Ma Liang sighed and went to the hot water first and then sat on the edge of the bed.

"Eat one first." Ma Liang reached out and held her up, then put the medicine in her mouth and finally gave her water.
She didn’t resist sipping and swallowing.
It was late when it was finished. Ma Liang hurried to school.
And Su Yuyao suddenly had a strong feeling that he needed to talk. At this time, Xia Xue came with the medicine soup and was busy making it into a small bowl.
"Sister Xia Xue, I like Ma Liang." She looked at Xia Xue and said.
This is also Xia Xue’s expectation to put things in his hand, dry his hands and sit on the edge of the bed. "If you like it, you like it. It’s not a strange thing."
"But he doesn’t like me and there’s nothing we can do, sister Xia Xue. What should I do?"
Xia Xue shook his head. It’s really hard for these two people. In fact, they already like each other, but they still can’t help but sigh, but they didn’t directly say, "How do you know he doesn’t like you? He said so."
Su Yu Yao shook his head one leng Ma Liang never said so, and she never asked if she thought she had achieved that degree, and her attitude was very clear.
She has a feeling that I will look at the ditch with my heart to the moon, and I still can’t get feedback from the other side for what I have done.
"And what kind of results do you want?" Xia Xue also asked tentatively.
"I don’t know" Su Yuyao shook his head "Xia Xue elder sister I can’t stay here for a generation"
One refuses to stay here and the other refuses to go out, so it will be a big contradiction. Now it’s all about marriage. Before marriage, it can’t be said that it’s as pure fun as reading.
"My friends and my family are all outside, and it is very inconvenient to go out here."
Xia Xue nodded. "I can’t say anything more, but I know that choosing the right person is very important for this generation. Vanilla and I both chose the wrong person, and now we are like this."
"Friends will slowly leave and family will slowly grow old. Most of the time, you still face this man." Xia Xue has sometimes been accustomed to not meeting her family, and now she has her own life. People live in groups but are independent.
Su Yuyao thinks about Ma Liang. He really takes good care of himself and bullies himself. More importantly, he is pure. He doesn’t know the wealth of his family. When it comes to appearance, Xia Xue and Mengmeng are both beautiful, especially Xia Xue. He can look at Mengmeng every day and let him take a bath.
I am not so profitable for him, but I am more real. Being good to myself is also a heartfelt feeling, not to please.
Can you meet such a person outside? Can you endure yourself for a long time? She has several questions in her mind.
"Some things don’t be too reluctant, but some things don’t be easily concluded." Xia Xue said that if she hadn’t made an agreement with Ma Liang before, she would have tried to fix them up, but now she seems to be a hindrance to them.
But what can I do? Now that I have promised, I shouldn’t go back on my word.
Su Yu Yao continued to stay because there were too many things she couldn’t let go.
124 shame realm
Time flies. It’s time to make an appointment with two dog. It also happens to be Friday, and then Saturday will be a holiday until next Friday’s National Day. This time, the goods are more than one thousand kilograms. The reason is very simple. Ma Liang has tried to double the wine. He is afraid that the car will not be reserved until it is loaded. Now it is full of cars, and there is a person at the end who can sit in the file.
Su Yuyao, Xia Xue and Mengmeng are all here because Ma Liang said that it would take two or three days to go to the county seat, which is also a small farewell.
"Sister Xia Xue, you can go back with your dreams." Ma Liang said that two dog had started the car and a black smoke came out.
Xia Xue nodded and Mengmeng rushed over to embrace Ma Liang and wanted to kiss him.
Ma Liang bent over and didn’t expect Mengmeng to kiss the girl’s fragrance directly from mouth to mouth, which was somewhat surprising.
"Teacher, I’ll wait for you to come back." She is still a little shy.
"The teacher bought you new clothes." Ma Liang patted her on the shoulder because she didn’t like being touched.
"Miss Su, you should also come back." Mengmeng blinked his beautiful eyes and went to Xia Xue’s side again.
Su Yu Yao took a deep breath and nodded.
Ma Liang got out of the car and Su Yuyao sat beside him, and neither of them spoke. This is the only way out. Before loading more goods, she may have complained, but now she is sitting quietly.
