A burst of fragrance hit Rick Fang, stopped in accordance with the words, turned around and saw Yunna panting.

Yunna took a breath and came forward to look at Rick Fang’s way, "Rick Fang, I didn’t know that Uncle Fang had some contradictions with my father, and I didn’t want to worry about them. I just wanted to say that these things have nothing to do with us, and I also want you to be white." Yunna said that here, she gently hung her head and didn’t say anything, but she was red and silent for a long time before she got up the courage. "I like you."
Rick Fang’s heart is naturally shocked. I didn’t expect Yunna to be so bold in expressing her love to herself. If it is said that she is not moved, it is a lie.’ I already have a if’. When I think of this, Rick Fang Nai sighs and sighs, "Senior values me. How can I say it? I am very moved."
"yes?" Yunna suddenly looked up at Rick Fang without shyness in her heart.
Fang Xuxin said, "Yes, I have a girlfriend."
As soon as this remark came out, Yunna’s charming body was flushed and trembled. "Who is it?" Is it Liu Jia? " There is a strong Kuqiang in the tone of the wrong novel network.
Looking at Yunna’s grief-stricken eyes, Rick Fang is also very unhappy in his heart. Now that he has picked it, he can’t help but sigh, "If it is not a cloud."
"If if the cloud? If Jin Huangyun is? " Yunna exclaimed
After getting a positive reply from Rick Fang, Yunna’s heart only had a little hope and wiped out Yunre. If you can make a woman feel confident in front of her, Yunna has had this idea since the first day she saw Yunre.
"I’m sorry, senior. Actually, you’re fine. It’s my cough." Looking at a white and bloodless face, Yunna Rick Fang consciously wanted to say something to her mouth, but she didn’t know how to continue to shut up.
"excuse me? With you again? Everything is my self-affection. It’s just my dream. "Yunna murmured with a wry smile, tears streamed down her face and dripped down.
Rick Fang heart is also a burst of sour two people silently stand for a long time YunNa suddenly a sigh turned and walked towards the municipal committee of the compound YunNa shape into the compound Rick Fang this just self-effacing to spit out a sigh and turned to leave.
Tell the truth Yunna will be relieved after drawing a line completely, but unexpectedly it turns out that it hurts faintly in my heart.’ Maybe I am really a playboy.’ Rick Fang Nai returned home with a wry smile and a heavy heart to see Rick Fang, who has always been radiant, with a face of decadence and a panic in her heart. Rick Fang didn’t say that she was a little tired. In view of the other party’s understanding of Yunruo’s natural unbelief, she had deep doubts.’ Murphy’ Yunruo’s heart was dark, but she didn’t know if she guessed right, but it was not easy to ask for fear that her heart would be annoyed
In the next few days, Rick Fang was listless in class, but he didn’t take part in Sanda club activities. He was afraid to meet Yunna or Yunhan because he really didn’t know how to face two people and he was absent from club activities. Yunhan didn’t send someone to look for him as usual.
So it’s better to wait for everyone, especially senior, to meet again in a few days. Maybe it won’t be so embarrassing, but I don’t think senior wants to meet himself again.’ Rick Fang secretly thought that he had a little indescribable disappointment in his heart.
Don’t you know that things are unpredictable? One afternoon, because there was an elective course in the evening, Rick Fang didn’t go back to his residence, but stayed in the dormitory to play Blizzard. The Diablo IV just came out. (_) Shuai Ke sat there and pointed happily. Just as everyone was playing in full swing, the wall pager rang.
"Hello" Shuaike should way.
"Is Rick Fang there?" Wrong novel network does not jump word floor northeast aunt shouted
"Someone needs to come quickly". After that, Shuaike hung up, rubbed his ears and muttered, "This old lady is really powerful and full of anger." Shuaike complained and said to Rick Fang, "Xu Lou is wanted."
"Really?" Is having fun, Rick Fang wondered. He’s been cheated by Shuaike for several times.
"Cheat you’re a puppy. Go quickly." Shuaike freely swore while pushing Rick Fang with a smile. "Substitution, substitution, see if I’m out of control."
Who will come to me?’ Rick Fang muttered in his heart that he had just walked out of the corridor when he saw a white Tingting and Yunna.
Rick Fang stopped thinking, and his scalp was slightly numb. He looked around as if others were’ Is senior here by chance or not?’ Rick Fang thought about whether to turn around and ask Aunt Yunna when she said, "Rick Fang is looking for you." Compared with Rick Fang Yunna, who was quite at a loss, it was very calm and there was no emotional fluctuation.
"Then I don’t know if Senior Sister wants to see me?" Rick Fang returned to normal hesitate to say
"I invite you to dinner" YunNa jiao tao tone is still dull and cold.
"Eat?" Rick Fang was shocked.’ Still eating?’ Rick Fang inwardly wry smile
Presumably, I understand Rick Fang’s thoughts at this time. Yunnajiao said, "It’s me who asks you alone, even if we are finished. I hate to have a final settlement. I beg you, okay?" There is a hint of request in Yunna’s tone.
