Xiao Ni "giggled" and Nick growled "Shut up".

After that, Nick flatters, "Great Master, I’ll do it right away."
Huang Xuan said, "Lorraine will be upgraded to level 9 first."
Speaking, Huang Xuan lit up his own energy screen and put him through to Gary Ken. "Does the old guy need more money?"
Gary Ken doesn’t like learning Chinese. He doesn’t get too confused about the so-called old guy, but he knows that he is calling himself a dazzling way. "How much money do you want to increase?" It is difficult for the plane energy market to accept more funds. "
China said that Gary Ken is an intermediary-born investor, which is called a professional broker. In his career, he must try his best to meet the employer’s requirements, especially the capital increase requirements. But at present, the hand-held funds are really beyond his ability, and 3 trillion yuan is more than that of the United States. A single institution on Wall Street has not yet developed a way to make such a large sum of money.
When Huang Xuan calculated, he said, "I’ll give you another trillion hot circles. As before, I don’t want to make a profit. I’ll try to flow as much as possible."
Gary Ken smiled with a sigh of relief. "Do you want to increase your contribution again?"
He is quite clear.
Huang Xuan "graciously" added "another batch of bonds will be sold in a few days"
Gary Ken hissed, "Still so high interest?"
It seems to him that 5% is a high interest rate
"Almost," Huang Xuan sighed. "Isn’t it the same with the US government? Borrow money and pay back a batch of bonds. If everyone doesn’t lend him money, the financial situation will go bankrupt instantly. "
"But everyone is willing to lend money to America," said Gary Ken with pride.
Huang Xuan shrugged and said, "I hope everyone is willing to lend me money."
"Great and Wise Master" Nick Trail "Message from Miss Chu Yining"
Before Huang Xuan could answer him, he jumped out of the energy screen and recovered. Chu was also lost in thought. "I have named you to the Administration, and your Committee and elders have passed. If you agree, you can become a five-family garrison of the Administration."
"Does the Administration belong to?" Huang Xuan wondered, "Isn’t there a five-clan garrison with three planes?"
Chu also chuckled and shook his head, saying, "The Administration rarely orders five families to defend the other cars, and the Alpha plane is named after you. I heard that the Alpha plane will be negotiable and the Gamma plane is also interested."
She changed her mind after she reversed the order a little bit, which was actually the name of Alpha, a flower lover.
Chapter six hundred and thirty Five garrison (2)
Huang Xuan only has illusions about the defense of the five ethnic groups. In his feeling, it is a struggle against the enemy and against himself.
However, when Chu Yi-ning said that the Administration, the Alpha plane and the Gamma plane all intended to defend their five families, he calmed down instead.
Chu also closed the energy screen to let him think about Samby, but regardless of these mirth, "The five families of the Administration are very powerful."
"Really?" Huang Xuan doesn’t have a good impression on the Authority, rather, he has some bad feelings, but it is these disturbances that can make him feel the strength of the Authority.
Sambi gave some advice, saying, "The five-nation garrison is suitable for its jurisdiction. For the five-nation garrison of the Administration, the theoretical three-plane is also the jurisdiction. Isn’t it interesting?"
"Is the 3-bit plane also a jurisdiction?"
"In those days, the Administration was the main policy left over from the era of great positions, and established glorious families. Some of them were established by the old and young people, while others were found by the lucky ones. The three planes were lower. In those days, the lucky ones established the plane administration, and there were many planes." Samby recalled, "It was said that in the eyes of the Administration, when they recruited five families, they dealt with it, but all plane administrations naturally included three planes."
"But isn’t it that the strength of the three planes is equivalent to that of the Administration?"
"All theoretical things are like never enforcing the law, but it is still the law," Samby said indifferently. "How far you can make it depends on your ability."
"You mean you want me to promise the administration?" Huang Xuanshi prefers the Alpha plane. He hides his uneasiness and says, "No matter how many years you say they haven’t been garrisoned by five families, in my opinion, they are probably more interested in’ one person’s plane’."
Samby laughed and said, "Who said it wasn’t? I’m afraid the first appearance of’ one person’s plane’ is a flower lover. It’s natural that both the three planes and the administration are optimistic about you. I’m afraid there aren’t many."
Huang Xuan is startled to think that it is really so. The sinner is
Actually, there is not much to think about. Chu Yining is a member of the Authority, Saeed seems to be an official of the Authority, and Sambi made such a suggestion. Huang Xuan decided in his heart that he would defend the five families of the Authority, but he did not immediately agree.
Huang Xuan looked at the information of the five families again and was fooled by Sang Bi and Chu Yi Ning until later to give Chu Yi Ning a message to agree.