Haikui’s eyes are still open, but he can be seen glaring ahead. Suddenly, his fat smile solidified Haikui’s finger.

Then there were cracks in the ice around him, and more and more cracks were dense.
Fat fast hit method definitely wants to speed up the ice to continue to freeze.
However, a whirlpool appeared in Haikui Center, which quickly absorbed the aura of heaven and earth, and his lost aura was rapidly replenished.
"How did this happen?" Fat muttered to himself
Fat feels that the Reiki Department in the Five-Spirit Illusion Bead gathers in Haikui’s body, and even the Lingshi Spiritual Force that supports the operation of the Five-Spirit Illusion Bead is sucked away.
The ice in it melts quickly and becomes water, and then it becomes aura and is quickly absorbed by Haikui.
After a while, the water in God was absorbed, the sky faded and the earth disappeared. At this time, Haikui could see himself in a huge object like a glass ball.
The red light in his expression eyes flickered, and Zhen Yuan was supplemented. Pang Dazhen Yuan Li was running and slashing his sword, and a sword awn connecting heaven and earth suddenly appeared.
"I depend!" Fat blurted out and quickly decided to make a whole transformation. Fat came to this five-spirit illusion bead, holding a purple staff in his hand, and resisted Haikui’s sword in one fell swoop!
His figure was quickly beaten in this Xiaotian field, and it took hundreds of thousands of miles to stabilize his figure, but his clothes suddenly blew back and brought great wind.
Fat and dignified, I didn’t expect Haikui to get stronger as soon as he got there. Just this sword made him struggle. He waved his hand and a yellow paper appeared in his hand and threw it at Tianyi and shouted, "Seal!"
Haikui looked cold and ignored what Fat was doing. Flying sword raised another sword. Behind him, Ba opened his mouth and spit out a white mist and swept away towards Fat.
Fat saw Haikui Jianmang and spun his staff round and round to break up Haikui Jianmang, but Naha spit out the fog and came towards him.
Fat and dignified, he knows what that black guy is. Although he looks a bit like a turtle, I have to say that that guy is a dragon after all. That’s the dragon’s unique stunt!
Dragon’s breath, the dragon’s body has a strong physical body to enhance mana, but it has a strong corrosion on other things.
Fat figure suddenly a pull willing to spit out a sigh of relief really force to form a hurricane to bully spit dragon’s breath to blow away.
God, that yellow paper is getting bigger and bigger, covering the sky and covering Haikui Fang.
The ripple force slowly drops from the paper and hangs over Haikui and Ba.
Fat bit the tip of the tongue over there, and a mouthful of JingXie sprayed on the sky yellow paper, prompting his JingXie.
Slowly, the rune of the cinnabar painting twisted up and finally escaped from the yellow paper and wound towards Haikui and Ba.
Fat waved his hand and took the staff back in his hand.
Haikui looked up at the rune, but his eyes were red. After reading it, he looked at the fat mouth and hung up a cruel smile.
Fat to see him smile heart thumped.
Haikui’s sword with one hand and backhand with one hand suddenly gave directions in his abdomen, and his breath suddenly rose!
The rapid increase in weight feels the peak of Yuan Ying in the early stage, Yuan Ying in the middle stage and Yuan Ying in the late stage.
The fat man scolded, "Are you paralyzed? Are you crazy?" But after he shouted, he felt inappropriate. If he was not crazy, he would die. If he was crazy, there would be a difference between death and death!
Fat repair is a line higher than Haikui in the middle and late period of Yuanying. If Haikui is not crazy, then he can still beat him, but this guy actually burns Yuanying’s strength to upgrade.
Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! Fat cursed in his heart, and the staff rippled forward a little. He opened his mouth and recited the mantra, and the whole person disappeared into the five-spirit illusion bead and appeared in the dark outside.
Haikui corners of the mouth hung with a cruel smile. He looked up at Tian Fu’s paper, and the true force converged to fly sword, making a buzzing vibration, but the sword awn did not split out, but it showed itself automatically. He wanted to gather all the true force into a sword and split out an earth-shattering sword.
The flying sword is shaking more and more violently, and suddenly, a light sound comes to Hai Kuilian. This sword has a layer of obstacles that have not been broken. At this time, it is a coincidence that it has broken a layer of seal!
How powerful this sword is!
The red rune on the face is almost printed on Haikui’s body. Haikui suddenly cut off the sword with a real force.
With a sword, the rune KaKa was cut in half without any obstacles, and the yellow paper was cut in half through the sword awn, losing its mana and slowly falling.
