In the higher realm, there must be, but it has all been destroyed in history.

In addition, Feng Zichen also learned that the situation of mortals in this world is extremely worrying
At one time, Feng Zichen paid great attention to being born with his feet, but it was not until he came to this world that he realized that he was wrong.
Compared with Honghuanggen, this world can’t be said to value heel origin.
At least you can gradually become stronger and improve your heel through acquired efforts, such as cultivation, and you can turn the fruit into a congenital demon.
But in this world, your fate was doomed from the moment you were born.
Mortal descendants can be mortals!
And the descendants of God are still gods
In practice, your bloodline determines that you will achieve a god in the future, and the highest achievement of future generations is a god, while future generations of the Lord God can easily become the Lord God.
Terrible world
A mortal can be a mortal, and he should always be enslaved by God and serve God all his life. Even if he is promoted to heaven by God, he can serve God as an identity instead of God.
Similarly, God is always oppressing mortals, enslaving them and enjoying their service.
What is the magic quarrelling in Yu Feng Zichen’s past life memory that should not be created yet?
The world is determined by nature, and the road to promotion seems to be blocked by a powerful rule.
Yes, that’s right. A very strong person rewrote the rule of this world and promoted it by the acquired method. This rule is engraved in this world, and no life can be violated.
Setting this rule seems to be extremely powerful, and even after years of decline, the strength is still not weak.
Even Feng Jie and Jiang Hui, two creatures from the outside world, were influenced by the rules of this world.
However, it is also said that the terran body has the blood of Nu Wa Niangniang, while the body of Nu Wa Niangniang has the blood of Pangu. According to this calculation, the terran is the descendant of Pangu.
Feng Jie, they have Pangu blood flowing through their bodies. Although this boundary rule has affected them, it will not affect their breakthrough.
After all, Pangu is a half-step avenue, where the world is extremely old. It has been far beyond the chaotic fiend, but it is just Pangu’s par.
In this way, Feng Jie’s blood line is also first-class, and there are very few people who can match each other.
Yu Feng Zichen’s rule can’t affect him. After all, HarmonyOS’s Taoist potential is stronger than Pangu’s blood. Will the same person be affected by this rule
"What a hopeless world full of oppression."
"Sure enough, the world should still be destroyed."
After understanding the situation in this world, Feng Zichen has strengthened her determination to destroy this world. I hope that the destruction of the world is the proper destination.
At the same time, Feng Zichen also guessed that there is no magic and quarrelling in this world, which is suitable for human cultivation.
That powerful rule does not allow progress the day after tomorrow. Even with these practitioners, ordinary people can practice without these practitioners.
In the future, there will be magic quarrelling, which is simpler. It must be that after the integration of the wild and the wild, the rules are broken and the road to promotion is big the day after tomorrow. Those practitioners naturally appear when they have raw soil.
What a dark world!
After a silence, Feng Zichen and others came to the forest of life.
The temple of life is not the best in the world, but it can also be called first-class. Anyway, it is better than Fengjie.
There are two top forces in this world, one is to believe in emperor heaven and the other is to believe in truth and truth church.
There is also a temple of destiny in the former world, which is the first force in this world. What heaven and what truth church are in front of him are ants.
Unfortunately, the temple of fate was destroyed by reincarnation and completely destroyed, which led to the rise of the emperor truth god
These two overlords have more first-class forces like the Temple of Life, such as Assa protoss Warner protoss Olympus gods, hell dragons, goblin dwarves and so on.
This is also the composition of forces in this world.
Yu Fengjie and others are the most powerful among the second-rate forces. After all, they are outsiders, not to mention the lack of inside information.
Feng Zichen and others didn’t hide their identity. As soon as they approached the forest of life, the goddess of life in the temple of life already sensed their arrival and came out of the temple to meet them in person.
And Zichen, who suffered a stroke in the forest of life, also saw that the creatures in the story were really as beautiful as they said.
If Feng Zichen had just arrived in the wild, his mind would have been uncertain, and he might have lost his manners when he saw such a beautiful elf, but his beauty could not shake his heart at the moment.
Not to mention the wind zichen heart elves beauty even shura beauty is not as good as, let alone the goddess of the universe.
Like the Elves, the Shura clan is also rich in beautiful women, and none of the Shura females are ugly. Of course, it is only a female Shura who has a male Shura.