It can be said that it is an advantage, but it also costs money for the family to maintain the number. The salary of Tianquemen for a condensate period is one million gold dollars per month, and even if a condensate period family presses the salary to the bottom, it will cost one hundred thousand gold dollars a month, which is nearly ten million Chu gold dollars a year.

Although the tycoons in Dongchuan Province promised to give him 7 billion gold dollars in financial support, a small part of it was to help Tianhua Zhenren and himself win over Tianquemen in Haoyue, and most of it was also to be taken away by Tianhua Zhenren. The money that could fall into his hands can be said to be very small, but at present, his cash in hand is only 200 million, and most of the rest has not been paid.
If you want to build a certain power in two years, you must raise a lot of financial resources in a short time, but where does this money come from?
I feel headache when I think about it. This Heyunqin is really harmful!
My mind flashed the image of the new president and chairman of the East China Sea Consortium. Jiang Xiao’s eyes suddenly lit up. The East China Sea Consortium must want to annex a company’s industry. If his guess is correct, then there must be a chance! Then it’s like layout exercises
Almost on the same day, the storm caused by the continuous picking of more than 20 strongholds in the four houses of the Gongye family spread rapidly to the surrounding prefectures and counties, but although it was not long before the Gongye family tried their best to control the information broadcast in the heart of the bright moon and implemented news control, it was still possible to prevent these news from being transmitted in the sphere of influence
Jiang Xiao considered the news media to attack the Gongye family at the beginning of the layout, but before the action, he secretly informed the major TV stations and newspaper groups in Haoyue Province that the first attack was over. Less than ten minutes later, the counties near Yichong City were already full of photos of the 27-story building with black smoke, and then quickly spread around. It was too late for the Gongye family to react and stop it.
By noon that day, the whole bright moon was a human being or a monster beast. Almost most people already knew that the Gongye family stole chickens and wasted money, and the rice was severely slapped in the face by Tianque Gate. In the evening, they also knew that it brought huge casualties to the Gongye family and wrote blood-red numbers on the wall of that building. In fact, it was only six teenagers who had not graduated from Tianque Gate Law School.
However, the impact of this storm did not continue until the fourth day after the incident.
First, the 600,000 residents of Tongding City first heard in newspapers and videos that the Gongye family was the murderer of the massacre, but they didn’t dare to show it at all, even though they were more angry than they were in their hearts. After all, the Gongye family was different from Tianquemen, and their prestige had been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people for thousands of years. Tongding City was only given to Tianquemen more than a decade ago, so they dared to be angry and dare not speak.
But just half an hour later, the news that the Gongye family’s stronghold was destroyed by Tianquemen came to their ears one after another, and they witnessed the signs that the smoke was rolling and the dead bodies were all over the ground. The bright red number was suspected to be naked and swore to the world that some attacks were revenge for the massacre of Gongye family in Tongdingcheng.
However, although they secretly high-fived their hearts, they still dare not express it in words. Even in the first day or two, the number of people fleeing to nearby cities is still increasing. Everyone knows that Tianquemen and Gongye family have already fought, and Tianquemen has given Gongye family such a heavy blow. It is strange that Gongye family doesn’t retaliate. The so-called city gate is on fire. These practitioners have always been fighting regardless of the occasion and have no scruples. Besides, who knows if Gongye family will take it out on their civilians when attacking Tianquemen stronghold? So if you want to live now, you must run as far as possible.
Until three days later, the Gongye family still stayed still, and these natural serial murders stopped from then on. Some people came back to the taste. What’s more, the Gongye family has been deeply rooted by the six children in the office for thousands of years, and there is no spare capacity to fight back. Suddenly, the gongs and drums can be heard all over the street. The prestige of the Gongye family in Tongding City is swept away overnight.
Then there are some powerful people and people with rich financial resources in the sphere of influence of the Gongye family. Compared with the civilians who can rely on newspapers to get information, they know much more doubts. More than 500 younger brothers of the Gongye family were killed in the war, and even a real person was involved. Although this kind of thing can be hidden from the civilians, it can’t be hidden from them, but it is also silently waiting for the Gongye family to fight back like the people of Tongding City. Now everyone can see that the Gongye family’s rule is tottering. Although Yu Wei, who is afraid of Gongye family, dare not openly contact Tianjue Gate, the secret song can
At one time, a large number of emissaries with secret missions kept coming to Tongding City and Tianquemen Mountain Gate on the high-speed train of the Sun and Moon trunk lines to find new backers and ways to keep their potential and wealth after Tianquemen attacked the bright moon and saved the province, but the Gongye family knew it well but stopped it.
The second is the major forces in the province and neighboring provinces. These human beings and demon clan forces, without exception, are all paying attention to the changes in the pattern of the bright moon provinces after the war.
The two hundred and thirty-first human-god request
Convert them into Pangu blood and Chongyuan into Daodan? Lord of the world did this? "
The fairy in the devil’s pot was somewhat surprised and looked at the monster beast’s eyes with a smile.
"Isn’t it too rough now? In fact, if you exchange some herbs with them first and then add them to the devil’s pot for cultivation, you need to wait for two or three. These monsters can be exchanged for more drugs and implements or exchanged for raw materials, so that Ying Shunchen can come back to alchemy and refine more. "
"Two or three years? Can’t wait! Fairy in the pot, I’m all white, but now I don’t have the time to wait for herbs to grow up in Ying Shunchen. Now he has other important things I ordered to do, and they may all come back. "Jiang Xiaoyi replied with a wry smile," You need to tell me how much imitation Pangu blood and Chongyuan can be exchanged for this devil-smelting pot monster. "
The fairy in the pot thought carefully before saying, "If you exchange Pangu blood, you can get 49 bottles of Yu Chongyuan and Daodan, and even the simplest prescription can get about 27 pills."
