Hidden in the fog and flame, Chu Renjie first glanced at the’ then-class’ body and then his eyes flickered and asked tentatively, "Daoyou is wearing the doorway of Daliao Starry Gate, but the Starry Gate is frozen, Wan Li Wan Changqing Brother?"

The old man brushed his beard and opened his eyes. "Exactly!"
"Ha ha! No wonder there is such a thing as Xuan Bing gas in the pavilion. "Chu Renjie asked with a smile." It seems that Brother Wan must ask an answer? "
"That’s right!"
"So do other people mean the same thing?" Chu Renjie glanced at the other people in the carriage again. There are many ways to go. Their superficial self-cultivation gas comes out from the dozens of then-level body-piercing bodies, and Wan Changqing’s attitude is self-evident.
Chu Renjie smiled and dispersed the flames around him. "In this case, I will give you an answer. In fact, this matter is still agreed, and your destination is nothing more than that thing. I don’t know if it is right?"
"Hey hey! Half a day ago, the artifact was born. First, it fell into my Nantiandi Palace. A younger brother didn’t want to be in my palace. But in a minute, he was brutally killed. The artifact was also taken away by people. The location was ten miles away from Liuzhou City. "
I heard that Wan Changqing suddenly sneered, "Your brother in the palace was killed by others, and the artifact was not taken away by us! It’s not reasonable to leave us here when we can’t find the murderer and things? "
Chu Renjie gave him a cold look and bowed his hand to the crowd. "This matter is nothing for you, but I have it in Nantiandi Palace to hunt down the murderer."
"At that time, I received information from Nantiandi Palace, which blocked all the passages in Fiona Fang six miles. Now more than 2,000 younger brothers in my palace are trawling in this area. If we let this floating rail car go, the murderer will not sneak into the car to escape-"
"Hum! There’s always a time limit for searching, right? It is impossible to leave us here forever in the name of searching! "
"I naturally know this." Truman nodded his head and looked more solemn. "Please give us an hour and a time limit! During this period, you can move freely if you don’t leave this floating train. When I find out the murderer in Nantiandi Palace or when we agree, I will let Nantiandi Palace go free no matter what the situation is at that time. What do you think? "
"This is the bottom line of my Nantiandi Palace! If you insist on not allowing it, then Nantiandi Palace will try its best to keep you here even if it tries to offend the sects behind you! "
Wan Changqing frowned, revealing a thoughtful face, thoughtfully for a moment and suddenly nodded.
And the rest of the’ then level’ although never speak in order to give meaning to cut are also recognized meaning Truman don’t say more turned and left the car left a mess.
Seeing this scene, Jiang Xiaoyi is almost white.
The ins and outs of the car, which many fix the true, turned out to be waiting for him. If the tight encirclement in Nantiandi Palace is really tight enough, then this train may be the only way to escape, and the murderer has a chance to hide in this car.
Now it’s up to us to see if the murderer can escape the search of Nantiandi Palace at this time. It seems that this drama has just begun!
"Ha ha! Hello, little friend. It’s a long night, old and sleepy. I wonder if little friend would like to play chess with me, a bad old man? "
Just thinking about the situation clearly, shaking his head and laughing, he was about to get up and leave. A 70-year-old Xu Bai, pale as a jujube, was sitting in front of him while Jiang Xiao was away from home, dragging a white jade chessboard in his hand. It was not a kind of chess that Jiang Xiao had seen in his previous life, but a kind of chess similar to this world, which was called a famous chess game in wartime, and the old man turned out to be one of the dozens of then levels.
Eyes with a surprised look at each other, Jiang Xiaoyi looked at the sky outside the window. At this time, it was just sunset, and there was still a glimmer of sunset glow on the horizon. It was too early to leave in a hurry and smiled. "I’m afraid I have to disappoint my predecessors. This flag is small!"
"Oh?" Opposite the white old man’s eyebrows, I can’t check that chess is very popular in China. From Yan Guonan’s theory, whether it’s a rich house or a rising bucket of Wang, will it mean more to say that the masked boy across the street is so afraid or evasive?
Cha Yan knows the meaning and Jiang Xiaoyi laughs. "Don’t misunderstand that this war chess is really not going to happen. Otherwise, if the predecessors really feel chatting, I will teach you a kind of xinqi in China?"
As soon as this remark came out, Shen Yingxiong couldn’t help but look at Jiang Xiaoyi in amazement. Since they met each other, Jiang Xiaoyi was inseparable. In his eyes, Jiang Xiaoyi was simply a practicing madman. Most of the time every day, he was exercising his vitality and the remaining land of Taoism was also spent in the library. He had never seen Jiang Xiaoyi play any chess with anyone, let alone xinqi Clock.
