Because it is next to the black market, the movement here has attracted a lot of attention.

Haikui swept one or two people to repair one, one is the early stage of then and the other is the middle stage of then. If there is no magic weapon in the early stage of then, I am afraid it will be difficult to win the middle stage of then.
Sure enough, he didn’t go out to sea. After two minutes, the man offered a piece of paper in the middle of then and turned it into a golden light. At the beginning of then, his pain * * was forced by the other side’s flying sword, and the blood flowed out of his thigh.
Then middle-aged people laughed, "Hand over the Heart Sutra."
In the early days of then, people didn’t answer, but the method in their hands changed and a mass of blood fog broke out in an instant.
"Stay if you want to run." A sudden sound sounded, and suddenly there was a confrontation between the two parties, and one person appeared again.
Haikui’s eyes squinted at each other. Before another person appeared, he didn’t feel a little fluctuation. His gods swept one other’s knowledge. It was the other party who was in Yuan Ying’s infancy. He couldn’t see it after Yuan Ying’s junior high school.
The man who appeared was talking to them, but suddenly he felt that he was spying on himself. He suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Haikui, and his eyes were like a sharp knife stabbing Haikui.
Haikui saw a light coming in his own direction, hurriedly dodged and restrained his breath at the same time. He was a conscious motivation and he felt that the other side was strong!
The man’s eyes didn’t see Haikui, but they swept to the side of the cloud. At the beginning of then, he glanced around his eyes and withdrew his eyes. It felt like an illusion and shook his head.
Haikui found out before that there were seven people nearby besides the middle three, none of whom were high, including the foundation period and the golden elixir period.
He also found out what he didn’t do in Zhongyuan’s infancy. He turned to the junior middle school of then and said, "Take out your heart sutra and show it to the bodhi old zu."
The face of the two then people changed dramatically, claiming that the bodhi old zu was generally a magic way or a uber’s right way, but they didn’t do so.
This man is a middle-aged man in Yuan Babies, wearing a wide robe and embroidered with gold thread. He looks very luxurious. When he sees that they are silent, he stretches out his hand to grasp the middle-aged then.
Then in the middle period, the man was scared and hurriedly stabbed with the sword. This man grabbed the flying sword in Yuan Babies, and at the same time stretched out his other hand to shoot it. Poof, the body was stuck in his chest, and a mass of blood fog broke out. But Yuan Babies seemed not to want to kill him, and he didn’t blow up. It was a little bit for him.
"Take it out quickly, or I’ll make you both suffer and die," said Yuan Babies.
At the beginning of the then period, the man was crying and laughing that he could run away, but there came a more abnormal monster, Nai. This Sutra is very important for his own practice, although he can’t bear to die. It is more important to keep his life and practice later. He wanted to come here so that he could take out the bag center Sutra and throw it out. "The elder will leave you the younger generation with this Sutra."
As he spoke, his body suddenly retreated.
Yuan Babies reached out and caught it without looking at the Heart Sutra, and then reached out to catch the crazy man who retreated.
I don’t see his body moving, so I simply grabbed the man who had escaped from Baizhang and was instantly held by him.
However, in the early days of Yuan’s infancy, the people suddenly exploded, but they were not flesh and blood, and they were all straw.
Scarecrow? Haikui was surprised.
"Puppet separation escape spell is quite high. It’s not so lucky to meet the bodhi old zu." Yuan Babies sneer at one.
Twist a head to look at the middle-aged man then sneer at a hand and grasp it. In the middle-aged man then scream, the body is crushed and a soul flies out. He waves his hand into the robe and the dead man then opens his mouth and sucks it into his mouth.
Chapter 149 Kill people and seize the classics
Haikui’s heart is shocked. This man is too cold-blooded and decisive. Kill him without saying a word.
It was the first time that he met such a cold-blooded person, and the first time that he realized what the law of the jungle in the spiritual world was from the perspective of onlookers.
"Haikui is a magic Taoist, so we should be careful," said Haikui, who wakes up in a low voice and cherishes the moon.
Haikui nodded, and his heart was also guarded against it. This man can be so happy to kill people without offending him. It’s so unforgiving.
After the Yuan infant swallowed the elixir, Jie Jie smiled and put out his hand to the ground. He grabbed a person who kept screaming and touching, and Hai Kui gently swept it away. The person who was caught by him was also in the elixir period.
Yuan infant once again quickly turned to look at Haikui’s direction again. This time, because he looked too fast, Haikui didn’t come to dodge, and he felt a violent surge and rushed to his mind. Haikui seemed to be in a battlefield with blood everywhere, and Haikui’s cold sweat flashed.
"Haikui danger, this is illusion." A big drink suddenly rang in Haikui’s mind. This is that Zhou Linyin disappeared for so many days and Zhou Lin suddenly appeared.
Haikui’s heart was shocked by Zhou Lin yelling to get his soul back. It is generally known that illusion is not afraid. In a short time, those illusions disappeared in my mind.
The bodhi old zu’s robe is still fresh, but when he sees Haikui’s eyes blurred, he wakes up and his eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. I’m not surprised.
The Pharaoh asked, "Friend, who are you to interfere in my affairs?"
"Haikui don’t be afraid of him since ancient times." Zhou Lin woke up in Haikui’s mind.
Haikui took a deep breath and found a little confidence when he heard Zhou Lin say this. He crustily skin of head and said, "I didn’t want to interfere. You happened to pass by, but my friend, you are a little too much to kill people at will."
"I want you to take care of it," said the bodhi old zu. "I have scruples that Haikui Xiu didn’t start work at once. If Xiu is lower than him, I’m afraid it will be like the man just now."
"You’re an evil spirit." Haikui was frightened by his eyes, but he crustily skin of head scolded.
If you are weak, the evil spirit will be strong. When the bodhi old zu sees Haikui’s weakness, he immediately shouted, "You know, the younger generation will take life." He said, first, he took the elixir in his hand, squeezed it, swallowed his soul, and rushed towards Haikui.