"Then what if the ratio of one to three is exchanged for Pangu blood and Chongyuan into Daodan?"
"Seven bottles of Pangu blood rushed into 24 Daodan pills."
"Is there so little?" Compared with the height that Jiang Ber Ber’s two families need to reach after two years, Jiang Xiao’s frown is really too small. Although this demon-refining tripod has good functions, it is not satisfactory! But after careful consideration, he laughed and shook his head to get the devil’s pot. This artifact is hard for others to be lucky, but he still wants more.
Ginger smile in accordance with is wry smile pot fairy bridled suddenly move said "Lord adults outside someone to see you"
"oh? Who is it? Is it him? " Ginger smile in accordance with the smell speech eyebrows a pick up the whole office also have human-god and Nan Fang to enter his room in his spiritual awareness method and Fang Nan will feel something when he enters his body at four zhangs. Only Human-god can always deceive his spiritual awareness. The wizard’s adult hasn’t come out often recently. It is necessary to come to him at this time and have something important to think about here. Ginger smiles in accordance with the stroke of the sleeve. "Forget it! If there is something better than an alchemist, I will leave it to you. According to the ratio of one to three, when I come in, I must see seven bottles of Pangu blood and twenty-four pieces rushing into Daodan. I am in a hurry. "
"Yes!" The fairy in the pot looked down and bowed down and said, "The Lord’s adult can rest assured that the old man will never miss your great event."
"That’s good!" Jiang Xiaoyi was about to leave when she was slightly jawed, but she inadvertently saw that the fairy eyes in the pot were a little lonely. After thinking about it, she knew what it meant and smiled. "I’ll find some people to come into the pot. Don’t you worry that no one will talk to you."
Say that finish don’t want to stay in shape a soft soul has been out of the body.
Hurriedly hugged Jiang Xiaoyi, the fairy in the body pot was first happy and then sad. He could see what Jiang Xiaoyi had experienced in the past few months. There are too many strong enemies that the Lord of the world has to face. It is no wonder that he would be so forced to say that this plane is too strange. Not only is the strong far better than the general plane, but there is still time and these two kinds of ordinary planes, not to mention that the celestial world has no blood power.
In addition, although the man named Chiyou who is outside can see the real strength because he is sealed in his body, the strength of his soul force seems to be out of phase with his former master. It is reasonable to say that even at the beginning of the plane, a strongman should not produce this series. Even in a world, this kind of person is a male level.
Shaking his head, the fairy in the pot simply put these problems behind him. Since the law has figured it out, I don’t want to think that the owner of the devil’s smelting pot didn’t give him too much wisdom when he made him. He is really not very good at this aspect.
But do you want to tell your master these things? The fairy in the pot is lost in thought again. He has hesitated for a long time.
Back to his own body, Jiang Xiaoyi just opened his eyes and saw that his eyes were flashing with strange light. Shen Hero was sitting in the chair opposite him and looked at himself with eyes bright, and his side was naturally accompanied by that kind of suffocating coercion.
"Ginger smile in accordance with what happened to you just now? Why did I always feel that there was a soul in your body before you woke up from meditation? " Seeing Jiang Xiaoyi wake up, Chiyou’s face is unabashedly stunned.
"Ha ha! Lord Chiyou, everyone has his own secret, doesn’t he? " Ginger smiled and asked with a smile.
After a faint look at the purple boy, Chi-you didn’t ask again, but his face nodded callously. "Now the consumption of soul power in the plane is relatively large. You should be careful before the out-of-body experience period. Otherwise, the consequences are unpredictable."
Although Chiyou’s tone is dull all the time, Jiang Xiaoyi still recognized the thread in the other language. He felt a little warm in his heart and felt a little incredible and untimely. He and the ancient witch god actually had feelings.
"Lord Chiyou laughs and knows the limits. Do you have something important to tell me when you come to see me so early today?"
It’s because it’s only seven o’clock.
"well! Today, I looked through the hero’s memory and knew that you borrowed his body from the damaged meridians three days ago. Of course, there are other things to tell you. "
Say that finish human-god also don’t stay Jiang Xiaoyi talk just got up and walked to the front of the purple boy held out his hand and said, "let me see your injury first, maybe I can help you."
Jiang Xiaoyi was suddenly startled when he heard the news. Could the witch God Chi-you also hurt people? Although suspicious in my heart, I still hesitate to hold out my left hand.
Can’t you see the purple boy’s face with a grain of salt? Chi-you smiled mysteriously, and without much explanation, he put his finger on the teenager’s wrist pulse. After that, Jiang Xiaoyi felt a breath of qi similar in composition but different in other body. His qi was pumped into his meridians from the hand Taiyin Lung Meridian. Just as he wanted to resist, he was overwhelmed by this breath, which became more and more huge with Chi-you pouring in. It was then that Chi-you’s eyes became clear after running freely and smoothly in the twelve regular and odd meridians.
Compared with a lot of life, Xiangsuofa can nourish his scars, and the walls are full of them in a flash. Most of them have been healed.
When all the witchcraft of Chiyou withdrew from his body, Jiang Xiao felt that the meridians were warm and could not say how comfortable he was. Although he still felt a stabbing pain, it was far worse than yesterday, and the force on the meridians was also hindered.