Baldheaded staring at Yu Lin for a long time, Yu Lin and Mao Mao moved closer to Haikui and reached for Haikui’s sleeve.

Haikui looked bad and said coldly to the bald head, "It’s impolite of you to stare at a girl like this!"
Bald eyes glanced at Haikui. "I didn’t look at you again!"
Another self-proclaimed grandfather is not a good bird at first sight!
The bald man looked at Yu Lin a few more times and then turned to ask the strong man with a black face, "Are you beaten because of this little fairy?"
Haikui frowned slightly. Why did he hate being called Lin Yuxian? I just feel that he can’t be called by others. Haikui feels that he has no motive. Everyone else has impure motives.
The strong man with a black face nodded and said, "It was me who beat me black and blue just because I talked to this little girl!" "
Haikui fumed, "You are full of foul language, and now you talk lightly!"
The strong man stared at his eyes and his eyes were flawed, which meant "I always like to play a joke on beautiful women."
Haikui said coldly, "Are you kidding?"
The bald man reached out and interrupted Haikui. "All right!"
Bald and cold-faced, he said to Haikui, "I don’t want to hear you say that I have judgment ability, but I need to know something first. You little girl should go with me first so that I can know something!"
Said the bald man, reaching for Yu Lin’s arm!
Yu Lin dodged for a while.
As soon as the bald head is light, I will continue to stretch out my hand to catch the strong man with a black face and bruises behind me and say, "Didn’t Big Brother agree to take it out on me? Do I like women or me?"
The bald man turned his head and said, "You didn’t say that this little girl is so beautiful. I’ll play for a while and I’ll give it back to you when I’m tired of playing!" "
Chapter 414 Star Inn
Haikui cold hum a has been killed.
Challenge him again and again. He doesn’t respect women at all. He treats women as playthings and animals!
Haikui turned to HuYan and said, "Brother HuYan’s broadsword is sharp, but I hope to lend it to my brother. Besides, Yemou doesn’t want to get into trouble with Brother HuYan. Let’s leave immediately after today’s incident!"
Huyan and understand Haikui’s meaning, especially Haikui’s murderous look. This hunter who has been in the mountains all the year round can feel it, and the dog beside him is also aware of the murderous look and hums.
HuYan and saw the bald several people handed HaiKui broadsword pick.
Haikui reached out and took it and pushed Yu Lin to Huyan and "I hope Brother Huyan will take care of my sister!"
Huyan and nod "make!"
The bald man didn’t care when he saw Haikui holding a knife. Haha laughed. "You have the guts to cut grandpa with a knife. I haven’t seen you kill someone with a knife in broad daylight!"
"You will see it today!" Haikui said coldly
Bald with a few people don’t believe it, showing disdain.
However, the strong man with black eyes and bruises was somewhat afraid to stretch out his hand and draw a sabre from his companion’s waist and watch Haikui cautiously.
The bald man spat "You fucking …" when he saw Haikui still pretending.
After saying his word, Haikui pulled the knife to the bald head and a long mouth of blood gushed out from the belly to the chest.
Haikui said coldly, "I want to cut your tongue and cut you to pieces, but my heart is merciful and I don’t want you to be tortured and die to give you a good time!"
At the sound of Haikui’s knife, he looked at the bald head, neck, huge head and tumbled to the ground, and the blood soared out of his body and fell to the ground directly.
Meng bald with a few people at a loss eyes stare rolling.
"ah!" When I screamed, the passers-by around me didn’t know who shouted, and everyone around me reacted and flashed away.
The strong man shivered with a knife hand and his heart trembled. When he made a determined effort, he suddenly rushed towards Haikui with a knife.
Haikui greeted him with a knife. When a strong man didn’t like the embroidered knife, it was actually broken by Haikui’s machete.
Haikui flew up and kicked the strong man with a staggered knife, and when the snow rang, the strong man’s head fell
Baldheaded with a few people to see the boss and the strong man were killed, where is the meaning of revenge and ran away without a trace?
HuYan and see HaiKui killed the bald man and the strong man. They just took a breath and didn’t hesitate to look at HaiKui and said, "Brother, let’s go soon. There will be officers and men coming!"
Haikui rubbed a knife on the strong man’s clothes and handed it to Huyan and took Yu Lin for a few quick steps and said, "Brother Huyan, thank you if you have a chance!"
Pull Yu Lin and walk away.
HuYan and also put the knife away and quickly disappeared into a red earth.
Yu Lin hasn’t come out of the shock yet. Haikui pulled her. She just followed Haikui’s consciousness. She’s a little confused now. In her cognition, Ye Sheng is a man she loves. He is gentle, kind and lovely.