Haikui put away his bow and said to Zhen Miaoyu, "See how disrespectful I am to you? Everyone looks at it this way. Who dares to look down on the head of the first practice sect in our day?"

Zhen quip looked at Haikui’s eyes and flashed horror. She didn’t expect this minor repair to be so tough. She knew that it was terrible to be shot like a bird now!
Haikui stepped forward and coughed at the people around him, clearing his throat. "Dear friends, today is my housewarming ceremony in Leng Yue. I think you should stop asking for it. In the eyes of our leader, it’s really not worth paying your lives in vain. It’s serious to watch our ceremony!"
Haikui said he would clap his hands, but he had prepared a program, but his palms were not opposite and he said, "What a big breath!" "
Haikui looked around. Oh, people look familiar.
He rubbed his eyes correctly. It was familiar but uncertain. He turned to Han Wenxuan and asked, "Is this man Stuart Yuan Wu?"
Han Wenxuan frowned and nodded carefully.
"It’s Stuart Yuan Wu!"
Situ Yuan Wu was dissatisfied with Haikui. "Who are you? Who dare to call you by your first name!"
"As far as you are concerned, the big ye called you. What’s the matter, Stuart Yuan Wu! Stuart Yuan Wu! Stuart Yuan Wu! "
Haikui stared and shouted Stuart Yuan Wu several times!
Stuart Yuan Wu looks very cold.
At this time, he was alone in the middle of the flight, and there was no crowding round. Nothing changed. He was about twenty years old, with bronze skin and an ancient dress.
Haikui looked at this guy and he was still urinating.
Stuart Yuan Wu growled like a beast.
Haikui waved his hand. "Oh, my God, it scares me to death. I said, Yuan Wu, can you stop screaming!"
"If you want to die, you dare to insult the statue and take your soul out. You can’t ascend forever."
Look at that ferocious expression. Stuart Yuan Wu is furious.
Haikui turned to Zhen Miaoyu and said, "Are you old frame, the master, so strange in temper?"
Zhen quip to coldly looking at Stuart Yuan Wu heard Haikui talk and suddenly felt angry and burned up. "You tell me nonsense again and I’ll tear your mouth off!"
This boss is like a bitch.
Haikui Nai turned to look at Stuart Yuan Wu. "Brother Stuart, we have known each other for a long time. Let’s not fight today when the Leng Yue faction holds a celebration ceremony. Let’s be happy first. Let’s talk about it later. What do you think?"
Stuart Yuan Wu doesn’t talk nonsense. Five fingers stretch out and five black awns run towards Haikui. That posture is to kill Haikui!
Haikui is not afraid of Stuart Yuan Wu now. He is not weaker than Stuart Yuan Wu. He stretched out his hand and threw a blue screen in front of him. When Stuart Yuan Wu attacked and fished out the flying sword from the bag, the starlight sword split toward Stuart Yuan Wu.
True yuan fuelling sword mans instantaneous surge with devouring heaven and earth towards Stuart Yuan Wu.
Stuart Yuan Wu emerged a piece of armor, and a long black lacquer knife turned the blade, and a black knife collided with the sword. He took a step back.
The collision of sword, awn and knife made an earth-shattering sound, and the impact knocked down all the rocks, and the waves fell behind Haikui. The archway was magnificent and the archway was knocked off a corner.
Haikui turned to look at it and was angry. "You are small, but I spent a lot of money to build an archway. It’s a face. As the saying goes, hitting people doesn’t hit them in the face, but you actually hit our gate face. I want you to look good."
Stuart Yuan Wu was horrified in his heart. He didn’t expect this daring minor repair to be so strong and split the second knife at Haikui with an expression of disbelief.
When the knife fell, it killed Haikui. He reached his finger, and a flame exploded in an instant. The number of fire lotus suddenly appeared, and it quickly merged in front of the knife. The power of explosion and explosion fusion was extremely powerful. "Burn the sky and destroy the world!"
Spells together, the fire spirit of heaven and earth was inspired by Haikui, as if this world had fallen into the fire world and burned up.
Stuart Yuan Wu was instantly wrapped in flames, and his armor gave off bronze light and wrapped him up.
The fire was fierce, and Haikui was submerged for hundreds of meters. Several people suddenly disappeared and were moved to the distance.
Watching the excitement nearby, there is no escaping, and they are burned to the point where they are screaming and shouting!
On the other side of Dingfeng Mountain, a towering tree stood with a middle-aged man in a wide robe. He frowned and said to himself, "Too much!"
Behind him, he patted his bag, a glass cover appeared in his hand, and threw Haikui and Stuart Yuan Wu and those fire lotus into it.
It’s famous to know the goods, but it belongs to imitation. It hasn’t reached the level of fairy but it’s not weak!
Haikui and Stuart Yuan Wu were trapped inside, and the fire was instantly compressed. They seemed to have entered the furnace and been refined.
Haikui was annoyed. "Who is so bad? Throw a cover over me. It’s a condom!"
Speaking of which, the fire hood automatically flew up and became smaller and landed in Haikui’s hand, and there was an old common sound in his ear. "This thing is a fairy-like thing, and it’s not bad. You have been erased by me."
Haikui hey hey smiled and put the fire hood into his bag.
Middle-aged people in Taoist robes suddenly lost their firecracker hoods when they saw them being collected. Suddenly, a horrified figure appeared in front of Hai Kui, "Give me my firecracker hoods back!"
"Who are you?" Haikui looked at him strangely.
At this moment, Stuart Yuan Wu cut off the long black knife of the blossoming fire lotus, and the knife awn covered the men in robes and Haikui.
The middle-aged man in cassock looked at Haikui with a slight frown and a little backhand, and Stuart Yuan Wu’s knife and mans knife collapsed.
Stu Yuan Wu was surprised and asked, "Who are you?"
Middle-aged people in cassock don’t answer a jilt sleeve Stuart Yuan Wu body unstable instantaneous pushed to kilometers away.
The middle-aged man in the robe looked at Haikui for the second time and said, "Give me back my fire cover or I’ll be rude!"
Haikui can feel that the middle-aged man who is taller than him can hit Stuart Yuan Wu at least one level higher than him and has reached the Mahayana period.
But Haikui is protected by a great god!
"I left tsing lung right white tiger old cow in the waist bibcock in the chest to kill Buddha to kill Buddha! You who are you! "
Haikui’s domineering side leaks a word, and the middle-aged man Rao is practicing his mind very well, and he also feels that his blood is surging and his anger is soaring.
The middle-aged man in the robe shouted coldly, "Give me back the fire cover or I’ll show you!"
Look at his ferocious appearance. Hai Kui just wanted to shout, "Old Huang covers me!" Suddenly a strange smile filled the heavens and the earth.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" That smile is far away, near, near and far away.
The middle-aged man in the tunic frowned. "Don’t play tricks here and get out."
A man suddenly appeared behind Haikui, three meters away from Haikui, and said to Haikui, "Don’t give me a fire shield. I will never let him touch you with me!"
"Don’t be unhappy, black-hearted old man!" Middle-aged garments folded way
The "black-hearted old man" laughed. "Don’t scare me there. What’s my name? I’m black-hearted old man, but I’m afraid you won’t scare me?"
Xuanshi’s face was cold and he said to Haikui again, "Give me back the fire cover!"
"It’s already me, and it won’t promise not to return it if you call it!" Haikui shrugged and said lightly
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