In fact, the train pickpocket has always found Qian Haikui. What is not much? The main reason is that his ears and feelings were not as sensitive as they are now, and he didn’t pay attention. Now he has become an extraordinary person, and he can feel it clearly with a little trouble.

The pickpocket got up and left gently after he paid out. Haikui heard the slight footsteps of his feet and knew that he had left. He looked up at Wang Zhonghou, the old pervert who was still sleeping and didn’t know that his property had been stolen.
Haikui, they didn’t have a big package because of their body. Yang Yulu’s backpack was still under the pillow, and the pickpocket naturally wouldn’t pay him.
At five o’clock in the morning, people woke up one after another, and Haikui woke up. She felt refreshed after a night’s sleep, but her waist was a little sore. Maybe it was sedentary. She gently lifted Yang Yulu’s legs and enjoyed a few eyes. By the way, she stretched out her pants and pulled a thin quilt over her belly and knees. She turned around and twisted her hips in the aisle to relieve her physical fatigue.
The scenery outside the window is all green, and there are rolling mountains. Haikui looks at the beautiful scenery and feels comfortable. I don’t know where I am. Looking at those mountains, Haikui knows that the more remote and remote Shan Ye is, the more yogi there will be.
After watching the scenery for a while, I simply wiped my face at the junction of the carriage. Haikui turned back and found Ma Mengmeng awake while Yang Yulu was still sleeping sideways, which was extremely indecent.
Haikui is still wondering if this girl doesn’t know how attractive her posture is when she sleeps, and she dares to wear a pleated skirt.
Glancing at Ma Mengmeng, she smiled at Haikui. Ma Mengmeng was wearing jeans, but she was also very interesting. She was wrapped tightly around her body and set off her well-developed leg shape and ass.
"I’m going to wash a" Ma Mengmeng said from the shop to the toilet.
Haikui looked at Wang Zhonghou consciously and found that the middle-aged man was awake, staring at Yang Yulu’s ass and snow-white thigh. Haikui secretly scolded a pervert and then stretched out his hand and patted Yang Yulu’s ass "get up lazy egg"
Wang Zhonghou’s eyes are full of light. I hope that spanker is him.
Haikui slapped Yang Yulu’s ass and felt very elastic. Although it was separated by a layer of cloth, it really felt like patting a big candy button.
I still want to take the second place consciously, but I think it seems that it is not good for a girl to reach out and shake Yang Yulu’s shoulder to "get up"
Yang Yulu said "Why?" with sleepy eyes. The sound was lazy and charming, which made people feel that the bones were crisp.
Haikui looks like this girl. If you take the train alone, it is estimated that tofu has been eaten all over. Well, fortunately, you met the official who is eager for public interests and kindness, otherwise you have no place to cry.
"Hurry up," Haikui said again.
Yang Yulu rubbed the pleated skirt pushed to the head of the bed with her legs floating, revealing the whole pants. This girl hurriedly went to pull the skirt, but it was a monkey in front of Hai Kui’s pants.
Haikui is envious. What a happy monkey! It’s so interesting that this girl actually bought these pants when she stayed in the beauty part.
Yang Yulu’s face turned red at the sight of Haikui’s straight eyes and he muttered, "What are you looking at?"
Haikui smiled awkwardly. "Don’t wear such a short skirt this time."
Yang Yulou stared his one eye and went to the toilet.
Haikui turned around and found Wang Zhonghou admiringly looking at himself, but Haikui knew that Yang Yulou had just been blocked by his body. This guy should be relieved to find nothing.
Chapter 15 A dirty lie
Although Ma Mengmeng is as old as Haikui, she is a good student and has no sense of humor. She doesn’t talk much, but she just lies in the shop and has a rest.
Wang Zhonghou, the 40-year-old man, was teased by Yang Yulu from time to time, and was coldly sarcastic by Hai Kui. After eating several reprimands, he learned a lot and didn’t talk much. He feasted his eyes on Yang Yulu.
On the morning of the third day, the train entered the border of Fujian Province. Haikui leaned against the partition and Yang Yulu put her feet on his thigh. This road became more familiar. Yang Yulu was more fearful. After all, her personality was more lively and the most important thing was that she regarded Haikui as her good friend and was no longer shy.
