Eagle old thought for a while and added, "Oh, what’s the cloud like?" Is there any progress? "

When the young man heard this, Nai shook his head. "This stinking woman is incompatible with water and fire, and she can’t get along with some money. I ran to the Golden Emperor to send flowers to ask her out. She never really looked at me. Later, she sent someone to tell me not to bother her again if there was no business. Later, I approached her by doing business, but she always sent someone to meet me. Mom was so angry."
The eagle growled, "Where’s your usual spirit of playing with women and soaking horses? Even a little woman can’t stand it?"
The young man showed a little chafing. "Grandpa, you also know that most of the women I usually pick up like me. If money is like a cloud, I am so rich …"
Eagle Road: "You just hold your horses, it’s about people. You have to influence her slowly. Give me your usual game flowers. If you want to marry her, you will marry Jinshan and go home. Our Tianying gang will lead the Z underworld again." Say that finish, the face is full of excitement and ferocious color.
The young man thought that if the cloud is beautiful and the wealth is high, he suddenly thought of the busy way. "Grandpa, I found it a bit strange. I made a clear investigation of the cloud, but I just don’t know where she got so much money." I sent someone to the bank to check and found that all postings were secret but not illegal, but I couldn’t find anything of value in this way. What worried me most was that Yunruo frankly said in front of reporters the other day that she had a boyfriend and her relationship was extremely stable. "
The eagle’s face flashed a trace of worry. "How much do you know about Yunruo’s current situation?"
The young man said one leng, "It’s very partly cloudy. If a lot of things are confidential, even where she lives, few people know. I sent someone to check Yunre’s specific address these days. It is estimated that there will be news soon."
Eagle smiled. "It’s good to know where she lives. If you have something to do at ordinary times, go to court more to increase your impression in her mind. By the way, send more people to observe where she lives. It is necessary to find out her so-called boyfriend."
Paused and then said, "If she is someone else’s mistress, it doesn’t matter if she is a mistress. Money is rarely the love. If you want to capture her from your feelings, a business genius like Yun Ruore can bring you a golden mountain back if she really has a boyfriend. This kind of strong woman is often stupid in her feelings. Once she is emotional, it will be much more difficult for you to win love in an horizontal knife."
The young man said coldly, "If she really has a boyfriend, I will make this guy disappear." The voice was cruel and cold.
The eagle gave him a favorable look, closed his eyes and raised his spirits. The young man stopped talking and focused on the car.
Du Lian’s dream car has returned to Zifeng Department-Century Mall, which is a well-known mall in downtown Z. Now it is the main economic source of Zifeng Gang. In recent years, Zifeng Gang has gradually bleached, but it is still quite powerful, just like Chu Tianlong. Zifeng Gang is also rich and powerful, which is why Tianying and Black Evil Gang are in awe of it.
The two women went back to the manager’s office, Du Lian’s heart, and silently said to Shui Yue all the way, "Shui Yue, what do you think of this?"
Hidden thought for a moment and asked, "Are you also interested in the Hu family thing?" The sound is charming, but there seems to be something missing. That’s right! A little less respectful to our company.
Du Lian’s heart didn’t mind pouring two glasses of wine and handing it to Shui Yue for a shallow drink. "It’s not that I’m interested in that thing, it’s that your boss is interested in that thing."
Hidden a frown stunned way "night elder sister! ? She will be interested in this thing? "
Du Lian heart charming smile "this is the night elder sister personally told me that if you are not the night elder sister cronies, I won’t tell you about it."
Shui asked, "Sister Ye wants this picture dry? She is already very rich. "
Du Lian heart way "I listen to the night elder sister tone seems to know something about this map represents, she seems to be to give this thing to a person, I don’t know the specific"
Paused and added, "Hidden later, you go and decorate it. Pick a few people to study the unity with Skyhawk Black Man. By the way, if ChuYuJuan is kidnapped, you are responsible for protecting her. I have met this girl several times and I don’t want to offend ChuTianLong. This time, I wouldn’t want to go to this muddy water if Sister Ye told me." There is quite a contempt for Skyhawk Black Man in the tone.
"Okay, I know." Shui nods.
Du Lian took out Pin Ho’s heart and sent someone to take a candid photo of Rick Fang. "And this handsome silver-haired Sanda master, you should also check and know yourself and get in the way."
Shui picked up the photo and studied it carefully but didn’t speak.
Du Lian heart one leng jiao laughs "what’s the matter? Shui Yue sees people’s parents handsome and tempted? "
Hidden ignored her jokingly refers to a shot in the hand photo way "this person …? Sister Xin, you’d better contact Sister Ye as soon as possible. Let’s go and see her as soon as possible. "
Du Lian heart surprised way "see night elder sister? ? Is there a problem? Is there anything wrong with this silver-haired boy? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Hidden Qiao face flashed a worried way, "I’m worried that he is the one I know."
Du Lian was puzzled by her and asked, "Do you mean you know him?"
Hidden chuckled, "If I knew him, it would be much simpler. It’s a pity." Hidden sighed slightly and then said, "You also know that I have an organization with Sister Ye in our department that adopts many orphans who have received special training since childhood, and I am one of them."
Shui Shui said that her beautiful eyes were slightly closed here, and her pretty face showed a little warmth. It seems that she thought of some heart things. "I belong to the Bodyguard Group of the Budo Department. Our group selects some outstanding team members every year to protect the senior cadres of the company, and the best ones are said to have been protecting several most important people over the years. The chairman, the couple, Miss Yu, Miss Feng and others are said to have a silver-haired man. I am worried that this student is this person."
