Zhao Deyan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a trace of anger in his heart. Except that he touched the nail in Su Ye, he was destined to be the focus of women no matter what occasion he attended. There was always another man on the spot. He was as high as an emperor in ancient times, and she gave him a little sign to see women, so she immediately ran over and threw herself at him. Now these three have attracted people in the street to gather lethality here, and the beauty has no color for herself in horror. Zhao Deyan’s heart really can’t figure out what touched these three beautiful women.

Zhao Deyan quietly breathed a sigh of relief to calm himself down. You should know that he is going to the theatre. Although some people talk about this means, it should not be made by him. But he Zhao Deyan needs this at the moment. He needs it too much. Zhao Deyan feels that there is no hurry!
"Kexin, you see far away from telling us that you have something to do, but it turned out to be a stroll in the street with Fang Zong here? He is so outrageous! " Suchen looked angry and said
To far’s surprise, Chen Kexin’s long eyelashes moved, followed by tears in her eyes, and a sad look suddenly appeared. "Far, how can you do this to me?" !”
Far heart andao a "good" hurriedly in the past hands holding Chen Kexin face light way "even pretend I don’t want to see you cry" Then even Suchen felt a little horrified to see a pair of beautiful eyes bent over Suchen. Really? This public … Suchen was not surprised that she had kissed Chen Kexin and made Suchen equally surprised that Chen Kexin, the Xiao Ni, immediately forgot everything and wrapped her arms around her neck regardless. At the moment of two people kissing, Suchen’s expression stretched out with a smile. She felt the same love.
Zhao Deyan was far more surprised than Chen Kexin. Two of them openly and openly screwed up his eyebrows. At this moment, his mind suddenly became clearer than receiving a message that Chen Kexin had confirmed that he was far away and gave him his whole body and mind! Zhao Deyan felt a little hazy at this moment, but it was absolutely true that Zhao Deyan instantly felt a raging flame burning in his body.
Street passers-by stopped to watch them see this pair of pleasing men and women kissing their hearts, giving birth to wonderful, happy, harmonious and beautiful feelings. Some female college students passers-by saw this romantic scene and thought it was street courtship. They couldn’t help clapping and cheering, and the stars mixed with whistles made this street romantic and a little crazy.
Chen Kexin’s feet are a little off the ground, and she is very cooperative, pretending to cry, but being far away. This way, she can stop this. She feels that she has been held in the cloud gv 10, and there is the last trace of clarity. She knows that she is still in the downtown street, just like a soprano who has been longing for bass for a long time and singing narcissism. Now she is as quiet as water, but she is far away from the high notes. This kiss makes Chen Kexin feel his deep love.
At this time, Suchen’s eyes were also a little red. Her heart was surprisingly not a trace of jealousy, and there was a sweet smile on her mouth. She didn’t say it for a long time, but Suchen knew that she was entangled in his sister Su Ye’s guilt made him cherish the present especially, which may seem a little playboy in front of some people, but Suchen didn’t think so. Suchen was willing to defend everything far away.
Zhao Deyan feels that he is going crazy, and his blood is pouring into pieces. He feels a great humiliation. He is naturally Chen Kexin’s "companion" because those prescriptions are even more natural. Chen Kexin still retains his precious virginity, but this is true. The two people are still going to rub together and can’t untie a unity. Everything is still as terrible as more than ten cars ago. Zhao Deyan is not arrogant. It is a pity that he was knocked down in love once. It is a terrible thing that history will fatally repeat itself!
Chen Kexin finally felt that her feet were on the ground, and she was crossed with joy. This state is different from all her previous feelings. No wonder a woman will shine when she enters a state of love.
Zhao Deyan’s blood is still spraying in his body and mind. At the same time, several poisonous snakes have escaped and are desperately devouring his body and mind, and his whole body is like petrification. This state is really close to the state of computer-virus, and Zhao Deyan doesn’t know it yet.
Zhao Deyan was so angry that he wanted Chen Kexin to see the despicable act of "stepping on two boats" far away, but he didn’t expect it to be done with a kiss.
Zhao Deyan had to take a long breath and try his best to calm himself down, but he still couldn’t stop his chest from fluctuating.
Looking far away, Zhao Deyan asked, "Zhao Zong, are you unwell?"
Zhao Deyan felt his whole face stiff and smiled far away. He didn’t turn around and grabbed Chen Kexin with one hand, but he reached out to Fang Ya Zhao Deyan with the other. So he saw Fang Ya slightly shy and handed himself over to the far palm. At this moment, Zhao Deyan heard something similar to the sound of broken glass in his body. Su Chen also shook his head beside Zhao Deyan and sighed, "Zhao Zong forgot to tell you that Fang Yayuan knew about shopping in Chen Kexin." Su Chen walked a few steps with them in Fang Ya, Chen Kexin.
After walking more than 100 meters, Su Chencai said, "That Zhao Deyan seems to have vomited blood."
Far laughed, "I didn’t spit it out and swallowed it."
"Really?" Suchen Xi Xi’s smiling face is full of smug smiles.
Far away, "I will pay for shopping today!"
Su Chen and Chen Kexin glanced at each other and said, "When did it become so generous?"
Looking at Fang Ya Fang Ya with an awkward smile, she realized that she was different among the three girls, but she felt a little cold, but holding that hand far away made her feel at ease. At this moment, she saw that her mind was in place and smiled. "It’s me. Of course he’s refreshed!"
Su Chen "turns out to be like this"
Chen Kexin is "generous to others!"
In the middle of the night, Zhao Deyan’s bedroom door was closed and Zhao Deyan sat cross-legged for a long time. Suddenly, Zhao Deyan’s abdomen trembled and then he leaned forward and spit out a mouthful of black blood. After that, Zhao Deyan felt better, but he was still weak. Zhao Deyan felt a deep panic and seemed to return to the state after the spell was cast that day. What did the whole person swing without a panacea to recover? Zhao Deyan immediately shouted, "The housekeeper will find a woman in ten minutes anyway!"
Soon the charming woman came, just like in the basement of this building. After a bitter melee, Zhao Deyan determined that he was dying. Zhao Deyan threw the woman out and then threw everything that could be thrown in the room. Finally, Zhao Deyan fainted.
I don’t know how long it took Zhao Deyan to be awakened by a strange laugh. Zhao Deyan propped himself up and was surprised. Now he hit a human-like and inhuman thing in the bedroom window and laughed on the windowsill. It was from his mouth.
Zhao Deyan didn’t panic and asked, "Who are you?"
"No matter who I am, you should know that I will make you strong!" Said the man up and spread his arms turned out to be more than a meter bat wings.
"Are you a vampire?"
The other party Jie Jie laughed. "The young man has some knowledge."
Zhao Deyan’s eyes flashed. "Isn’t the vampire extinct?" Zhao Deyan has heard of the history of vampires. During his special training in the company, Zhao Deyan heard a teacher say that vampires are a great threat to ordinary people, but the same strong inferiority complex counteracts the energy of vampires. Because vampires like to walk alone, they were completely wiped out by the Templars and the Oriental Godsworn a hundred years ago. Since then, I have heard of vampires all over the world.
"No, no, not those dirty vampires. Those are really extinct, and I am the noble blood emperor."
Zhao Deyan smiled. "What are you looking for me?"
"I smell your blood, which is very good for my old man."
Zhao Deyan was stared at by this "thing" and said, "What do you want?"
"Hehe, it’s easy to bite you!" The sound just fell and the man descended on Zhao Deyan with a bat wing. Zhao Deyan immediately turned and stepped on the strange pace.
The man was first surprised, "yubu?" Then a shrill voice "better!"