It’s really shocking to hear that the real people who are smiling face display invisibility and flying skills all learn from the magic beggar and haven’t learned from Yang Xiu.

Just now, the smiling face, how fast the invisibility is, how magical it is. He has seen his roots and now he is not.
Even the degree is in the pursuit of evasion, and even the qingluan wings are evenly matched. I didn’t expect that there was a worse one that made him feel a little jealous of whether he could successfully get rid of him and gave birth to some doubts.
Listening to the smiling face, the real person went on to say, "In the magic weapon, he usually has two" eagle claws ",which is why he has made great efforts to refine the famous magic weapon, adding a lot of mithril, meteorite, fine gold and other sharp and hard treasures. Generally, the magic weapon can be broken with one claw, and I also know that his Ding Yi is also a different treasure, and he has not told anyone the specific effect."
"Does he have a name in the field of fix true?" There are many monks who are afraid of the magic beggar stealing gods at the exchange meeting in Xiujian night, so they ask this question.
The smiling face real person "can be regarded as a monk in the same order because of" hiding and jumping ".Therefore, he often steals some repair bags or abode of fairies and immortals with this magical power. Besides, he is second only to the monks in the age of three talents than Gao Xiu, and he will not start work on those monks with thick backgrounds. Therefore, ordinary people can eat Huanglian dumb after being stolen. There is nothing he can do."
Yang Xiu: "Do you know what happened to that piece of blue-flame meteorite in the trade fair just held in jubao floor a few days ago?"
The smiling face was shocked when the real person heard the news. "So you were the wrong that night."
Then it suddenly occurred to him that since now the situation can’t help but shut up and say
"Because of Lin Yifeng’s regulations, we have bought 50,000 pieces of step lingshi at one time, and our stores have to put it on record and keep a note in Lin ‘an City. Therefore, when you bought magnet wood and ghost flame stone in Linglong Pavilion, they noticed it. Then you bought one yuan of heavy water in jubao floor and needed Bi Yan meteorite. Yu Na saw that his hand was generous and just knew that my brother had a Bi Yan meteorite, so this made him take it out for auction and raised the price."
Seeing that this is the case, Yang Xiu has no anger and a faint coldness now.
I feel that I know all about the stealing of the gods by the magic beggar. Yang Xiu said slowly, "I am more interested in your" stealth "and" jumping ".Can you show me these two magic cultivation methods?"
With this kind of avatar, of course, he can’t let go, so he should take a good look at it
"Of course," said the real person with a happy smile. "Enlighten part of my spiritual pulse, and I’ll copy the cultivation method in the jade slips."
Yang Xiu is not afraid of his small movements now. He directly orders Bai Zhi to solve some spiritual veins so that he can transport some spiritual powers.
Smiling face reality restored the ability to act and some reiki immediately moved a hand and then took Bai Zhi and handed him a piece of white jade slips and put them in Yintang for copying. It seems that there is really nothing unusual.
But when Yang Xiu saw this, it was a sneer. In the hands of Gan Kun, a faint light was desperately trying to fly outside. He saw that the green light was a symbol when he swept away the knowledge.
Although he doesn’t know how the smiling face real person just got this operator out, everything in Gankun’s hand is not in his knowledge, so where can he hide it?
Just when the smiling face real person was just fooling around, he felt that there was some aura fluctuation flying out of the other person’s hand, and then after a closer look, it was a message symbol.
But this charm is so special that Bai Zhi didn’t even notice that it was in the hands of Gan Kun if it wasn’t for their prescription. But now,
He didn’t destroy this symbol in a hurry, but ignored it. It flew around in the chaos in the hands of Gan Kun. After being destroyed by the smiling face, the real person noticed that the symbol was desperate and no longer made peace of mind to copy jade slips or make other moves.
Anyway, the operator can’t escape from the palm of his hand in Gankun.
After a while, the smiling face reality finally took the jade slips on the forehead and handed them to Bai Zhi. "The stealth technique and the jump technique are all copied in it."
At the sight of this, Yang Xiu first ordered Zhi to seal the smiling face and sealed it. Only then did Yu Jian move out and watch it for a while. "You can live in it for a while now. There is no problem with the achievement method, and I won’t be difficult for you."
The smiling face of the real person did not like to say "I dare not hide anything."
Yang Xiu a sneer, of course, know that the other party is procrastinating when the operator has gone out, waiting for someone to save him.
He didn’t say that several monks who came to Gankun’s hands again were trapped in the foundation period and put the middle-aged man in bondage. He asked again, "How did you recognize me when I was in the teahouse just now?" This question has been stuck in his mind because I was just worried about Jiman, so I didn’t rush to ask.
"I didn’t do anything but keep an eye on the wind. Please let me go." The middle-aged man spared Yang Xiu as soon as he could, but both his arms were cremated by chaos, so it was a bit funny and scary to move.
"Don’t worry, I’m satisfied with your answer. I won’t tell you anything. How did you recognize me at that time?" For this kind of fear of death, there is also a chance to give him a hope first, so that he can tell the truth
The big fellow said, "I recognized my predecessors because I met them in jubao floor."
"That’s it? Nothing else? " Yang Xiu didn’t expect such a coincidence and asked again.
Middle-aged man "It’s really like this. There’s nothing else. Let me go."
"all right"
The middle-aged man couldn’t help but be overjoyed when he heard it, but when he said thank you, he suddenly felt dizzy and then went into a coma.
