Chapter 33 Go to see my grandparents

Han Wenxuan stopped Haikui and said to Haikui, "You sleep there, I sleep here," she pointed to the other side of Yiyi and said,
Haikui was a little dizzy at once, looking at Han Wenxuan, wondering what hint she had.
Han Wenxuan saw Haikui stupidly and said, "You have to be familiar with Yiyi. After I leave, you have to sleep with her. She is still young and can’t sleep alone. Of course, if your mother likes it, it is best for her to sleep with your mother."
Haikui this just Bai Han asked Xuan meaning, he nodded, "well, I’m going to wash my face, brush my teeth and wash my feet."
He was very willing in his heart. Although it was a little sudden, Haikui felt close to them.
After Haikui finished washing, Han Wenxuan simply washed one. They were lying beside Yiyi in their clothes. Haikui couldn’t sleep, looking up at the ceiling, thinking too many things, but instead of knowing what to think, he felt that his brain was white.
Han Wenxuan put his hands flat on his abdomen and looked up at the ceiling as well. His mind was in chaos, and he didn’t know where to start.
This night, I breathed, and even the world outside the window seemed to be well-advised and silent.
Haikui doesn’t know when she closed her eyes slowly. When he opened them, there was a light outside the window, which seemed to be just now.
He sat up slowly and turned around to see Han Wenxuan looking at him with his eyes open, but Yiyi still slept soundly.
"Didn’t you sleep?" Haikui asked softly.
"Can’t sleep," Han Wenxuan replied softly.
Haikui lightened up and walked outside. Han Wenxuan also got up and followed him. The two of them went out of the room.
At the end of the corridor, there is a window facing the morning sun, and Haikui stops to watch.
After a few minutes, Haikui said, "Now that you have promised me, don’t worry about things this month, stay with Yiyi and have a happy time."
Han Wenxuan nodded,
When there was no darkness, the sky lit up completely, and one morning came, and there were already people in the street and dogs barking suddenly.
Haikui glanced at his face and said, "I’m going to buy rice, so go back and stay with Yiyi."
"Well, don’t buy it for me, just buy it for Yiyi," Han Wenxuan said and turned back to the guest room.
Haikui watched Han Wenxuan’s back disappear before he went to sit on the stairs.
It was not until today that Li Qianhai-kui closed his eyes that his thoughts became clearer. He thought a lot, but on the whole, he knew that he had to upgrade if he wanted to protect his family, and he was now facing the biggest threat, Huanglong.
This Huanglong is the younger brother of Wu Zun, a martial sect in the celestial world, and the god of Zhou Lin.
When searching Zhou Lin’s memory, Haikui learned that he had a little feud with Donghua people, but this feud was not enough for Haikui to be valued by Huanglong. The real reason was that Haikui saw from Zhou Lin’s memory that Huanglong colluded with the magic way, encroached on other people’s celestial resources, stole the souls of all beings and refined several avatars to achieve permanent longevity. In addition, he brutally killed his other disciples and planted the blame. Although he was a famous master in the celestial world, he even despised the magic way for his bad deeds.
He is a fake king, not even a real villain.
Sohaikui concluded that Huanglong would send someone to kill him,
However, Haikui is not too worried now, because he is not finished enough to attract Huanglong’s attention, even ants are not, but Haikui knows that he can’t take it lightly and must find a way to upgrade as soon as possible, not only for himself but also for his family.
Especially now that I am reunited with my parents, Han Wenxuan and Yiyi need his care.
Haikui thought as he walked, his fist clenched tightly,
He can’t soar,
This is the way out for Haikui. He needs to suppress it and let the celestial qi method sense him.
There will be a soaring man, and after he reaches the realm of soaring, there will be an apocalypse arrival to test whether he can pass.
Haikui knows that he must not soar casually, or he will be killed by Huanglong before he enters the immortal pool, which will definitely attract Huanglong’s attention.
Haikui thought as he walked, and his expression was serious, which frightened the children who passed by him, and some adults frowned at him.
Haikui felt abnormal, looked up and found that people around him had strange eyes, as if he were a terrorist. When his heart was shaking, he found himself inadvertently breathing out, and coercion frightened ordinary people.
He hurriedly convergence breath, quickly leave,
I bought soybean milk and fried dough sticks, which is the common people who eat breakfast most often, and returned to the hotel with it. All the way, Haikui wondered if Yiyi would not like to eat these things. It seems that her mother gives her original ecological food every day.
Back to the guest room, Yiyi has woken up, Han Wenxuan has finished washing with her, Haikui handed the breakfast in the past, and he was very happy to watch Yiyi eat it happily.
Haikui was watching Yiyi eat, and his face moved. He got up and walked aside, took out the words in his pocket, and showed that it was Wu Yidan.
With the previous experience, Haikui no longer put the words in the bag, and the root of the bag could not receive the signal.
Hai Kui picked up the words and asked, "General Manager Wu, what’s the matter?"
Wu Yidan seemed relieved to hear Hai Kui’s voice and said, "Hai Zong, can Duan Lao believe it? I’m going to pick a stone today."
When Haikui heard that she was still struggling with this problem, Nai said, "I told you, if I lose it, it’s me. Don’t worry and buy it boldly."
Wu Yidan didn’t want to pay for it again, saying, "Although it’s your money, I should be more cautious. This is my chance to make a comeback. If I lose it again, I feel even worse."
Haikui said in surprise, "If you go to be a gambler, everyone who gambles with you will die."
Wu Yidan Haikui laughed at her bad luck and said discontentedly, "Then you still need to find me."
Haikui is really this woman. "Wu Yidan, you played poker as soon as you came. If you don’t pay for it, you have an entrepreneurial heart, but you didn’t sum up your experience. I’m surprised. You don’t have a big chest. When you first bought the original stone, you didn’t know the old section, so you bought all the money. Now I’ll give you one million, so you can’t buy fifty thousand dollars first.
Wu Yidan suddenly said over there, "Yes, why am I suddenly so confused?"
Haikui looked back at Han Wenxuan’s mother and daughter, and didn’t want to talk to Wu Yidan more. "I’ll talk to Lao Duan and ask him to introduce you to the financial personnel in this field as soon as possible. If you have nothing to do, he will definitely give you a lot of advice. Don’t be confused by yourself. It’s not a day when you can call alone. Ask others for advice and don’t make a decision on striking the table."
Wu Yidan nodded over there and said, "I’m white. Thank you. I find I’m inadequate."
Haikui hung up and saw that Yiyi had not finished eating. He quickly dialed a message to Lao Duan and told him to introduce a reliable person to Wu Yidan as soon as possible.
Hang up the old paragraph, Haikui thought, I have to refine some Dan medicine as soon as possible, and when it takes a lot of money to collect Dan medicine materials, he plans to go to the trading star to buy it, but now he doesn’t have many Lingshi in his hand.
However, Haikui did have many monty demons refining green and white Dan, and he ate some white Dan and learned many spells, some of which Haikui thought could fetch a good price.
When he thought of this, he planned to go to Trading Star, turned to look at Yiyi and said with a smile, "Is Yiyi full?"
Yiyi put the last bite of fried dough sticks in her mouth, picked up the paper and wiped her fingers, saying, "I’m full."
Haikui laughed. "Then let’s go see our grandparents."
Yiyi turned to look at Han Wenxuan strangely,
Han Wenxuan gently rubbed her hair. "Well, it’s mom and dad, and you will live with them later. Aren’t you envious of those children having parents and grandparents?"
Yiyi bowed her head and said nothing.