"Kui Shao Emoko told you to cancel the bar today and let us listen to your arrangement today," Yingying said with a charming smile at Haikui.

Haikui nodded slightly and picked up the table wine. Taking a sip of fruit beer tastes sweet.
Yingying sat down beside Haikui, stretched out her hand and took Haikui’s arm. She rubbed her fairly plump chest at Haikui and laughed. "It’s still early for Kuikui. Do you want to have a good time first?"
Haikui gave her a sidelong glance and said coldly, "Can’t you see that I’m underage and you seduce me like this?"
Yingying giggled and trembled, and put her face in Haikui’s ear and asked softly, "You’re not still a virgin, are you?"
This sentence deeply hurt Haikui. He glared at Yingying. Although this woman looks ordinary, she has a good figure. She didn’t push her and said coldly, "She was not a virgin when she was in primary school."
Yingying smiled and reached out and touched Haikui’s body. Haikui’s consciousness flashed back and asked, "What are you doing?"
Yingying laughed. "Sister, what do I think of you as a tender chick? Do you want to be with your sister? "
Haikui stared at Yingying and pushed her. "I’m not interested. If you sit here, you will sit quietly. You will go elsewhere to find you in Ximen Qing." Haikui has no interest in this kind of woman who is fooling around with men.
Yingying doesn’t get angry when she listens to him, giggling and pointing to Haikui’s face, saying, "You don’t look at what virtue your face is, and you are still pretending here." Then she gouged out Haikui with bitterness.
Haikui’s face is full of embarrassment and ugliness, but this sky is really not to his taste, otherwise Haikui will of course want the other party to be ambiguous for a while
Seeing Haikui’s cold eyes, although her body reacted, Yingying also knew that this guy was not interested in herself, and she was no longer self-defeating. She got up and gave Haikui a white look and twisted her ass to find herself a prey.
Haikui picked up the wine and took another sip of his eyes and swept up in the bar.
There is no shortage of beautiful women in the bar, but the makeup is a little glamorous. Haikui doesn’t like heavy makeup women’s faces. Most of them look at their buttocks and breasts with bare thighs
A place like a bar should be exposed, but it should not be exposed. It’s much better than squatting in the street and watching beautiful women. Haikui’s eyes are addicted and his heart is refreshing
The line of sight just swept from right to left and from left to right, and then Haikui took out the words and dialed Ma Mengmeng’s words.
The words were quickly connected to Ma Mengmeng’s slightly flat voice "Haikui"
"What are you doing? Are you still at your grandmother’s house? " Haikui asked
"Yeah, where are you? And music?" Ma Mengmeng asks.
"Oh, there’s something I just want to tell you-you go to the back lobby of the train yourself late, and I’ll call you when I arrive." Haikui didn’t want to tell her where she was.
Ma Mengmeng also didn’t ask more oh a direct hung up the phone.
Just after hanging up, Haikui looked up and saw a cool scene.
A woman is holding the dance floor with her hands, and a man is leaning sideways behind her, holding her waist with one hand and holding her chest with the other hand, constantly stirring up, although they are wearing clothes, it must be very cool.
Haikui looked at them as if they were two dogs having sex, and suddenly they were a little bloody, thirsty and excited.
Although I have seen this kind of scene in the video, the sensory impact in the real world is stronger.
When he looked excited, he suddenly felt that there was another person beside him who was startled. He blamed himself for looking too intently. When he turned to look, he saw a beautiful woman in front of him. This woman was also heavily made up, but Haikui could see a good face from her makeup, and her figure was also hot.
Wearing a tight dark suspender, shuangfeng was squeezed and rounded, and wearing denim shorts looked sexier than.
Go to Haikui’s side and flick her hot rose-red hair with a smile. "Who is my little brother waiting for here or do you want to meet a beautiful woman?"
Haikui body blood spurts such a monster near immediately feel qi and blood rushed to the forehead suddenly with a snort of instant red face.
"Yo, little brother’s face is so red." The woman sat down beside Haikui and held out her hand to gently touch Haikui’s face.
Although Haikui is generally tall, his temperament has changed since he practiced, giving people a feeling of sunshine. Looking around the bar, he is either drunk in his 40 s or ugly in his 20 s or 30 s. Most of them are ducks and Haikui, so the sunshine naturally attracts some women’s attention.
She gently touched Haikui’s face and smiled. "Little brother, your face is so hot." She said as she moved her position and sat tightly against Haikui, pressing half of her body against Haikui.
Haikui’s eyes burst into a new light, which contained * * eyes staring at the side of the female chest and being attracted to it.
When the woman saw him shining her eyes and looking at her chest, she smiled and said, "Do you want to feel a little brother?" Said reached a block Haikui neck pressure to his chest.
If Haikui wants to resist, even ten such women can’t. Haikui is occupied by * * at this time, and the woman puts his head on his chest.
This is the first time that he has come into contact with a woman’s chest for the first time. How elastic it is! ! ! ! !
He was so excited that he spread his hands on his legs and trembled constantly.
The woman giggled and shook herself gently, and her chest ravaged Haikui’s face.
Haikui shouted in his heart, don’t do this! Don’t! That’s … that’s exciting!
The woman shook for two times and stopped to put her mouth to Haikui’s ear and asked, "Does the little brother want to have sex with his sister?"
In an instant, Haikui felt his ears humming like a steam engine vent, and his mind was white. He was at a loss because of this excitement.
Looking at his fierce physical reaction, but still dull and lovely, the woman giggled and got up and took Haikui’s hand as if with a magic voice and said, "Let’s go, little darling, become immortal with my sister."
Haikui heard the word immortal in his head, and his brain was completely confused. He was able to support the girl, but his eyes were red but he was god.
A virgin like him can’t stand the slightest temptation. Of course, it was the beauty who lured Yingying and tempted him to feel nothing without success.
Men are more visual and think more physically.
Chapter 9 Help
Haikui unconsciously followed this woman up. At this time, he wanted to push her to the ground. This was his only thought. His fingers trembled and he held the woman’s hand hard. The woman frowned slightly and there was some pain. There were many men who were excited to see her, but this young man was excited before he did anything. It looked like a place!
Now that I see sunshine boy, I know that he doesn’t have much experience in this field, but she is still looking forward to it, because this kind of boy is short but fierce and has a lot of times, and he is not unhappy even if he pinches his female hand a little.
Haven’t taken two steps with Haikui, and Haikui suddenly threw this enchanting girl into her arms.
The frightened woman gently pushed Haikui and said, "Brother, don’t worry, we’ll go to the room. Whatever you want."
Haikui consciously shook his head. "No, I want it. I want it. I want you!"
He held the girl tightly and tried to rub her into himself.
He realized that he didn’t want to wait, so he wanted to eat the girl here.
Although the woman is bold, at this time, the bar is full of people who want to eat themselves here after reading this demo. How can this be done?