"Don’t look at Jiang Hao, you go. I called."

"You screamed and woke Xi Bao up, and I continued to coax me."
Joe only raised his knee angrily, but his body was covered with a quilt and she couldn’t kick him.
"Don’t move," Jiang Hao said. "I don’t want to do anything. I just want to help you get the dirty things in your hair." Then he reached out and carefully picked her long hair to get the dirty things that stuck to your face. "It’s so sticky. It’s sugar. Hehe, it scares you so much."
Joe gave him a blank look and said angrily, "Go away, I’m going to bed."
"You really don’t want to see my circle of friends"
"don’t want to"
"Then add a good friend."
"No, I can also blacken it if I add it."
That’s true. Every time he secretly adds it to her, it’s a black ending.
"Are you going or not?"
Jiang Hao Nye nodded and slowly let her go. One day, you will be willing. One day.
It’s late at night, breathing evenly and sleeping soundly. Jiang Hao looked at Qiao Xinwei several times. There was no movement there, and she probably fell asleep. He was so warm and real with his arms around him. He laughed from the bottom of his heart.
One day you will turn around.
Chapter 5 I’m not his wife
Chapter 5 I’m not his wife
Section 162
A sudden shower interrupted their plan to go to the seaside. The weather became colder and the north wind was stronger. Considering the children, they had to go back to neighboring States.
When I got back to Linzhou, I heard the neighbors of the canteen talking about the case of Hong Chunyan. It has been more than half a month since this case, and people are still talking about things after dinner.
But listen carefully, as if the case has made new progress.
"The murder case was a fuse. In fact, the police have been staring at that hotel for a long time, and there are senior officials behind it."
"I heard that there are several high-ranking officials, and now they are all dismissed."
"Anti-corruption and anti-vice are often linked."
Qiao Xinwei turned to look at Jiang Hao and saw his frown on his face.
It was on that day that the words came from home, and Lin Caiyin said anxiously, "A Hao, your father was taken away by the police."
"When" Jiang vast consternation it was too sudden.
"Just now, Director Chen personally asked your father to go to the police station to ask a few words, but I just don’t trust him."
Facing Qiao Xinwei’s surprised expression, he said heavily, "Mom, don’t worry too much. It’s probably just a few questions."
"A Hao Jin chief was detained"
"What" Jiang Hao was stunned again. His ears were wrong. "It’s Jin Jianjin, the old chief."
"Yes, that is, I retired from your present position. The old chief of Jin was caught from home in the middle of the night yesterday. Your father received a lot of words early this morning, saying that the chief of Jin’s affairs didn’t take long before Director Chen came and scared me to death. Did your father also get detained?"
Jiang Hao’s face is as white as earth. "Mom, don’t think twice about it. It’s so simple."
"Come back quickly. Now I’m scared at home alone."
"Okay, you wait at home."
Hung up the words Jiang Hao face especially dignified jin chief is his teacher and will he single-handedly pull up this just retired for two years how can this happen?
In fact, the head of Jin retired from the position of head. After all, this position is reserved for young people when they are old. After retiring, he still holds important positions in important departments and has multiple identities.
He was also preparing to go back to the capital, and suddenly he had to leave early.
"Dad, are you leaving again?" It is a great blow to young children to see him pick up his salute and cry. He is not a crybaby, but he finally recognized his father and he is leaving again.
Jiang Hao squatted and brushed away tears in his face. He touched his head and said, "Dad is going to do something and will be back soon."
"Boo-hoo, you lied. You said you’d never leave Dad. You lied." I wiped my tears when my mouth was flat, and then I hung it up and dropped it directly into Jiang Hao’s hand.
Jiang Hao felt so guilty that his heart felt even worse when the child cried.
Qiao Xinwei picked him up, wiped his tears and advised him, "Dad Bao has been with us for a long time every day. He has very important things to do now. You can’t help him."
"But, but I don’t want Dad to go. What if Dad doesn’t come back?"
Jiang Hao promised, "No, Baba will definitely come back soon."
"Dad, can’t you stay?" Holding on to a pair of big teary eyes makes people feel very distressed.
Qiao Xinwei said, "Xi Bao can’t be unreasonable. Dad really has something to do, so it’s the same reason that he can put Xi Bao in the nursery. There’s nothing he can do, okay?"
Nodding in Xi, although the action agreed, he was still very reluctant, and he was afraid of losing his father again.
Jiang Hao can’t stand such pathetic little eyes and feels like a sinner.
Just as Jiang Hao was in various contradictions, Qiao Xinwei suddenly said, "Xi Bao, why don’t we go with dad and let dad do things? How about we go to see grandma and grandpa?"
When Jiang Hao’s eyes lit up, she broke into tears and clapped her hands and cried, "Yes, yes, I’m going with my father. I’m going to see my grandparents."
Jiang Hao was still in the excitement when he saw that Joe had packed a big box, packed up a lot of clothes and looked for things to take away all over the house.
When the rent is due, she is not in a hurry to find a house. She is not in a hurry to find a job or go to a nursery. She is not in a hurry to find a kindergarten. In fact, she has already planned to go back.
Things don’t look much, but they are packed up a lot. After all, it is the place where she lived for four years, and it is also the place where she lived from birth to now. Finally, it is necessary to pick and choose.
"Mom, can’t I pack a comic book?"
"I can’t pack your picture book crayons, and I won’t buy them for you when I get to the capital, okay?"
"Is the capital the same?"
"There is something better than this."
I happily agreed, "Well, mom, I want to take the bear, can I hold it?"
"Mom, I also want to bring a kettle."
"Can’t take it"
"Put it in my bag."
"I can’t put it in your small bag. It’s a birthday gift kettle so big that I can’t bring it. Mom will buy it for you. It looks better than this."
"Can’t you take a small train?"
"Well, you can’t take Xi Bao. These toy capitals all have grandmothers’ homes. There are still many, don’t you remember?"