but it’s a pity that we are goodbye. It can be seen that God has decided to take this case!"
"Fairy, forgive me, I hope you will understand that it is not easy for me to practice in the cold and heat for thousands of years!" The fox demon crawled on his knees and begged for help. He didn’t want to resist, but Yang Shenwei forced his roots to give full play.
Far away, "I don’t harm you, but you harm yourself. I’ll send you into the reincarnation and the afterlife, so that you won’t have to hide in Shan Ye and suffer from the hardships. It’s your blessing! However, although you are a person, you have to suffer from the five poisons. This is your new cause and effect. When you got this person, you were greedy, resentful, arrogant, suspicious and obsessed with the five poisons. Go! " With a distant drink, a strange light shines brighter than golden light. Before the eyes of all the ghosts, the cellar seems to have been in the sea, and the distant place shines like sunrise.
Essence Huang Yong and others were taught a face of shame by the distance. At this time, they saw the wonders that were not seen when they were human. They looked up and looked surprised. They didn’t expect this world to have such magical power!
In fact, Chanyuanli’s reincarnation door is not easy, because these people are reincarnation, but they are temporarily blinded by the fox demon. Once they are far away, they will naturally go wherever they say they should go.
The fox demon’s name is folded, and he can’t help but throw a flash of green light and immediately rush to the extreme distance.
Far away, he turned to look at these wobbly ghosts behind him.
At this moment, Huang Yong sighed and gave a ceremony to Yuan Yuan, only then was he thrilling. He touched his heart and took the lead in stepping forward. "I wish everyone in the afterlife would be with me!" " Say that finish "body" a fast melting.
Seeing this scene, the excitement in Essence’s heart is even more firm. The previous step is crisp: "I would like to be in the afterlife!" Say that finish also just look back and throw it in, and soon it will melt cleanly, so this world will be Huang Yong essence again.
Look slightly from a distance, but I know that these two people have different understandings in the end. The oath just now is really a wish for the next life and no jealousy. I hope everyone is better than him. One is the next life and no arrogance, but such an oath is not as good as being a human being.
At this time, Fang Jiaxu floated out and said, "Two young people are so free and easy. I am an old man who died at a damn time. There is really nothing to let go. If I don’t, I will be worried about the afterlife!" Said resolutely step into reincarnation.
The last fat guy was shaking but asked, "Do they all wish to come true?"
Far nodded his head.
A deadly face full of tears immediately cried and shouted, "I would like to have food and clothing in the next life …"
This one is still stubborn. Before he finished speaking, he was suddenly sucked in.
Far away, I laughed, I don’t care about food and clothing, but I am also a pig in the afterlife.
The door of reincarnation is closed instantly, but a few people swear that it is far away, and it is quite a bit far away. For a long time, I left a bunch of things in the cellar fox demon and put it straight into the Lingxi Ring, and then turned into a rainbow light and returned to the Red Chamber in an instant.
Seeing the distance, Chen Kexin opened his eyes wide and said, "What’s the situation?"
Su Chen also said, "What’s going on?"
I should have told the story in detail, but I didn’t expect it to be so tortuous and involve so many stories. I felt a lot of emotion, especially the scene of those ghosts swearing into reincarnation in the end.
Chen Kexin sighed that "people are dying and their words are good."
Su Chen said, "In the end, that guy said it well. I think he will be a big fat pig in the next life."
Gave Suchen a distant look and said, "How do you know?"
Seeing the distance is sure that Suchen is somewhat complacent. "Of course, it was a brainwave."
Chen Kexin’s heart had a brainwave. It seems that Suchen followed Mr. Wang for a long time and was contaminated with a lot of fairy dust. At that time, he couldn’t help but envy some people. However, Chen Kexin has always been fighting for people’s feelings, and this mood will soon disappear and restore calm.