"That dagger smells of blood."

Watching people discuss with each other,
Most of them are watching, but no one has made a move, and their strength is not too high. Because their strength can be distracted, which one will not concentrate on practicing, and when they break through,
The more people gather, the more experts there are. Haikui glanced sideways, which is not a good thing, but now he can’t make a dagger, and he can’t help it.
With a wave of his hand, the flying sword and bronze mirror came back to him, and Haikui turned and left, and the dagger behind him flew after him, which was quite a gesture of not stopping until Haikui’s blood was sucked out.
Haikui controlled the bronze mirror to resist while flying, and the dagger was pulled for a certain distance. He went away in the distance, and those who were watching actually flew up and followed.
They just feel that this matter, they are happy to see it,
There are many monks in Yuan Babies. After all, they can leave this star alone. If Xiu is not strong enough, he can’t bear the pressure of the star.
Haikui frowned slightly, and looked at the monks who followed him. They really liked to watch the fun. He wanted to lead the dagger to a barren land, and he was willing to chop it up for nine days and then collect it.
Now, if these people follow this operation and don’t hurt them,
He turned around and transported Zhenyuan to drink, "Give me a refund and stop following."
This sound is like thunder, accompanied by a thunderous Lei Yin.
However, the mutant protrusions,
The dagger suddenly turned its tip and rushed towards the crowd who followed, with a speed comparable to shrinking to an inch. In the blink of an eye, it crossed thousands of meters and went to the people watching.
This changes so fast that many people don’t respond.
Haikui looked at the dagger with his eyes open, harvesting the monks around Yuan infant like wheat. One blink of an eye, seven of them were scratched by the dagger, and the blood was sucked away.
The dagger sucked the blood of the monks and immediately became red, and the thick blood smell came out from his face, full of rage.
Haikui hurriedly made a move and directed the bronze mirror to stop the dagger.
Those who watched the excitement reacted at this time and dodged one after another, but they were still harvested by the dagger for seven more people’s blood.
Fortunately, the dagger sucks blood, and it’s ok to change into a new body or recover slowly, but it has caused panic. Many people shouted, "Magic sword, this is magic sword."
This dagger power is not an enemy in Yuan infant period.
The dagger emits a strong red light, forming a light ball covering the dagger, just like a moving red sphere.
Haikui stopped the dagger and shouted to the rest, "Don’t hurry back, wait for the blood to be sucked away," and the monks all around retreated.
In the distance, a black shadow moved quickly in the direction of Haikui.
Haikui looked up and saw a middle-aged fat man dressed like an ancient Tang suit coming quickly here.
Haikui felt a powerful force from the middle-aged fat body, which was taller than him.
Haikui frowned slightly, but he couldn’t stop Fat, so he saw Fat reaching for the dagger.
"Daoyou, that’s what I mean," Hai Kuishen asked.
Fat hands flashed a ray of light, making a sound of gold and iron, but grasped the dagger desperately.
Haikui looked intently, but he was wearing a glove as a magic weapon. If Haikui didn’t guess wrong, it was a special wire weaving.
Fat smiled and looked up at Haikui. "Little doll, you can’t make this sword, so I will accept it for you."
Haikui looked at Pang Xiu as good as himself, and suppressed his anger and said, "I paid for this sword, so you just took it away."
Fat eyebrows a pick, "oh, how much do you spend,"
"One …" Haikui paused and said, "One million Lingshi,"
Fat laughed. "Yes, it’s quite valuable. I don’t want junk yet. I’ll take it."
Haikui immediately flew into a rage when he saw that the fat man was going to take the sword, glaring at whether it was his opponent or not, and said coldly, "Put the dagger away."
Fat gherardini, "yo, little doll, what do you want?"
"I don’t want to do anything. Although I lost to you, it’s not that simple for you to want to leave," Haikui reached out and held a mirror in his left hand and a sword in his right.
Fat eyes slightly narrowed, thought for a moment and said, "well, little doll, a family is not bullying everyone, you come with me."
Haikui looked at Fat and grabbed the dagger, but the body of the dagger still burst into red light, and he broke free. He flew away with the dagger.
Hai Kui considered it for a while or not. This dagger is very strange. Even if there is nothing else, the power of this sword is not bad. It can fight a distracted person. This sword is a good magic weapon.
Chapter 362 Angry Planet
79 Yuepang returned to the trading city with Haikui, as if to speak to someone, and immediately a figure rose from the trading city.
There is a rule in the trading city that you are not allowed to fly in the city, but some overhaul workers regard this rule as fart and ignore it.
Came to them is a young woman in her thirties, plump, looks fair, glanced at the middle-aged fat, then at Haikui behind the fat, "Yo, fat, this is your illegitimate child."
Fat haha laughed. "Ye Niang is joking. I just met this little friend. Look at this thing." He raised his dagger.
Ye Niang looked back at Hai Kui, looked at the dagger in the fat hand, and looked at it for a while as if she didn’t see anything strange like Hai Kuigang.
"Fat, what’s strange about this dagger, but it’s just a smell."
Fat hey hey smiled. "Ye Niang, I didn’t expect you to be deluded."
Ye Niang looked suspiciously at Fat, and looked at Fat’s dagger again.
Haikui looked at them not far away, and he felt the pressure from them, both of whom were taller than him.
If one person is fat, Haikui still has some room for manoeuvre, but for two people, Haikui doesn’t even have a chance.
Ye Niang stared at the dagger in the fat hand and suddenly showed surprise. "Is this something before Mr. Two?"
Fat nodded, "yes, younger sister, is a little insight,"
Ye Niang some don’t believe, "how do you know it’s Mr. Two, Mr. Two have been dead for so long?"
Fat laughed. "I said it doesn’t count. Let’s go and get them both."
Said, and the two of them were about to leave. Fat gave Haikui a look back. "Come if you want, but I don’t want to. Fat never cheats. I’ll give you one million Lingshi when I come back."
Ye Niang beside laughed. "So you got it from this little hand and gave it back. Just this little brother repaired it. Even if we take him away, there’s nothing we can do."
Haikui looked at Ye Niang coldly. This woman is definitely a thousand-year-old demon type.
Fat heavy way "I this person is the most credibility,"
Haikui looked at the dagger as if it really had a secret, and said, "I’ll go with you. This sword is mine. If you have any secrets, you have to take me."
Ye Niang eyes a bright, "yo, little brother, it seems that you know something,"