Wang Zhonghou thought that he would take out all his luggage as soon as he arrived, and he was ready to go straight to the car. He looked through the parcel and was surprised and shouted, "Where’s the money in my bag? What about the money? "
He immediately woke up the people around him, and even other passengers in the compartment looked up and rubbed their sleep to watch the scene of bustle.
Haikui was woken up by him and looked up to find that this guy was constantly rummaging through his bag, which made him feel funny. It’s funny that you just found that you closed your eyes again and ignored it.
Yang Yulu also woke up and looked at the middle-aged man again. Haikui stretched out his foot and gently kicked a Haikui low and said, "Wake up and don’t sleep. Someone has lost something."
Haikui winked at her and said, "It’s not like we’re throwing things at him. Why?"
Yang Yulu stared his one eye, but he felt that Haikui was unreasonable and just looked at nothing.
But what Haikui said just now happened to make Wang Zhonghou hear great anger. "You have a ghost in your heart. You must have stolen my money."
Haikuiqi said, "What kind of shit are you spouting?"
Wang Zhonghou said, "You definitely stole my money because you looked down on my money."
Haikui looked at him with a sneer. "I didn’t see that you don’t want to be rich in clothes like a migrant worker."
"Hum, you don’t have the money to steal. It must cost money to bring such a beautiful woman around you. You see, your little hair doesn’t look the same. Where is there so much money? It’s definitely sneaking around!" Wang Zhonghou asserted that Haikui stole his money.
Ah, hey, this guy Haikui is too lazy to argue with him. It’s boring. "Say what you like anyway, it’s not like I lost your money." Then he made a so-called gesture with his hands and looked lazy.
Wang Zhonghou said angrily, "If you hadn’t stolen it, let me search it" and then looked at Yang Yulu, "And you, you two thieves and thieves, you attracted my attention. I don’t know if he stole money."
Yang Yulu was really in distress situation when she was angry. "What do you mean, I attracted your attention? You old * * eyes kept glancing at me. You want to face it!"
Wang Zhonghou was reprimanded by Yang Yulou, and his face turned red and white. Now so many people look at him and say that he is old * * and immediately pull his face and say, "Guilty, right? If you weren’t afraid of stealing, let me search."
Said this guy came toward Yang Yulou potential to search.
Haikui saw that Wang Zhonghou, a middle-aged uncle, had pushed his nose and face and flew into a rage. Wang Zhonghou, who was about to pounce on Yang Yulou, kicked and shouted "Get out!"
Wang Zhonghou fell to the ground and shouted, "Robbed for help! Murder for money!"
Yang Yulu also frowning jiao drink a way "bloody"
Haikui got up and looked at Wang Zhonghou coldly and pulled a Yang Yulou. "Ignore him. Let’s keep our heads straight and let him cry."
"Haikui call the police," Ma Mengmeng said in Haikui.
Haikui gave her a look back and said, "It’s none of your business to lie here and sleep." He didn’t want Ma Mengmeng to follow and was a little rushed by Wang Zhonghou’s upset mood.
Ma Mengmeng felt very wronged. All her classmates wanted to help, but she was reprimanded. She was wronged and turned over to lie in bed and sulked alone.
Wang Zhonghou made a hullabaloo about for a while and finally brought the train policeman in and shouted, "What are you yelling about? What happened?"
Wang Zhonghou pointed to Haikui and said, "He stole my money."
Haikui replied coldly, "I didn’t steal his money. This guy is a dirty lie."
The policeman glanced at Haikui and shouted at Wang Zhonghou, "Stop arguing. How much money have you lost?"
"ten thousand pieces!" Wang Zhonghou popped out these words through his teeth and looked at Haikui gnashing her teeth.
Haikui sneered in his heart, "It’s a shame to lose your beauty."
The policeman took a look at Haikui and Wang Zhonghou. "Let’s go to the duty room and talk about what’s going on." Then he said to another policeman behind him, "Xiao Wu, ask others what’s going on."
Wang Zhonghou felt supported by the police and immediately got up and said to Haikui, "Let’s go, you thief."
Haikui gave him a bad look and said to Yang Yulou, "You wait here."