Emoko smiled awkwardly. "To tell you the truth, I’m in my thirties this year and I haven’t married a daughter-in-law. But since I saw this Yang Yulu, I feel like I’ve lost half of my soul. I can be cruel to other women, but I just can’t be cruel to her. I like her, but I’m afraid she won’t see what I intend to do. She has been taking care of her like this."

Haikui smiled lightly. "But you know what? She doesn’t feel that you like her at all, because she thinks you are quite nice."
Emoko scratched his head and some would "I also know that if I meet a woman in a bar, I can just say it if I like it, but I can really pursue a person without playing, which is what I don’t know at all."
Haikui laughed. "Tiger Brother, you are very good. I like you. Okay, I get it."
Emoko’s face is smiling and he feels bitter at the moment.
"There is another thing," Haikui continued.
"Go ahead, I will do my best to do it within my ability." Emoko’s face is serious and he looks like a gentleman.
Haikui gave him a look and nodded. "It’s strange that you can have such a big bar. Although you are not a gentleman, you are definitely a lean man who can bend and stretch, and you will surely achieve great things."
Emoko has a smile on his face. "Thank you for your compliment." He is also planning to have a chance in his heart. When he meets Liu Zhanfeng’s master, he should learn something from his master or pretend that Sun Zhen is really fucking miserable.
"Yang Chen, you know, is a young man who often comes to your bar with his buddies, Xiaohei, Xiaobao and Guanyu." Haikui slowly talked about another thing about himself.
Emoko twisted his eyebrows and thought for a moment and said, "Oh, you said that the individual has some impressions, but he is a small punk and usually has no friendship."
"Do you have any friendship with me? I want to ask if you are afraid of him?" Haikui touched a bar and asked
"He? That little punk can turn over a finger. He said that he would never dare to go west, "Emoko said triumphantly."
"That’s good," Haikui said with a smile. "I invited them to bring some interesting performances to your bar today, which will definitely make the audience enjoy it."
Emoko shuddered at Haikui’s strange smile. "At your command."
"Well, it’s a deal." Haikui patted Emoko’s shoulder with satisfaction and got up and walked away.
Emoko followed Haikui, and Haikui turned to look at him. "Don’t send it when everything is finished."
Emoko’s face is smiling. "Aren’t we going to arrange a program?"
Haikui waved his hand. "No, you have to follow you for a while. Just tell everyone in your bar to listen to me."
Emoko nodded and watched Haikui out of the office.
Seeing Haikui go out, he exhaled with a wry smile, picked up the steel ball gun, walked to the front seat, pounded around in front of the back wall, hit a secret door and went straight into it.
As soon as Haikui went out, he saw Yang Yulu with a full face of expectation. He was looking forward to seeing Haikui coming out and running quickly. He just wanted to open his mouth and ask Haikui to give her a victory gesture and said, "It’s done. It’s agreed with Emoko that you will come with me tonight."
"really?" Yang Yulou some don’t believe it
"Why should I lie to you? Why don’t you go in and ask Emoko?" Haikui’s face is always smiling.
Yang Yulu stared at Haikui carefully for a while and found that he didn’t look like a liar and hung up a happy smile.
Hai Kui took out his ticket and handed it to Yang Yulu. "Make a phone call according to this train number and order a ticket, regardless of the berth and hard seat."
Yang Yulu took the Haikui ticket and nodded.
"All right, you go and do it. After that, you go straight home and talk to your mother and wait for me in the train waiting hall!" Haikui reached out and said, "Give me your mobile phone."
Yang Yulu is very obedient and handed the phone to Haikui.
Haikui entered her number into her mobile phone and handed it back to her. "Here’s my number. Call me if anything happens. Go."
Yang Yulu stupefied and nodded. I don’t know what this boy said. She didn’t even think about listening to him.
Haikui watched Yang Yulou’s building and then turned to the man at the door and said, "Where did the brother who called names just now go?"
The man was one leng and then said, "In that lounge" refers to the end of the corridor.