Du Lian was slightly dazed. "This student’s surname is Fang. If he told you that the silver-haired man was one person, would he be the mysterious grandfather of Fang Tuan?"
Shui shook his head and said, "It’s definitely not that our general manager has been studying abroad, but it’s definitely not ordinary people who can make the best team members protect people so vigorously. I think we should ask Sister Ye to identify him first. If Rick Fang is the silver-haired man, don’t say that you and I are Sister Ye, and I’m afraid I can’t touch him."
Du Lian’s heart was frightened to disgrace. Obviously, she didn’t expect Rick Fang’s situation to be so complicated, because she knew that Shui has always been not talking nonsense and no longer hesitated to quickly dial up the words.
In the evening, a red sports car in the luxury villa residential area on the outskirts of Z was released after a complicated identification when passing by the guard. The sports car entered the community and slowly stopped in front of a villa. Two beautiful women came to the car, but it was Du Lianxin and Shui Yue.
Two women walked to the front of the gate and paused for a moment. They went straight into the villa, crossed the garden swimming pool and walked to the front of the villa hall. A middle-aged woman dressed as a servant was waiting outside the door. When they entered the corner of her mouth, she smiled and bowed slightly. "Please come with me, two ladies. Miss Stuart is waiting for two people in the living room." When the front leads the way, she leads them into the luxurious living room.
There is a woman sitting on the sofa in the large living room. This woman is about twenty-six or seven kinds of almond eyes and peach cheeks. She is beautiful in a silk robe, half-transparent and short to her knees, revealing a piece of glittering and translucent jade, pink and tender legs. She is lazy and half-lying on the sofa. She seems to have just bathed and her fluffy hair is scattered on the Zhang Yanli jade face. She has an indescribable charm, sexy and delicate jade hand with a goblet gently shaking scarlet and blood wine. She is carefree and listening to the floor-to-ceiling sound, and she sees two women come and gently nod her head.
At this time, another maid quietly retired from the living room after carrying two cups of hot tea.
"Go ahead, what’s up?" The woman spoke in a charming tone.
"Oh, that’s right." Du Lian’s heart roughly told the story today. Stuart listened at night and the jade face remained the same.
Then two women told them about Rick Fang for a night, and beautiful eyes flashed a special splendor and asked, "What’s the name of this young man with silver hair? Do you have a picture of him? Show me. "
"His name is Rick Fang, a freshman at Z University," Shuiyue said while handing photos.
Stuart night smell speech tiny one zheng mouth peep out one silk subtle banter smile with a smile in her eyes, stretched out his hand and took the photo carefully studied the two women eagerly looked at her.
After a long time, Stuart night withdrew his line of sight from the photo, and his fingers gently circled the bottom of the cup. The corners of his mouth were smiling and he couldn’t say how charming and moving he was, which made Shui Du look a little stunned.
Fingers gently fixed finger played a cup of noodles to detain a ding ran a brittle want to wake up in a daze water du two people.
Stuart evening dress didn’t see two people a little embarrassed because of shyness. He smiled gently and said to them, "I know this man. He and Chu Tianlong shouldn’t have. Oh, by the way, did you check Rick Fang and Chu Yujuan? If it’s good, you can tell Hu Zhe that the Zifeng gang has withdrawn from this operation and that we have to secretly send someone to protect Chu Yujuan from the map. We’ll find another way. If Rick Fang doesn’t talk to ChuYuJuan or generally, it will go on as usual, but don’t provoke him. "
Shuiyue couldn’t help asking, "Who is this young man, Sister Ye?" Du Lian heart also looked at night elder sister with a face of curiosity.
Stuart night laughed "shui must be you doubt the identity of the Rick Fang before you come to me in a hurry with lian heart? Wrong novel network many words "
Hidden nodded and exclaimed, "Is he …"
Stuart night gave interrupted her words "that’s just your guess. In fact, things are far from as simple as you think" and turned to Du Lian’s heart "Lian Xin, you don’t have any opinions. Because Rick Fang’s identity is a secret for the time being, it’s not convenient for me to disclose it. It’s not that I don’t tell you, but I don’t take you as an outsider."
Du Lian’s heart heard the news and said, "Lian Xin dare not say that you have your own reasons. How can I think about it?"
Stuart laughed at night. "That’s good. By the way, you just said that Hu Zhe intends to kidnap Chu Yujuan and coerce Chu Tianlong to spit things out. What are his conditions?"
Du Lian said, "He said he would give each gang one million dollars after the job was done."
Stuart night nodded and said, "One million dollars is not too small. It seems that thing can’t be wrong with me. Have you checked the bottom of Hu Zhe carefully?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Du Lian said, "I know he is a Chinese-American who came to Z city three years ago. Now Tianfu Hotel has made great achievements in recent years. He is also engaged in catering industry in the United States."
Stuart night smile got up and went to his bedroom and took a file cover. He went back to the sofa and handed the bag to Du Lian’s heart. "There is information about him since he was a child."
Du Lian’s heart took it, and she paid more attention to the night sister. The night sister added, "I have read his file, but there is nothing wrong with it. But everything is going well with him, which makes people doubt it. Go back and study this person. Sooner or later, we will have to deal with knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves."