Cloud if even the heart is shaking at the moment, Rick Fang is not an emotional release. Although there is no less intimacy on weekdays, he rarely behaves so warmly.

Murphy Xu Yun, if you stop yourself from wanting to go, but this thing that she has been looking forward to for a long time but with a little fear makes her charming body temperature rise.
After a great kiss and lingering, Rick Fang picked up Yunre and put it into the bedroom and gently put it on the bed. Rick Fang’s eyes are full of passion. I don’t know if it is after today’s incident. I urgently need a place to vent my feelings, or my body needs to be mature. It is also possible that the feelings of the two have settled day by day, and it has reached the point where I can break through the last card.
If Yun Ruoli lies in bed and groans finely, she will spit out her beautiful eyes from the cherry mouth intermittently, and her eyes will be slightly closed as Rick Fang wants, and her blushing will add a fatal temptation.
If the cloud doesn’t stop at all, it will come sooner or later, and things will be stopped. Anyway, it doesn’t matter when you love him.
If Yun Ruo wears clothes in Rick Fang, he has removed most of the soft lights and sprinkled them gently on the curvy, creamy and soft charming body. The perfect body carved like ivory is radiant with sky light, and the lights are more enchanting.
Rick Fang’s breathing became short, and his hand slipped gently along the cloud’s jade surface, passing over her curvy body as exquisite as suet white jade. If the cloud is warm, dry and enthusiastic, his hand will tremble gently, and I am afraid that another thing can be more moving and more touching than this trembling from the depths of the soul.
Rick Fang put his hand on yunruo’s last place to cover his body and looked at the slender jade leg tightly closed. Rick Fang felt a little hesitation in his heart and felt Rick Fang’s burning eyes. Yunruo opened his eyes slightly and his eyes were full of shame. There was thick tenderness everywhere in Rick Fang’s heart. If Yunruo’s body was perfect, it would cover up Rick Fang, who was exposed to Rick Fang’s eyes, but he felt his blood pumping and his mouth was thirsty. He covered his body with passion in the dark night. Yu’s fire was burning, breathing and moaning, and the ambiguous charm filled the whole room.
At the dawn of the next morning, Yunruo slowly opened her eyes, and her body was comfortable. At the same time, her tiredness and pain made her sleepless. She woke up early. Rick Fang was still sleeping with her eyes closed, and her mouth was light. If there was a smile, her facial contour was so charming. If Yunruo looked at it quietly, she was a little stupid.
In the morning, I felt a little cold and cheerless, like a white jade, and my charming body was exposed in the air. I gently moved my body and wanted to shrink into the warm arms of Rick Fang, only to tear the wound. If Yunruo choked back the pain and exhaled a slight frown, I saw the scarlet on the sheets when I looked around.
If the clouds can’t stop blushing, they will collide with their bodies after the tearing pain last night, and they will be like a huge wave, and a small boat will keep bumping.
This bad guy doesn’t know if it’s the first time for others to be so strong.’ If Yun’ hates’, looking at Rick Fang’s face is more and more red.
Rick Fang woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning. If Gordon pai’ ea chung-hoon was no longer breathing beside him, he looked at the sheets and looked at them. Fang Xujun’s face was red.
Rick Fang YunRe already ready after washing. After dinner, they sat on the sofa and warmed for a moment.
"If you don’t go to work today?" Rick Fang asked if the wrong novel network doesn’t jump words.
If the cloud is charming and nods lightly with a red dot, "I’m asking for leave." When I get up early in the morning, the pain like tearing makes her struggle. If I am confused, I will decisively give myself a day off and clean some things at home by the way.
"Leave?" Rick Fang asked smoothly.
"Well" cloud if light replied didn’t good the spirit gave Rick Fang a cross Chen way "is not all you".
Rick Fang one leng then suddenly chuckled in the heart, and the jade face was tightly shrunk to Rick Fang’s arms, and he looked up and saw his handsome eyes Gherardini and looked at his heart and lamented him a few times. "You are proud of the big bad guy."
Rick Fang was deeply addicted to Yunruruo’s charming attitude and couldn’t help but lift Yunruruo’s round, smooth and small, and bowed his head and printed his lips on Yunruruo’s delicate lip.
"Hurry up, Xu. Aren’t you going to hold an activity today?" The wrong novel network doesn’t jump the word sweet. After a few choking kisses, it snuggles up in Rick Fang’s arms. If the clouds breathe a sigh of relief, they look at the wall clock and wake up.
Rick Fang one leng this just remembered that today will be held in Hongmei Park class activities rushed up and prepared to ask the mouth "if the purple coral hall is ready for the dance tonight, right? Wrong novel network many words "
If the cloud is charming and smiles, "Don’t worry, Mr. Fang personally told me that my daughter is naturally in order."
Rick Fang nodded after a long time in the cloud if charming smile in a hurry to go out.
"What did Xu do? Why are you so late? Hurry up and help me get a "Rick Fang just entered the dormitory building and was sitting at the entrance of the corridor stretching his legs. He was caught in some weather-resistant days.
Took a dozen drinks in the hands of Hou Tian and led them to set off on bicycles in Hou Tian.
"Why don’t you go with the big guy?" Halfway to Rick Fang Qidao
Waiting for the weather to stare at Rick Fang. "I left early, but I stayed here to wait for you. nnd is enough."
