"See, young man," said the foreman with a sigh, "this job is dirty and tiring. You really can’t do it."

Haikui really wants to try. He wants to spend his life after college and earn it by himself. His face is serious. Suddenly, he lies on the ground and rolls around. Then he rubs a handful of dust on his face and starts to face the foreman again. He says, "Is it ok this time?"
The foreman looked at Haikui in surprise for a few seconds and then said to him in distress situation, "Let’s go and wash our face with me first."
Chapter 14 Construction workers
The foreman took Haikui to wash his face, took out a cigarette from his pocket and handed it to Haikui, shaking his head.
"What? Don’t think my cigarette is good? " The foreman in his fifties stared at his eyes and his head was wrinkled
"It’s not that I don’t smoke." Haikui smiled awkwardly. A boy who doesn’t smoke may be laughed at, but he is a student after all. Although he is not a good student, he can learn to play games but not learn to smoke.
"Ha ha yeah, you’re still a student doll. Don’t learn this stuff after you don’t smoke. It’s money and harmful to your health." The foreman walked over and waved his hand to take Haikui aside to the temporary shed.
"Do it." The foreman sat down on the bed and motioned Haikui to sit down.
There is a bed in the shed, and nothing else has a bed, or it is padded with bricks and boards.
Haikui also sat down, "How about uncle? Can I come and do it?"
"The young man can see that you are a good boy and don’t study hard to work?" The foreman asked earnestly.
"I’m going to college after the college entrance examination, and I want to work during the summer vacation to earn some study life." Haikui told him about the actual situation.
The foreman spat out a cigarette and said, "Okay, come on. When do you want to do it?"
Haikui didn’t expect the foreman to agree so quickly that he was very excited. "I can tell you at any time."
"It’s seven o’clock in the morning. Is your home near here?" Asked the foreman
"It was my home that walked away from here for more than ten minutes."
"Then you won’t live on the construction site, and I won’t have to arrange your work. As you can see, you can move bricks, cement and push the car."
"Yeah, I saw it. I’ll do it well."
"Ok, what’s your name?" The foreman said and pulled out a palm-sized and ballpoint pen from the bottom of a bed.
"How to write?"
Haikui himself wrote his name crooked to the foreman and told him to remember to work day by day and pay the bill by month.
After explaining how to work and how much income to Haikui, the foreman sighed, "It’s not easy for a young man to get into college. None of my four children can get into college. This has always been a pain in my heart."
"What don’t they?"
"No money, four children are too expensive. The boss, the second child and the third child are all boys. All three of them have to marry their wives and build houses. The third child is a girl. It is a sin to be born in my family."
"All the money was given to her three brothers to build a house. Although she was not given a house, she had no money to read it." The foreman sighed.
Although Haikui didn’t feel this way, he also knew that it was sad to have no money.
After chatting with the foreman for a while, Haikui went home and found this job. Then he worked until preschool, and then he waited for Qian Haikui to think of it.
At dinner, I told my parents that I found a job. No, they were worried, but they didn’t tell them that they wanted to be a construction worker. Instead, they said that they wanted to work as a network manager in an Internet cafe.
Although parents don’t want him to play with his brain often, there is no excessive interference in trying to make money.
The next day, Haikui ran to the construction site after six o’clock, waiting for the foreman to arrange a person to take him with him to move the cement and turn around to transport it.
Haikui tried his best to grab a bag of cement and then throw it into the cart, and he was already tired and panting. Look at another person grabbing a bag with both hands and throwing it directly into the car, and then grabbing the second bag. It is very fast.
Haikui felt ashamed that he was a man and could hardly move a bag of cement.
He secretly ran the true qi and immediately felt refreshed a lot, then lifted another bag.
He spent the day on this, even though he kept running the true qi, he felt exhausted and soaked with sweat, especially on such a hot day. He had never done such heavy work before, and if he didn’t practice the true qi, he would be tired for an hour or two.
He was covered with sweat and cement dust, so if he went home like this, his parents must have said that fortunately, he took off his clothes and trousers at the construction site, rubbed them with water, cooled them for half an hour, and then took a cold shower himself before going back.
When I got home, my parents found him abnormal. He was shaking and depressed when he picked up chopsticks. Haikui made up a lie. Today, he exchanged brains with the Internet cafe technician and lifted things before and after running.
Lying in bed at night, Haikui felt backache and leg cramps, and quickly cultivated the Three True Fairy Tactics.
After practicing, he entered the dream. He slept soundly and didn’t even dream.
On the second and third days after the first day of work, he gradually adapted to it, and every time he worked, he felt that his recovery speed had accelerated a lot, except that he was very tired on the first day, and he didn’t feel how hard it was, and the sun was not as hot as before.
On the fourth day, while he was working, Haikui was sweating all over, but suddenly he looked up and saw a girl dressed in clean clothes coming to the construction site. Although there were women in this construction site, every day a girl appeared in the construction site, especially a clean girl, which would definitely attract everyone’s attention. Others had been working on the construction site for several months and were already numb, but Haikui still stared because he felt fresh.
The girl went straight to the foreman’s shed and went to Haikui to guess that it should be the foreman’s daughter.
"Xiao Hai, hurry up! What are you looking at?" Workers who move cement with him every day urged him.
Haikui’s attention was pulled back. Oh, I went on working for a while. After he sent a cart of cement to the building, I saw the foreman lead the girl away crying.
Haikui not only asked his workmate, "Is that girl the foreman’s daughter?"
The workmate looked up and shook his head. "It’s not the foreman’s little mistress."
"Yi" Hai Kui is indecisive. The foreman is in his fifties. It seems that he is wussy. How can he raise a mistress? Besides, isn’t his family short of money? How can he still have money to raise a mistress?
Although the girl is not very beautiful, she is dressed cleanly and looks like she is in her early twenties. She is more than enough to be her father at the age of foreman. How can she get this discount?
Haikui usually asks, "When I came to work, the foreman said that there were four children, three men and one woman in his family, and he had to build a house for the children if he didn’t pay the money. How can he afford to raise a mistress?"
The workmate looked at him with contempt. "He told you the truth, but he can’t raise a mistress if he lacks money. Who stipulates that a rich man can raise a mistress?"
He looked around and continued, "That slut’s name is Shi Huahua. She came from our neighboring village to cook. If she is too tired to cook, she will go to the foreman. After a while, she will go with the foreman. The foreman didn’t let her come to the construction site again. Others said that she seduced the foreman first. Think about it. Working outside is usually done without a wife …"
Haikui put it simply, it’s someone else’s private business, but this girl is wrong. She should be called a woman. You don’t want to work at the construction site, you can find a job somewhere else and seduce a man who can be your father.
Chapter 15 The money ran away