Yang Xiu threw the middle-aged man to the fog-controlling spirit beast, thinking of letting you go is not only to make you feel no pain, but also to be right for you.
Outside Jiman’s rented house, Yu Na stole from the magic beggar. "Brother Zuo disappeared here, right?" See the magic beggar steal gloomy way "yes".
"Didn’t the female monk have a late base and didn’t see her with other associates? How could the left brother and his brothers disappear without any noise? Could it be that he escaped from the monopoly because he found some natural treasures in the hands of that female monk? " Yu na doubt way
The magic beggar stole the gods and was not angry with Yu Na for saying this about his younger brother. "It should not be that I am around this room twenty feet away. There are ten holes with appropriate sizes, like some kind of flag array inserted, and the traces of the left five permanent members are still in this range. Obviously, someone else suddenly appeared to stop the left five permanent members."
"Isn’t that female student as simple as it seems?" Yu na frown way
"She spent hundreds of thousands of lingshi as a monk in the construction period these days, of course, it won’t be simple." The magic thief sneered.
Na wondered, "Where did you let Brother Zuo come?"
The Devil Steals God wry smile way: "Although I guessed it was not simple, I tracked her for a few days, and now she is alone without other monks and saw that she lives in the mortal area, so this will make Zuo Wuchang come unnoticed, but I didn’t know that she was so hidden, but she took Zuo Wuchang away unnoticed." Yu Na said: "I have asked the" shadow "and all the rented houses in Lin ‘an City have not reproduced the trace of the female monk as if they had disappeared."
The magic beggar can’t help but frown deeply. "I also felt a trace of the left five permanent members through the secret method. If I want him in Wan Li at ordinary times, I can feel him. But this time, there is no response at all, which makes people understand that the jade brand of his soul has not been broken. Obviously, it has not been killed by the other party. But in such a short time, besides those monks who are in the right period, who can take people to Wan Li? If it is really a monk in the right period, where will it be so troublesome to take him? Even if you answer it, you will kill the door. "
The magic beggar can’t figure out how to steal the gods, and where does Na know to be silent?
The magic beggar stole the gods and sighed, "But he still has a precious charm. Since he has nothing to do, I hope he can get a chance to come out, but he is mostly run."
Yu na see their brothers are not very close at two o’clock, but there will still be some worries at the key moment, and I don’t know how to comfort and change the subject at the moment.
"To say that there are a lot of big traders in Lin ‘an City, let alone this female monk, it’s nothing. The monk who bought you Bi Yan meteorite iron has spent nearly a million lingshi, and a masked monk who can block God’s knowledge can’t just exchange Dan medicine, not to mention buying so many materials, which has aroused a lot of monks’ hearts. If it is not unclear about their identity and repair, they will have already started work."
The magic beggar stole the gods lightly. "Anyway, it’s not only the ordinary monks who have never saved so many stones, especially the masked man who can’t see clearly and can take out so many elixirs at the same time, and all of them have been used for thousands of years, even if they are Daimon Masaru’s aristocratic brothers, so their identity can’t be asked."
"All right, let’s go. We can’t see anything from here."
In the next few days, Yang Xiu couldn’t study the "invisibility" and "body art" in the jade slips every time he copied them to the smiling face real person. It was too fulfilling to ask the smiling face real person if there was anything wrong.
It’s been a long time since I came to smile. When I saw someone coming to save him, I knew that I had an accident and I was completely dead.
When Yang Xiuji learned about these two spells, there would be no real person with a smiling face, so he asked Bai Zhi to search him again to see if he was hiding anything.
I didn’t expect to know a lot of information in this way, especially in Lin’ an city, and I imagined that it would be even more miscellaneous to make Yang Xiuhou more alert.
He didn’t directly kill the smiling face real people, but kept them like the middle-aged man for the evolution of the fog-controlled soul beast. Over the years, the fog-controlled soul beast has been parasitic, and its growth is not slow, which is just cheaper than since these people hit it themselves.
When I came to Yang Xiu, I concentrated on practicing stealth and diving.
Invisibility can make people disappear in front of others. If the other person’s knowledge is not too much higher than yours, he will not notice it even if it is displayed in front of him.
However, there is still a disadvantage of stealth, that is, it can make the spell unable to move too fast or it will show its shape.
However, it is said that there is no such restriction on the complete achievement method of the Devil Stealing God, which makes Yang Xiu feel moved. Imagine if the two sides can’t see the other side when fighting. What will happen?
The jump technique is a flying skill, not to mention it. I heard that the complete skill is not only faster, but also can produce several illusions the same as myself to paralyze the enemy at the same time.
If we practice jumping to a high depth, not only will we produce more phantoms, but these phantoms can’t even see through half of the gods. It’s really amazing.
This kind of achievement method is not unique, but the magic beggar steals the gods and somehow obtains these two specific effects. The magic beggar steals the gods and the smiling face is known by others, but now many ordinary monks in Yang Xiu know that the magic beggar steals the gods faster than the monks of the same order.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Auction
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Auction
Cai Xuan came to Yang Xiu again a month later.
Although I know that this fair has nothing to do with Sancaizong, the risk of finding the Qingming Crystal as soon as possible is still worth taking. Moreover, no one has come to call him for such a long time, and some people know that the smiling face has fallen into his hand, so it is not dangerous to pretend that it should be as usual in a short time.
Yang Xiu followed Cai Xuan sleep turned out to be, to the edge of the mortal area.
Although surprised, he also asked what to do and silently followed her to the humble and shabby hut.