It’s not over yet. The powerful sword continues to shake Haikui’s body. He is a little weak, but the bully suddenly rushes to carry Haikui and rushes out after the sword mans.
Sword mans quickly blink of an eye and come to the end of this little world, click a loud noise, and fat is tongue-tied outside. Although I have expected that the sudden promotion of Haikui is not what he can deal with, I didn’t expect it to be so strong!
Five Spirit Magic Beads were cut into two halves, and the mana quickly passed away. Haikui’s figure suddenly appeared in the fat disposal method, and the sword mans had not disappeared and rushed towards the fat.
Fat waved his staff to block the zither. Fat spit out one mouthful blood for one second. His body was played at the same time. This sword awn was still marching. Finally, it was torn. This broken array rumbled and continued to go at fat.
Chapter 17 is missing
Haikui and his fat figure appeared in reality, because Haikui just transferred the true force to the flying sword. Without enough true force, he shook two stone tablets and restored the original Fengwu Literature Network in a flash.
The fat body quickly retreated, and the sword was still powerful, chasing him and moving on. He couldn’t open his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood. The purple stick became bigger and fatter, and his body accelerated and fled towards the distance!
Tieao was stunned at this scene in the distance. He didn’t expect Martial Uncle to escape. Haikui rushed out of Martial Uncle’s illusion!
At this time, Haikui’s eyes were red and his body was rough because of a lot of real power and vitality, and his hair turned gray. He was as horrible as a mummy there.
Iron proud life watching not only from the bottom of my heart tremble, he didn’t dare to lie prone body breath convergence.
Haikui glared angrily and left fat, but he had lost his pursuit like a river that was about to dry up
There are two lines of turbid tears in red eyes, and the roar of the sky is shocking. The subway is proud to feel that its scalp has been lifted.
Haikui roared with all his life.
After yelling, I turned my fat magic weapon into a five-spirit magic bead and my own flying sword. I took a look at this world and his consciousness slowly recovered. He knew that he was dying, and his parents were sorry. I will accompany you.
He stamped his foot gently, and slowly lowered the soil to a depth of several thousand meters, and slowly closed his eyes. At this moment, his vitality also failed to support, and he slowly slowed down.
Fat keeps running away in front, and that huge sword has been following him like locking him in the target, so he won’t give up until he is beheaded.
The fat figure is very fast, but it also attracts the attention of other practitioners, because the fluctuation of the real yuan is too strong to scare many people. Although there are many practitioners, there are not many monks who have crossed the yuan baby in this mainland.
Fat body cold sweat straight drop, he has tried his best to endure the sword mans chasing him for days and nights, but he won’t disappear. The real yuan consumes too fast. If the sword mans can’t stop, I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold on!
On this day, Fat flew over the mountain and suddenly widened in front of his eyes. There was green everywhere, and Fat quickly glanced at it and confirmed that he had come to the boundless grassland!
Suddenly, two lights flashed in the distance and came towards him. The fat heart looked a little tight and looked close. The face was happy and shouted, "Tong Daoyou Cao Daoyou, come and help me!"
Tong Cao and his wife felt the strong fluctuation of the real yuan, and they were so bold to release the powerful real yuan. You can see that it is fat. Look at the sword mans chasing behind him. Their hearts are all surprised than this. They know that Yuan Ying’s mid-term peak is not in this place, but it is also rare. I didn’t expect that someone could drive him so embarrassed!
Without saying anything, the two of them offered their magic weapons one after another. The surname Tong Shuang walked out of a tall skeleton with a evocation banner and a shaking soul banner. The skeleton warrior held a broadsword and the surname Tong reached out a little. In the future, the eye socket of the dark hole suddenly flashed green light and waved a knife at the sword mountain.
The surname Cao holds a flying sword in his hand and reverses the blade, while the other hand moves forward a little, and there is a click sound. His left hand shows blue ice crystals at the speed visible to the naked eye, and his left hand pushes forward, and a chill is directed at the fat, and there is a click sound.
Fat hurriedly dodged the two tricks and came to the two men to hold the fist. "Thank you for your help!"
TongZhen laughed "Li Daoyou welcome"
Just then, the sword-mans skeleton war has collided and made a sound. The sword-mans actually split the skeleton war in two.
Tong Zhen immediately turned green and pointed out, "What master have you offended, Li Daoyou?" With a wave of his hand, he collected the chopped skeleton warriors and put them away.