Haikui’s feet flew back in a hurry, and the hot lang blew in his face, and a hot gas went down the pores and entered the body, burning pain and fire poison!

My heart moved hurriedly, and my luck forced the Fire Poison Department out of the body, which made me feel better. When the starlight appeared in the bag, the fire dragon split at the pursuit.
Haikui knows few spells, and all the tricks are real attacks.
The starlight with silver light struck the fire dragon in an arc, and poof, the fire of the fire dragon faded, and it was taken back by the old man.
Haikui saw clearly where it was a dragon, that is, a burning stick. The stick was darker than the surface and there was a flame burning.
Is this his magic weapon? It’s just a poker!
The old man didn’t care if he took back the stick. He stroked the top of the stick and it was split for a while. He gnashed his teeth and looked at Haikui and said, "I want this sword in his hand and you can have the rest."
Haikui took a long breath, carefully looked at several people and said to the old man, "I have a grudge with you. Last night, I accidentally missed, and I don’t want to hurt you again. With you guys, there is no way to take my life away, so I won’t pursue it."
"What a big breath" in the green rice leaves * * said, "Liang Dingnan elder, please back down and let me meet this little guy."
After that, his feet were a little bit, and the rice leaves were pulled up high, soaring into the sky like swallows.
Liang Dingnan was hurt by his own instrument, and he was sad to hear Li Hao say it quickly.
Li Hao rushed to the height of the middle school to stabilize his figure. His hands stretched out and his fingers stretched out and shrank. A little bit of real force was emitted from his fingers and hissed low.
Virtual to Haikui a tear in the air.
Haikui’s eyelids jumped slightly, and he felt bad. He quickly flashed and saw five qi reaching his position. There were five scratches on the ground, just like a cat’s paw grabbed it.
The distance between him and Haikui is about 20 meters. I didn’t expect that the true qi could reach Haikui at such a long distance, and I was amazed at his strange tricks.
Li Hao saw Haikui flash in the past, and his face immediately sank. Brush brush horizontally and vertically, constantly moving forward, grasping the true qi from his fingertips and grasping Haikui.
Haikui pranced around one by one in the past. If he hadn’t built himself taller than him, I’m afraid he would have torn the ground to pieces. The ground has been scratched beyond recognition.
Li Hao can’t hurt Haikui when he catches dozens. His face is flushed and he is gasping for breath. His trick is actually to let the true qi out. It’s very capable at this time to see Guo Haorou and rush towards Haikui.
The rest of the people looked at it coldly and didn’t want to come and help Li Hao. He just let himself play.
Li Hao deceives the front and raises my hand with a palm and a palm print, and suddenly turns into a huge palm print about ten feet long and flies to Haikui.
This palm print is too huge and the distance is near the sea. Kuilai doesn’t dodge. Raise his hand to meet him. Seeing each other’s palm print is scary, which makes him make seven points of strength. A light ring. Li Hao’s palm print is scattered by Haikui, and at the same time, two people’s palms are connected. Bang rang again.
Haikui didn’t move, but Li Hao rushed to Haikui faster than he did, and was shot back and flew out. He spit out a few blood arrows in the air and flew far away until he disappeared from everyone’s eyes
The rest of the people were startled, and they all clearly saw that Li Hao was flying out to Li Hao for repairs by this young patty. They knew that in the late period of the building foundation, it seemed that this minor repair had reached the then period or higher.
Holding hands, a man and a woman frowned at Haikui and said to her, "Liu Mei, can you see that he is repairing?"
The woman shook her head gently and whispered, "Brother Feng, I can’t see it."
Male Dao "I’m afraid it’s beyond the elixir period."
The woman gently glanced at the man beside her. "Brother Feng, what do you say?"
"Give it a try and leave if it doesn’t work. Since I promised Brother Liang to come, I can’t break my word. If I lose to both of us first, I can be considered worthy of Brother Liang. He can’t blame us for practicing. Whoever is powerful has the final say!" The man looked at Haikui and said to the woman
Female gentle smile "Listen to Brother Feng"
The man holding a long sword with a scabbard and the loose woman stepping forward step by step came to Haikui and said loudly, "I want to learn something in Xunliangfeng."
Haikui Nai looked at them, but I didn’t expect them to be so blind. Don’t you know that you can’t beat yourself? But it’s nothing to beat them one by one. Let’s talk about it. After seeing the starlight in one hand, Haikui was afraid to poke another hole in them and put it away. But when he saw that they all had weapons or not, he looked at it in the bag. There was nothing else. But when he saw the wooden box, he took it out and held it in the bronze mirror. I’m afraid it was not so easy to be cut off. I can just stop it first.
When the people in the bamboo pole and gray clothes look at the bronze mirror in Haikui’s hand, their eyes shine directly at Haikui.
Haikui felt cold, and when he looked at his side, he saw the middle-aged man in gray with bright eyes looking at himself. It was incorrect to say that he was looking at the bronze mirror in Haikui’s hand!
People in gray are surging, but the surface is still as quiet as water.
Xun Liangfeng saw that Haikui took out a bronze mirror and looked at it for a few times. He didn’t find anything special about the sword. His left hand held the scabbard and his right hand pressed it on the handle. "Haven’t you asked your name yet?"
Haikui looked at him as he was about to draw his sword out of its sheath and said coldly, "My name is Hailongwang."
Xun Liangfeng frowned. "The fix true world has never heard of such a master as you."
Haikui snorted. "Do you have to know everyone?"
Xun Liangfeng’s face was stunned. "Yes, this is abrupt!"
"I don’t blame you!" Haikui big face said
Xunliangfeng nostril air conditioning hum Cang Lang Lang drew a sword and sounded a purple firm but gentle sword, which spread out from the sword and condensed into a purple dragon.
The dragon hovered around Xunliangfeng’s side with eyes as big as cow’s eggs and looked at Haikui coldly.
Haikui looked up at the dragon’s heart and was surprised at how firm but gentle can be so harmful. His starlight is not so domineering. This sword must be more advanced. I don’t know where to buy it!