Is it over?’ Rick Fang thought for a moment and nodded slightly with a sigh. "All right."
The second volume Chapter seventy Changes
The second volume Chapter seventy Changes
Lover’s house?’ Rick Fang looked at the hotel plaque four fresh Chinese characters in the heart is not one leng.
Lover’s Home has developed well over the past year, and its scale is much larger than that of Rick Fang and Liu Jia. As a whole, it gives people a magnificent feeling. Looking at the digital guardrail tube embedded in the wall, which keeps beating and chasing, it is dazzling. At this moment, Rick Fang’s mood is as restless as that of guardrail tube. It is here that Jia Jia invited herself to dinner, and something almost happened. Today Yunna actually led herself here again. Will it be okay this time? Wrong novel network many words’
Won’t eat a meal will happen? Is purely his sweat’ Rick Fang comfort myself again and again.
Compared with Rick Fang’s thoughtful leading the way, Yunna seemed to be very calm. When they entered the door, the waiter led them into Yunna’s room. Soon, the food was ready, and then Yunna motioned for the waiter to politely excuse himself and closed the door.
Looking at the table full of sumptuous dishes, feeling the opposite Yunna silently staring at Rick Fang, feeling uncomfortable. He always advocated not to have enemies with the food. For the first time, Rick Fang lost his appetite. Yunna repeatedly urged him to barely pick up chopsticks and clip them at will.
Looking at the embarrassed Rick Fang Yunna across the street, there was a playful look in her eyes, which was short but not seen.
Rick Fang?’ Yunna suddenly light qi lips jiao way
“?” Rick Fang stopped chopsticks and looked up.
"When did you meet Yunruo?" Yunna asked softly
Rick Fang hesitated for a moment to think about "when he was a freshman"
"When will she be your girlfriend?"
"At the end of the second semester of freshman year," Rick Fang answered questions and concealed that he didn’t know how he could be so honest.
Yunnabei clenched her teeth and bit out a row of fine and neat blood prints before she whispered, "Rick Fang, if I mean, if I confess to you before Yunruo becomes your girlfriend, as I did a few days ago, will you accept me?" Wrong novel network doesn’t jump words Yunna surprisingly didn’t blush face look very serious, but also gave me a hint of eagerness in her eyes.
Rick Fang didn’t expect Yunna to have such a problem. When thinking about it for a long time, he sighed, "It will definitely be."
"really?" Yunna’s beautiful eyes reveal a trace of joy.
To meet the eyes of Yunna Rick Fang didn’t flinch. "I didn’t lie to senior."
Feeling the sincerity in Rick Fang’s eyes, Yunna’s heart rejoiced and said, "I know, I know that we met late, right?" When it comes to this, Yunna looks gloomy and sighs, "It’s a foregone conclusion that no one can change it, right?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Rick Fang nodded gently and Yunna barely smiled at the corners of her mouth. Both of them didn’t know what to say, so they sat quietly for a long time. Yunna suddenly smiled and said, "By the way, Rick Fang, this is the first time we’ve had dinner together. Should we have some wine to celebrate?"
Rick Fang hasn’t answered YunNa has got up and walked aside and took a bottle of red wine ourtenant came along.
Looking at Yunna’s sudden smile, Rick Fang felt a little surprised but couldn’t say what was wrong. At this moment, Yunna had already poured a small glass of red wine for Rick Fang without waiting for Rick Fang to refuse.
Yunna conveniently poured herself a little and raised her glass with a smile. "Come to Rick Fang and I’ll toast first." Say that finish and don’t wait for Rick Fang to say something. Yunna looked up and drank it all.
Rick Fang accompanied Yunna to take a sip and put a glass in front of Rick Fang. Yunna smiled and slowly retired. There was a hint of imperceptible sadness in her eyes.
"You know what? Rick Fang grew up with many boys around me, but I never really looked at them, not because I was proud, but because I thought they were too vulgar. I think my boyfriend must be different. "
Rick Fang said with a wry smile, "Senior, in fact, I am also very vulgar."
"You are different from me, and I am attracted to you. I am willing to change who knows who knows." When it comes to sadness, Yunna can’t help but sob.
Rick Fang sighed in his heart, "Senior, you will definitely find a better person."
"Maybe," Yunna muttered, stopping her sad eyes, "but I don’t want it."
Yunna heaved a sigh of relief and burst into laughter from Zhan Yan. "Rick Fang, after tonight, we may never have a chance to sit together for dinner again. Can I ask you something?"
"Senior has something to say, though, that I can do everything." Rick Fang didn’t know that he had cursed and swore.
Yunna gently got up and looked intently at Rick Fang. "I want to ask you to kiss me."
"ah! ?” Rick Fang couldn’t think of such a request and couldn’t help being frightened to disgrace.
"Please, I want a kiss and I promise I won’t haunt you again, okay?" Yunna Jiao Daoyu blushed, but there was a strong pleading in her tone.