Chen Kexin is still closed and will probably wake up one day. After all, she is not herself and can sit still for a long time without drinking.

Far from Suchen’s "tossing" Chen Kexin in the screen ring, she still looks like a treasure. She doesn’t feel it, but Suchen can’t let it go but enjoys a different taste.
Far away, the body feels quite satisfied, which is better than the original body. There are more and more previously unknown veins, and the mystery of the human body seems to be exhausted.
Knocking at the door is a bit urgent and nervous. "Don’t disturb me, sir." Lan Fenghuang sounded.
Far away "don’t disturb"
Door Lan Fenghuang stepped in.
Feng Yu entered the room. Lan Fenghuang was suddenly a little flustered in the hall. I don’t know what stimulated him, so he lifted his leg.
Far looked at Lan Fenghuang way "why didn’t follow Feng Yu instead? She is a martial artist. "
Lan Fenghuang chuckled "It’s finished" and said that Lan Fenghuang seemed to sit casually in the cane chair far away. "Sir, I’m curious about you!"
Far away, I turned my head and looked at this woman who had a fling. "What’s so curious?"
"Mr. Wang is not an ordinary person."
"Are you? In fact, many people are not ordinary people. "
Lan Fenghuang wrinkled his nose and said, "You smell like a friend of mine in the past!"
"Most people have similarities."
Lan Fenghuang gently shook his head and said, "My friend is very special. He is the only one."
From afar, "it seems that your friend has a lot of weight in your mind."
"It is very weighty." Lan Fenghuang looked up at the balcony. "He is my man."
Nodding far away, he said, "So you just parted?" Far tone a bit cautious at this time far suddenly feel a little fun.
Lan Fenghuang shook his head and said, "Yeah, I don’t think I’ll meet him again."
Far smiled laughed "you never know, you also don’t be so pessimistic! Maybe he is by your side and has never left. "
Lan Fenghuang smiled and laughed. "Say it yourself, sir."
Far "you said I looked like"
Lan Fenghuang eyes reveal a little depressed "Mr Don’t know’ like’ is’ not’? And "Lan Fenghuang smiled slightly." Sir, you should be satisfied. "
Far away, "actually, I am also very curious about Miss Phoenix."
Lan Fenghuang said, "I didn’t dance in bars before."
I think Miss Phoenix’s experience must be very complicated.
Lan Fenghuang "I was a killer before, sir, believe it or not?
Far nodded "possible"
Lan Fenghuang ha ha a smile. This smile is really amorous feelings. "It’s not that serious. It should be said that people walk in rivers and lakes."
Far away, "Guess I heard you were dancing in a bar?"
Lan Fenghuang nodded. "He said he liked watching me dance, so I quit my old job and went to the bar to dance."
Far away, "it doesn’t matter what you do, the key is what you like to do."
"Yes," Lan Fenghuang’s eyes lit up. "You tell him that every time I dance one last dance, I will name it’ Missing’."
"It seems that he is a very memorable man" far smiled.
"It’s very memorable, but he’s not as handsome as you."
Far "thank you for your compliment"
Lan Fenghuang is very serious. "I’m telling the truth. If he was half as good as you, I wouldn’t have let him go. I would have chased him to the ends of the earth."
"Miss Phoenix is joking. I think you must have your reasons."
Lan Fenghuang said, "Maybe."
Speaking of this, Lan Fenghuang was silent. Lan Fenghuang didn’t talk far away, and naturally he didn’t talk. After a while, Lan Fenghuang got up and said, "I should go."
Far away, I got up and said, "Just stay here and believe that you will like it here."
Lan Fenghuang took a long look and looked a bit painful. He frowned and asked, "What’s wrong with you?"