This car is at least 4 thousand yuan. In fact, if the car can hold it, at least a few hundred kilograms can be produced. The wine body belongs to the essence, which leads to better results
Ma Liang wondered whether the higher the degree, the better the wine effect.
Smelling the fragrance of Su Yu Yao’s body, because her hip is soft and elastic, she is gradually uncontrolled and has a reaction to resist.
Su Yu Yao naturally felt it, but his face turned red when he didn’t do it. They were in a strange cold war state.
Suddenly, the car shook and Su Yuyao was about to fall. Ma Liang put his arms around her soft waist directly.
She still hurts today, after all, for several days.
"Pain" She said a sentence with a little uncomfortable tone. Ma Liang also reached into the clothes and slowly pressed against the lower abdomen. She gently breathed a sigh of relief and leaned against Ma Liang. She also felt nothing abrupt.
Su Yu Yao fell asleep slowly with his eyes closed because of his heavy pretense. Ma Liang still told her that he liked Su Yu Yao and did a lot of things as much as he could.
"Miss Su has arrived." Ma Liang shouted that the car had stopped. This is still Huang’s home. It’s getting late and it’s getting dark.
Su Yu Yao stopped for a while with his eyes open before coming from Ma Liang.
"Brothers be loved" Huang came over and patted Ma Liang’s shoulder and was very satisfied.
"And if you can guarantee that all the dishes are exclusive to me, I can also give you an extra piece." Huang actually brought good news again.
"Add another piece" Ma Liang was a little surprised. It’s not too expensive, but now it’s five yuan a catty, and his output has doubled. Now it’s easy to cook hundreds of kilograms a day.
"But every time you have to have a priori taste, it’s only worth the money if you have this taste now." Huang bit a cucumber and it tasted quite good.
There is no difference in taste between water and wine, as Ma Liang knows, and this dish tastes really good. Since you are willing to pay a high price, of course you are welcome.
Ma Liang didn’t know that in the hotel, this kind of cabbage, called extremely jade cabbage, costs less than half a catty, and a limited number of people eat it every day. This is a vegetarian dish that is better than meat.
"It’s always good for me, and you can’t get rich without everyone. Your craftsmanship ensures that you won’t have to worry about marrying a beautiful daughter-in-law in this life." Huang laughed and his daughter-in-law pushed it out
Sure enough, this car is 1,200 Jin, which is 6,000 pieces. Huang seems to be ready to let his daughter-in-law have some money without saying anything.
Su Yuyao is a little strange that the output of such a small shed is so high. Only a few days ago, there were thousands of dollars in the account. It was not a problem to get hundreds of thousands of greenhouse vegetables that year to make money. She was not sure that few people in darling daughter were interested in getting cabbage.
But Ma Liang can make money, and she is also happy in her heart. When everything is done, it’s already dark and she says goodbye in a hurry, and Huang goes directly to Zhou Ruotong.
She didn’t have the door on yet. Ma Liang was a little strange. She waited until she got to the shop to hear someone speak.
"Xiao Tong, I beg you to forgive me. I really know I’m wrong. I’m an asshole. I’m a big asshole. I’m carried away. I shouldn’t do that stupid thing." It was Xiao Huyin. He had the nerve.
"Really, if you don’t believe me, Xiao Tong, I finally realize that you are the one who really deserves my treasure."
Ma Liang frowned and wanted to go in and have a look, but Su Yu Yao took hold of him and looked at him.
Ma Liang is also white. If you don’t fight or conflict, these are two things. After all, it is not good for an outsider to interfere.
"Xiao Tong, I know I’m a jerk and a big jerk, but I’m obsessed with it. I’ve made it very clear these days that I won’t gamble any more. I don’t believe I’ll take care of everything from Tianjia."
Zhou ruotong hasn’t spoken.
"I have been kneeling for an hour or two with gold on my knees, and my feet are numb." Xiao Hu is a little flattering.
"What do you want?" Zhou Ruotong finally asked him.
"What can I do? Of course it’s the same as before. You are my wife." Xiao Hu seemed relieved.
"No problem" Zhou Ruotong answered.
Ma Liang was actually disappointed to hear this. After all, Xiao Hu has done that, she can forgive being an outsider and can’t look at it.