Haikui went straight to the door of the lounge and said that he slammed the door and kicked it. When he saw it, the little swearing boy was sitting by the window smoking.
The people inside were stunned first, and then when they saw that it was Haikui, they immediately became furious. "You are paralyzed. Who are you? How dare you kick the door?"
"Wait a minute, I’ll see if your tone can be so hard." Haikui said coldly.
The man who showed Haikui the way hurriedly came to "I said, brother, you should also know Emoko just now. Forget it. This little temper is strange. Let’s go." The man came to gently pull Haikui.
Haikui raised his eyebrows and said, "Old temper is strange."
Smoking small, throwing cigarette butts on the ground without saying anything, opening your mouth and spitting at Haikui. Haikui flashed sideways and asked coldly, "What’s your name?"
"Paralysis, I’ll call you dad" and he rushed to Haikui in two steps to lift a foot and kick it over.
Haikui’s eyes shrank and sneered, "I can’t kill you with this sentence." Understandably, he raised his right hand high and suddenly rolled at him.
The young man raised his arm to resist, but for them, is the power of cultivating immortals beyond the reach of a mortal? A punch on the directly hit him in the ground pain muttered.
Haikui stepped on his head and asked, "What’s your name?"
"I call you dad!" Even if it is hit to the ground, it is still stubborn.
Haikui sneered, "Well, I’ll waste your legs today and let you crawl around."
The man behind hurriedly came to hold Haikui. "This brother doesn’t need such a heavy hand. I think you are also a friend of Emoko, otherwise there will be no one in our bar?"
"I don’t care about everyone in your bar," Haikui said arrogantly.
"Brother, I respect you, at least you should respect me," said the man, who was still in a good temper.
Chapter 97 Become immortal with your sister.
Haikui looked back at him for three seconds and said, "Well, I’ll spare him once in your face. What’s your name?"
"My name is Wu Dong," said the man behind.
"Good Angkor, I’ll sell you a face today." Haikui stepped on the little back a little bit, then turned his head and held out his hand to Wu Dong and smiled. "Call me Kui Shao, and I hope I can meet you again later."
"We are all friends after meeting politely" Wu Dong also said with a smile.
The little boy suddenly growled and shouted, "Wu Dong, you fucking pick an inside and pick an outside guy, didn’t even help me when you saw me being bullied by outsiders. I fucking fought with your brother for nothing."
Wu Dong gave him a leer and ignored him. He smiled at Haikui. "Brother, you can come to me when you play in the bar later. Although I am not the main thing, it is not bad in the bar."
"Well, I’ll come to you if I have the chance," Haikui said, and walked outside the lounge.
Wu Dong glanced at Mao San Xiao and said, "Mao San, you are not to be taunted." Then he turned and went out.
Mao San squatted on the ground and shouted, "This world has made me afraid of Mao San before I was born. Don’t run away and I’ll kill you."
Wu Dong chased Haikui out from behind and laughed lightly. "Ignore Mao San is a rash man."
"Don’t worry, actually, I didn’t take it to heart. I’m afraid I’ll suffer after being so arrogant." Haikui laughed.
Wu Dong nodded. "Yes, it’s right for you. It’s small, regardless of occasion or time. It’s full of shit if you don’t like people."
Haikui smiled and didn’t pick up this topic again.
Wu Dongzhu went to the stairs and said, "I’ll send you here. My main duty is to protect the third floor."
Haikui stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "I will definitely come to you when I have the opportunity after Xie Angkor told me so much." Haikui went downstairs.
He feels quite good about this Wu Dong. Although it is only a few minutes, this person is calm and deliberate, calm and calm in a place like a bar, but what if people have some ideas of their own?
Haikui went down the stairs to the negative first floor. At this time, there were already many guests in the bar, with flashing lights. Handsome men and beautiful women were wandering around looking for their prey, but they were not noisy when they were not happy yet.
I took out my mobile phone and watched it for a while. It was only 6: 22 when I left Chen Yang. For a while, he found an angular position and sat down.
As soon as he sat down, someone came and brought him drinks. Haikui glanced at the woman named Yingying.