And the old man across the street is also surprised at the color "China is planted in xinqi? Ha ha! An old man is a good chess player all his life. What kind of chess have you never seen before? Even in ancient times, it was almost chess-losing and old-fashioned. If it is really the old-fashioned place in China today, you must see it. "
After that, I threw the white jade chessboard into the ring, and the veteran stretched out his hand with sleeves and made a gesture, "Please, little friend!"
Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t refuse to look around. After a stroke, the palm of his hand was on the desktop, and the 19 equal-distance notches suddenly appeared at the dining table. He reached out and made a few final seals and then held them in a fist. The people first poured a little bit of force from the hole in his fist, and then fell from the fist to form a smooth and round chess.
"Ha ha! Xiaoyou, your skill is not simple! The achievements of these little friends alone are no longer in those five-sided young dragons. It seems that your appearance should not be over 20 years old. Which of the three young dragons is the unknown little friend? "
The old man’s eyes are quite meaningful. Looking at Jiang Xiaoyi, leaving those nicks on the table in front of the masked teenager has nothing to do. Those who fix the truth after the congenital period can easily do it. But behind it, by making chess means, it needs a strong force to control it, and the transformation method is as good as a letter. This understanding of the Tao is not like a teenager’s hand. As far as the old man knows, even some old people may not be able to get it half.
"The seniors didn’t guess that I was Xibai and Zhong Sun Zhaonu?" Ginger smiled and asked, while the right palm continued to transform the chess, which was black and white with 111 grains each.
"Xibai and ZhongSunZhao slave? Ha ha! These two people are in this carriage. Of course you can’t be them! " The old man shook his head and saw that Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t want to answer and no longer asked. It was a slight smile on his mouth and his eyes looked at the desktop.
Ginger smiled at the smell speech and looked at the position where the young man in white was sitting with amazement. Since Zhong Sun Zhaonu was also in this carriage, it was most likely that the young man in plain white had expected this man to be extraordinary, but he didn’t want him to be one of the five-sided young dragons. This man had a full face of worries and didn’t know it was because.
I was thinking that the old man suddenly laughed again and asked, "Little friend, I think these 19 vertical and horizontal straight lines should be chessboards, but this black and white round stone is the right chess, but I don’t know what it is?"
Jiang Xiaoyi smiled and put a black in Tianyuan’s position. "As you can see, the chess is divided into black and white, and the black player goes first. The chessboard is made up of 19 pieces in vertical and horizontal directions with equal distance to form 361 intersections. The chessboard is marked with nine dots called stars, and the central star is also called Tianyuan. The chess can be placed at these points. The adjacent points are the points of the chess’ Qi’ line. If there are chess of the same color, then these chess will be connected with each other.
w w w
Jiang Xiaoyi explained that the rules of Go were simple and brief, and it was not long before he explained them clearly. Although it was the first time he came into contact with the old man, he was fascinated by the charm of Go. At this time, Jiang Xiaoyi had other thoughts in his heart. This old man couldn’t have just played chess when he was looking for him. Otherwise, so many people in the restaurant would come to him instead of looking for him. But he couldn’t guess what the other party was for.
Suddenly, there was a strong uneasiness in the young man’s heart, and he looked to the north almost without thinking, and the imperceptible sorrow emerged in his eyes.
The two hundred and fortieth analysis
So you have arrived outside the suburbs of Zhenzhou? "
"It’s always patrol adults! We are now seven kilometers away from the center of Zhenzhou, and we will enter Zhenzhou in about two minutes, but chief inspector, are you sure you want to do this? "
"Why? Are you dissatisfied with my decision? "
"It’s a little strange to be dissatisfied with the general patrol, but it’s not a genus. It’s hard to imagine that this order came from a wise man like you at this time."
"oh? Ha ha! I’d like to hear what’s wrong with attacking Zhenzhou at this time. If you can come up with enough reasons, I will consider withdrawing this order. If not, continue to do as I tell you! "
"My Lord! You know! " The man’s face shown in the water mirror image suddenly showed excitement.
"Now Tianque Gate is far away from us in Tongding City! Not only have three S-class masters then and A-class combat power, but also as many as three brigades, which is by no means what we can compete with now. I think what the Gongye family should do at this time is to recuperate, restore and supplement the strength of Xisi House and reach an alliance agreement with Wansheng Tiangong in Yuexu Gate as soon as possible, instead of rushing to trade with Tianjuemen and opening the war again! "
"Ha ha ha! Say yes! " The master clapped his hands and smiled. "But you seem to have forgotten that facing Tianquemen is not just our Xisifu, but the whole Gongyejia!"
