"What did you say!" Bian Shi just stopped crying and couldn’t help staying.

Li’s eyes are firm. "Come back to the village with me!"
Hearing this, Bian Shi’s heart has been captured by Li She, and her hands are around Li She’s neck. Her tearful eyes kissed Li She deeply and gave Li She the best answer.
In the middle of the night, lonely men and few women sharing the same room, plus affection, it is reasonable to say that the two of them will definitely play with fire, but someone pulled back from the brink and it was not Bian Shi but Li She.
Li and Bian Shi have long been undressed and caressed each other in each other’s bodies, which is also the last step.
Li She suddenly stopped and stretched out her tongue and saliva in Bian Shi’s small mouth. The picture was very erosive.
"What’s the matter with Li Lang?" Crazy in love Bian Shi kissed Li She and said.
"I can’t do this!" Li got up and left Bian Shi’s seductive body and said that he would dress and leave.
"Boo hoo!" Bian Shi sat up and took Li’s dressing hand and sobbed.
Candlelight Bian Shi’s perfect posture is more charming and confusing in the candlelight. Crying at this time will add a sense of abuse to people. Li She needs to shift her mind when facing the roof, or something will happen sooner or later.
When the flame in my heart subsided a little, I leaned over and gently wiped away Bian Shi’s tears and said, "Why is Bian Niang crying?"
"You bad guy! Do you dislike that I am a geisha, but I don’t sell myself! Woo hoo! " Bian Shi lightly lamented Li’s shoulder and cried and said that he was very wronged and pitiful
"ouch!" Li involved in pretending to be hurt by Bian Shi, lying in bed with a ghost howling made Bian Shi immediately stop crying and said, "Did you hit the wound?" Sorry! "
Li Sheha ha a smile to hold Bian Shi in his arms and roll around in bed. He sniffed a Bian Shi fragrance and said, "How can I dislike you? You have to believe me. I really like you, but I don’t want to break your body now. I want to marry you before I want you." After that, I looked at lying on my chest and stared at myself affectionately. Bian Shi kissed me heavily until both of them blushed and could not breathe.
Li She gently stroked Bian Shi’s smooth back and then gently moved Bian Shi to the bed, sat up and was about to leave, but was pulled by amorous Bian Shi’s bright and clean jade arm. See Bian Shi’s lips slightly parted. "Now it’s getting late, Li Lang will rest here."
Hearing this, Li’s nose was slightly feverish, which may be another fire. He looked at his body and refused, "I can’t stand it!"
"Nothing, I have an idea!" After that, Li She couldn’t lie on the bed with her charming body to put out the candle. Before the candle was put out, the seductive posture echoed in Li She’s heart. Li She really couldn’t stand it. She looked at the posture like white jade in the dark and said, "What can I do!"
Bian Shi seems to be very shy and doesn’t answer. Covering the brocade quilt together, two people’s jade hands stroking Li’s chest and causing Li to become more and more hot. Does Li really want to cook rice with uncooked rice?
"ouch!" Li She suddenly howled. It turned out that Bian Shi’s jade hand suddenly slipped and went directly to Li She, who was in trouble with Li She, and repeatedly said with pleasure, "You are so kind, Bian Niang!"
Bian Niang still didn’t answer. Instead, she shrank her head into the brocade quilt. In a short time, Li She suddenly felt that she was surrounded by warmth and yelled directly. "Ahhh! !”
Li She’s terrible screams echoed everywhere in the courtyard. Fortunately, people were already asleep and not awakened, otherwise Li She didn’t know how to face others.
Early the next day, the little tune of Happy Hum of the Mothers came to the door of Bian Shi’s house, slightly surprised, thinking, Why didn’t Sister Bian get up before she was all earlier than me? The hand gently pushed the door and actually hit it slightly, because the door lock had already been damaged by Li She. From the crack of the door, Yunniang saw the bed and slept naked. They were probably too tired to wake up.
Panicked, the mother immediately ran away from the door, and her heart was in a state of indecision. Sister Bian has a man. Am I going to marry this man, too?
The scene of the year suddenly emerged in the heart of the mother.
"I like Sister Bian so much that I want to be with Sister Bian forever!" Niang hug Bian Shi coquetry said.
"Silly girl, if you want to get married, I want to get married. How can we be together?" Bian Shi also pinched a little Joan nose.
"I don’t! I’m going to drink with Sister Bian. It’s a big deal that Sister Bian and I marry the same man! " A sudden whim
"Ha ha ha! Getting married is a big deal. You are joking! " Bian Shi has spoken.
"What not? I like" bian elder sister also like us together is not very good? Just say yes, Sister Bian! " Mother’s head dawdled directly, and Bian Shi’s jade neck provoked Bian Shi to laugh.
"Well, if that’s the case, of course I will promise! I can’t bear to part with you, girl! " Bian Shi said.
"Really, let’s pull the hook!" Mother stretched out her little hand and said with an eyebrow eye smile
"I’m counting on you to pull the hook!"
Say two jade hand spring onion fingers tightly hooked together.
Chapter 40 Another universe
No matter what worries the mother, Li She also woke up slightly at this time and looked at her arms. Bian Shi slowly moved to the bed and then helped Bian Shi to dress himself and went out.
Zhou Cang and Li Zhuang are already ready to wash up. Li She came to the gate together. Wang Rui also made some efforts to retain her, but Li She’s made up her mind and said nothing.
Zhou Cang Li Zhuang left head-on, but Li She remained motionless, which made Li Zhuang Zhou Cang very wrong. Li Zhuang looked back and asked, "What happened to my younger brother?"
"What else can I do? I miss my mistress! " Zhou Cang has always been a blabbermouth.
Wang Rui was also very surprised and said, "Brother, do you need any help? You can rest assured that Wang Rui will help you solve it. We are friends for life!"
"Thank you, Mr. Wang. I just want to be here." Li seems to have some words that I don’t know how to say.
Actually, Li She said this. It’s good to let Wang Rui go with him. It’s also true that Li She is a little reluctant to let Li She greet each other at the gate. Before you know it, it’s almost late. Li She hasn’t gone yet.