Rick Fang said blankly, "Didn’t you say 9: 30?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Waiting for the weather stare big eyes staring at Rick Fang looked at the latter that quite some koo eyes waiting for the weather said with a smile, "It’s nine o’clock on time in Hongmei Park. Hey, it really makes the handsome boy guess right. Seeing that you didn’t come, you will know that you must be wandering in vain."
Rick Fang’s sudden class meeting in his heart was called at noon on Thursday. At that time, he was in a trance and didn’t care too much.
"Xu, if you don’t come today, it will be a big loss. I heard that most of the top ten beauties in the school were invited by handsome guys and Sprite. With these beauties to help us out, this activity has added a lot of color." Hou Tianxi said.
Rick Fang’ Oh’ waited for a while and added, "It’s a pity that there are so many flies with beautiful women. This is very uncomfortable and good. How did a class activity become a couple?"
Wait for the weather and then said, "But listen to the handsome guy and say that most beautiful women are going to attend the dance in the Golden Emperor at night. Do you think that gathering people in the open air to eat barbecue will damage the image of beautiful women? It’s a pity that I’ve been practicing hard for a long time, and the seventy-two secret methods of Houshi barbecue can’t be sent. Alas, it’s really a jealous talent. "
Looking at the weather, Rick Fang chuckled and laughed all the way. After about half an hour, they entered Hongmei Park.
Because there are many tourists in Hongmei Park on Saturday, the park is very large. Although it is called Hongmei, in fact, other plants account for the majority, so the Botanical Garden is not too much located in the southern suburbs of the city. Among them, all kinds of plants dazzle tourists, and there are large tracts of forests around it that block the noise of the city. You may find the gurgling stream at your feet, listening to the sound of water flowing in your ears and chirping birds, but you feel as if you are in this place, which really forgets the worldly troubles.
The second volume Chapter 37 Park
The second volume Chapter 37 Park
It’s a good place. I didn’t find it early. Walking on a winding path leading to a secluded place, Rick Fang thought to himself that nowadays, most tourist attractions are full of feasting and dancing, and most of them are smoky and lively, but it is increasingly difficult to find a place like Hongmei Park, which is really rare.
"Ha ha xu looks good today" Shuaike saw two people smiling to meet up and lead Rick Fang to wait for the weather to come to the crowd.
Rick Fang, boy, the crowd was covered with several pavilions, and the crowd was scattered regardless of class. Fortunately, all the young men and women got acquainted soon, and everyone was laughing at each other without being restrained.
"Come on, let me introduce you-this is the first handsome guy in Rick Fang, our Z University in my class." Shuaike presented a treasure to introduce Rick Fang to everyone.
Rick Fang introduced the people in Shuaike to greet them. To tell the truth, although he does not exclude lively and pleasant chatting, it is not his director. Fortunately, half of these people are familiar people, so it doesn’t seem too restrained.
Then the students got together in twos and threes, mostly men and women matched each other or chatted, or visited the beautiful scenery of the park, or took out the prepared instruments and played them. Some men and women got together and played games, and laughter came everywhere.
It turns out that Yang Le and Shuaike didn’t deliberately prepare activities except for the barbecue at noon (there is a special place for barbecue in the park). Because there are too many people, everyone’s preferences are too different and they are not familiar with each other. The two of them scattered everyone and arranged more than ten lively students to intersperse in various’ strongholds’ to mobilize the atmosphere and come together. That goal has naturally been achieved. Now it seems that the effect is really good.
"Xu didn’t take part in the martial arts competition yesterday, and the brothers also went to pay tribute to you." Shuaike didn’t take part in the arrangement of all the people’s play activities, and he had to co-ordinate the bureau. After Rick Fang played with all the people for a while, Rick Fang withdrew politely in the eyes of girls’ bitterness and boys’ snickering.
"I’m sorry for the delay."
Shuaike crossed his legs and said with a smile, "It’s a pity that I heard from the critics that the audience in previous competitions were all men, but this year they were all beautiful women, and most of the top ten beauties in the school were here. Hey, I think someone must have revealed the result that you were going to participate in the competition, but as a result, the competition list was not released until half an hour before the competition, which disappointed many sisters."
"Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t have that great charm." Rick Fang argued with a smile.
Shuaike ha ha smiled and patted Rick Fang on the shoulder and said, "Don’t be modest. Others don’t say that Sister Liujia must be. I also heard that Jiang Panyue and Ye Tingting are specially here to pay tribute to you."
"You go to hell, I don’t know about your innuendo, but you are good at it." Rick Fang didn’t good the spirit to criticise Shuaike smell speech. Hey hey smiled and even said "conceded". It’s really rare to be proud of such a cheeky guy.
Rick Fang shook his head and smiled after a long time. "What’s the final result of the game?"
Shuaike was about to answer with a bright eye. Hey, hey, grinned and said, "I came back as soon as I saw that the competition list didn’t have your name, but my senior must know."
"Senior?" Rick Fang slightly one leng looked down Shuaike’s eyes but saw a cowboy dressed up. Yunna came up to the two men not far away. There were several bees around her, and she was stared at by Yunna coldly, so she couldn’t stand the cold and excused herself.
Soon Yunna came to two people’s side. Rick Fang Yunna looked at them with four eyes. They all looked at each other with a slight red handsome. They didn’t find subtle changes in their looks, but they also knew that Yunna would come to Rick Fang and smiled, "Good senior."