"But the total tour adults! Have you forgotten? Now it’s not Qi Xiongfei but Jiang Xiaoyi who is the landlord of Dingcheng! That 16-year-old was promoted to an S-class master, claiming that the younger generation is witty and smiling! And now Tianquemen is located in Tongdingcheng’s headquarters, but the defense evaluation is S-class frontline base.
"And a considerable part of our Gongye family’s strength is contained in the downtown area and the core area of the north center, which is also an undercurrent. If you want to move the clan force and fight the battle, it is not impossible, but it can last for three days at most. Once other forces react, you must return to the general patrol adult. Are you really sure that you can completely defeat that person in three days? Moreover, behind Tongdingcheng, it is even bigger than Gongye’s family. Face-to-face war words may not be three days, and reinforcements will arrive at Tianquemen Mountain North Branch in the neighboring province, but it has considerable strength. Although it is necessary to fight against Yuexu Gate, it can still be done with a little help. "
"What! On the whole, I think it is extremely unwise to attack at this time! I will carry out your orders, but please ask the chief inspector to think twice about the fate of the Gongye family! "
"yes! Not bad! Gong ye tu ling, you impress me! At present, there are guys everywhere clamoring for revenge with Tianquemen’s fighting power. Few people are as calm as you. "The voice owner made no secret of his appreciation in his eyes, and at this time, a diagonal hook was bent at his mouth." But what if I told you that Jiang Xiaoyi is not in Tongdingcheng now, but thousands of kilometers away in South Vietnam? "
"How is that possible? Just this afternoon, our informant in Tongding City saw him on business with his own eyes. How could he not be in Tongding City? I wonder where the Chief Inspector got the information? " With this surprise in the voice.
"This you don’t-forget it! To tell you the truth, the news came from a mysterious organization. You should have heard that Quedao Law School was blocked for three years before the Chinese New Year because of the mysterious killer, right? This mysterious force claimed to be the mastermind of this incident when it joined us. They think that the man in Tongdingcheng is actually a fake. "
"I have heard of that incident! After all, that damn little guy across the street just popped out of Tianquemen because of that. How can he not know? Since the news came from them, there is still some credibility. Has our intelligence organization confirmed it now? "
"There is no Tongding City, and the defense there is very strict. Our method is close to Jiang Xiaoyi, which also proves the truth and falsehood. However, the owner judges that Jiang Xiaoyi may not be in Tongding City by sixty percent."
"So this attack on Zhenzhou is actually a tentative move?"
"You guessed right. That’s what the Lord means! This time, we just want to see what the reaction of Tongding City is after we occupied Zhenzhou City. But once they respond to our expectations, you must do your best to ensure that the attack force of the Gongye family is completely evacuated from Zhenzhou as far as possible! "
"I don’t understand that adults can rest assured that this matter will be handed over to me. Gongye Tuling will never let you and your master down!"
The water mirror gradually penetrated with the disappearance of the Chinese image, and then turned into beads of water to dissipate around.
Looking back, Gong Yeche sighed and looked at the desktop in front of him. It was three pieces of paper with images. Each piece of paper was painted with a teenager. One half of his face was wearing a silver mask, and the eyebrows were also stopped by a round decoration. From his eyebrows, he should be quite young, but his face should be very good at the age of 20. The other one was a fat teenager with a top hat and a face, and the last one was a teenager who was just twelve years old.
Are these three people really smiling at them in South Vietnam? Is this information true or false? From the appearance of these three people, it seems that there is nothing special. However, the place covered by the masks, hats and decorations worn by the first two people is precisely the characteristics of Jiang Xiaoyi and Shen Hero! But at this time, how could they easily leave Tongcheng? Or is this just a trap?
As far as he is concerned, he will never agree to this test. After all, now the Gongye family is still short of manpower in Dongsi Mansion, and it has not yet returned to the level of a month ago. In the confrontation with Tongding City, it is also completely in the spirit of the wind and the road.
Those 50 people are precious to the Gongye family now, and their strength will make them weaker.
Rubbing his eyebrows, Gong Yeche was lying on his back in the back of the chair. Since the plan was finalized, there has always been an uneasiness in his heart. Originally, he had an illusion about Jiang Xiao’s fear, but now this uneasiness has become more and more intense. He almost reached out to Xun Crystal to call Gong Yetu Ling back, but at the end of each time, he withdrew his hand.
Because he saw around.
This is a flat room of about 200 square meters, with no windows and an air vent. From the perspective of dozens of water mirrors on the four walls, it should be a monitoring room. However, there are repair marks in many places on the walls, and even some brown spots can be seen in some corners, although they are very, very secret.
Just over half a month ago, his favorite nephew died in this room, and with the death of Gongye, the power of Gongye family declined sharply.
And all this is caused by the purple boy who is less than sixteen years old!