"No" Ma Liang shook his head, which saved me the trouble of explaining the embarrassment when I met with the woman. Su Yu Yao helped him solve a difficult problem and should thank her. Ma Liang also knew about himself and Xia Xue.

"You are really a bad guy. Sooner or later, you will suffer." Su Yuyao said this, and then he lost his mind without knowing what he was thinking.
The motorcycle slowly followed Su Yuyao and found himself a little fond of this feeling. Holding people and thinking nothing, it was surrounded by green mountains and pure wind.
When it was getting dark, Huang just closed the shop. When he saw such a big car full of food, his eyes almost popped out. That smile was self-evident.
"I’ll come to two dog’s old place later, brother, and you will follow me. I’ll come by bike later." Huang was particularly excited.
Huang’s home is not far away. When she arrived, she found a woman feeding her children. She looked pretty, mainly dressed in fashion and in good shape. Is this Huang’s wife who really can’t see that she always feels very out of tune with Huang?
Two dog got off the bus and got off. Ma Liang also helped, leaving Su Yuyao with nothing to do. Finally, he decided to help. As a result, his hand was loosened and a dish was broken.
"Miss Su, it is enough for you to rest the two of us." Ma Liang quickly said that this is all money.
She looked on.
Huang also rode his bike in a hurry, teasing the children first.
"Have you eaten or not? It’s no use taking a bite," Huang said.
"I haven’t finished this house in advance and I’m waiting." Ma Liang politely refused.
"That’s fine." Huang launched a platform scale and got a frame. That woman is really his wife. Let him eat first and she will weigh it.
Su Yu Yao is a little curious. This woman is really particular about how to look at Huang, and this woman is considerate and doesn’t look like the kind of person who is served.
I got a few scales back and forth, a total of more than 140 kilograms, which is more than 3,000 pieces.
"Daughter-in-law, go get him some money and get him 2.5 thousand."
"Sister-in-law is very virtuous" Ma Liang said casually.
"Do you want to know the secret recipe?" Huang hey hey smiled and patted him on the shoulder.
"What secret recipe" Su Yuyao was curious and asked.
"This kind of thing is not convenient for Miss Su to tell a woman." Then Huang said in Ma Liang’s ear that Ma Liang nodded and understood.
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19 Su Yuyao Xinyi
Later, the children came out with money. Ma Liang paid a deposit of 1,000 yuan before adding 1,250 yuan, a full 3,500 yuan.
"Get some cucumbers next time, and I’ll see if I can raise the price. After all, the output of cucumbers is lower." Huang said, calculating that in the long run, he was credited with money again. It seems that he met the god of wealth
"That line I walked first" Ma Liang carefully put away the money with Su Yuyao left.
"Tell me what he said to you" Su Yuyao so bold in Ma Liang ear said that her heart has been very curious.
"I said you must scold me" Ma Liang shook his head.
"Don’t scold you for what you are." Su Yuyao is a little spoiled.
"He said that if a man really wants to make a woman obedient, he has to have a good bed. When a woman relaxes, she will naturally listen." Ma Liang conveyed the original words.
"Smelly rascal" Su Yuyao spat and turned red.
"You said don’t scold" Ma Liang feels that women are really fickle.
Su Yuyao did not do it, but she thought about what it was like to really do it with a man. She was still a real virgin, and even if I secretly played with myself, I was definitely different from a man.
If it’s the same as what I said, there is still some truth in Ah Huang’s words. I wonder how Ma Liang is doing in this respect.
What made you think of him?
Directly to Zhou Ruotong’s shop, she seems to have come back with an injection, and the improvement is much better than before. It is not surprising to see Ma Lianglai smile.
"Sister Tong, I’ve brought you a meal. Eat it while it’s hot." Ma Liang handed the chicken soup and rice.
She accepted "You go in and sit, I’ll come in later"
There is no place to sit outside, which is really a trouble.
Su Yu Yao said good morning to Zhou Ruotong and followed him in, but she still had some bad feelings about this woman, mainly because of the toilet thing that night, and she felt as if she had deliberately given Ma Liang a chance.
"Is there anything else?" Su Yuyao asked Ma Liang.
"She said I had to lend her two thousand dollars." Ma Liang answered truthfully.
"You’re silly. She’s almost healed now. Why do you need so much money?" Su Yuyao felt uncomfortable.