She held out a slender jade finger and put the bamboo slips in the firelight to be silent for a moment. When the bamboo sticks burst after burning in the firelight, Qian Linger finally came to her senses. She looked at her husband’s tombstone and struggled to smile. This smile was pitiful.

Qian Linger Judo "Grandpa’s" Water Side "is a new poem before Yu went to Beijing to take the exam. Linger copied it for you. He told you that this poem means that the world is far apart … I think it should be that Yu misses Grandpa … Now Linger sings alone, but it is so appropriate …"
While Qian Linger was talking, he was slowly silent, and his face seemed dim and sad. Or endure the glittering and translucent slide of that bay! ….. Autumn leaves strayed into the wind and sat alone looking at the monument …
Wipe away a tear from the corner of her eye, and her beautiful jade reappears with a sweet smile.
Maybe I feel that always being so sad in front of my grandfather will make his old man’s house unhappy.
Money shine le le ear hair looked at the tombstone shallow a smile "grandpa, do you want to knock shine again? Linger is very strong … is it … that he hasn’t come back to visit you for so long? "
Qian Linger slowly lowered his head like a mosquito and asked, "Grandpa, will he … come back?"
A breeze blows through the mountains, bringing up my ears, and the money is endless. Looking at the mountains, the clouds are swaying, the breeze is dancing, the smoke is dancing, and the fire is in front of me. People in Ran Ran are already sorrowful. There is silence all around, but she has never got an answer. There is terrible silence all around, as if she were left alone in the world!
"Boo! Baa ~ …! "
Suddenly, I was dancing behind me! Instant money shine surprise eyes jump out from her beautiful bright eyes as smart as jewels.
She turned around expectantly and shouted out "Feather! ?”
But when she saw the tall and straight figure of Yingwu in front of her eyes, Qian Linger’s sweet smile was eroded by disappointment! Then slowly turned and self-effacing kneel ChuiShou.
Looking at Qian Linger, he stirred up his shoulders slightly. Although Todd felt pity in his heart, he did not comfort himself, but stopped at a post and quietly looked at the weak but independent and strong figure.
Todd laughed at himself. "~ Maybe I shouldn’t show up at this time."
After a moment of silence, perhaps Qian Linger had calmed down a lot. Seeing her lift her sleeves and tap her eyes, she looked back at Todd and smiled apologetically. "Brother, are you here to see grandpa?"
Todd nodded, and then slowly came forward and knelt in front of the Qianfu monument. He didn’t speak, but he took out the offerings of money and put them in an orderly way one by one.
When everything was ready, he looked at the tombstone and smiled and quipped, "What? Brother, isn’t it welcome to visit the teacher and sister? "
Say that finish Todd turned to look at the already speechless money shine so unhappy way "I am a master elder brother, I will come to you whenever I want … You see I also …"
See money shine is staring at his Todd heart yishan instantaneous out! Looking around, he didn’t forget to stretch out his hand and scratch the back of his head at the same time, and then the story turned around and picked up the ghost money and put it into the flame that was about to go out …
See just now also cocky Todd instant recognition unintelligent money shine slightly quipped, "brother didn’t go out for a few years don’t see how much progress this mouth is fast catch feather …"
When she inadvertently lost her voice and slowly came to see this Todd, she hesitated for a long time and didn’t squeeze out a word!
Then Qian Linger found his embarrassment bifurcation topic.
Later, the two of them sat in front of their husband’s grave and described the past. Todd also talked about what he saw and heard from time to time.
As he spoke, he reached into his arms and carefully pulled out a triangular cube stone one inch in size. "Sister, this is an accidental possession of my brother Baidi City …!"
See Todd so carefully took out the money shine load stretched out his hand and took it over and couldn’t help but look at it, and at the same time don’t forget to steal a look and see Todd’s face tense.
She sneered, "A broken stone makes you nervous … Ah!"
Just then, Qian Linger suddenly exclaimed! The stone in her hand has been thrown to the ground. Looking at the moment, it hurts her fingers faintly. When the fingertips are a little purplish, her heart is restless for no reason.
Todd rushed forward with a surprised face. "What’s wrong with you, junior sister?"
Before Todd looked at Qian Linger, he felt the stinging pain slowly fading! Just a small wound disappeared as if it had never happened before!
In her heart, she wondered that Xiu Mei shook her head slightly and speculated that "it’s okay that this small stone accidentally stabbed the senior brother."
See Qian Linger refers to as usual, and Todd can rest assured that he will pick up the small stones that fell to the ground and shake hands apologetically. "It’s best to blame my brother for his thoughtlessness, but I can use it as an amulet. I have his brother for years, but even the ends of the earth can go …"
Looking at a face of exaggerated Todd Qian Lingqiao face with a snort of a full face of disdain, "what’s the big deal? It’s not just a rough stone, but also a pair of stone bracelets when you are Baoyu … "
Todd laughed. "How can a pair of stone bracelets be compared with this amulet?" As he spoke, he carefully collected the stones in his arms and stopped talking about it.
Time flies in a hurry, and the sun will set in the west mountain.
At this time, Todd looked at the sky as if it had decided something, so he turned and looked at Qian Linger seriously, "I’m going back to the capital, sister and brother."
Qian Linger seemed to have expected it, but he was not surprised. He smiled and encouraged, "Brother, now I should display what I have learned all my life. I wish you a bright future!"
Listening to the words of Qian Linger’s blessing, he smiled. "Sister, you know that brother can’t talk like younger brother, but there are still some words to say … I, Todd, have achieved today because of the teacher. If the teacher taught Todd, he was just a peddler and a pawn. This grace is like recreating that younger brother can’t live or die now, but I am a big brother."
When Qian Linger saw Todd talking about Luo Yu, his words and deeds showed a strong sense of remorse, so he said with relief, "Brother, I can’t blame you …"
But before the words were finished, Todd stretched out his hand and interrupted, "Sister, listen to me. Today, I made a statement in front of Teacher Todd, and my sister proved that Todd would find a younger brother and teacher in this life, and he was ashamed of his own heart and my three people’s kindness."
Looking at Todd saying such a solemn thing like the wind is light and the clouds are light, Qian Linger’s heart was moved so much that he made a vow, but he was so unfair to his senior brother that he wanted to dissuade Qian Linger.
But now Todd is not what he used to be. When Brother Tao saw Qian Linger’s eyes flashing, Todd knew what she wanted to stop. "School sister needs to say more … There are some things that she doesn’t necessarily like to do, but she is responsible for you. Xiao Yu is my relative Todd. One of you is my little sister and the other is my younger brother. I am duty-bound to protect and take care of you."
Qian Linger knows that Brother Tao’s personality is slightly more loyal than Luo Yu’s, but if he makes a decision, people can’t change it, just as he decided to walk out of Taohua Village, even if Tao Boru dissuaded him, it would be of no help.
Thought of here, she will no longer dissuade her, but it is her business to look for Luo Yu in her heart, but she can’t let her brother bear it alone.
Seeing her grateful, she said, "Brother has decided that the little sister will not stop it, but this is not just a matter of brother."
Looking at the same determined Qian Linger Todd naturally knew that she meant it.
He already had some plans for the future, so he nodded, "It is because of this that his brother decided to return to the capital as soon as possible."
When Qian Linger heard it, he suddenly asked doubtfully, "Brother?"